Friday, August 27, 2004

Political Cartoon Idea

I was reading the paper here today (a more liberal paper than some but nowhere near as bad as the NY Times) and I was looking at the political cartoons thinking to myself that I might draw my own political cartoon at one point. Here's the idea...

Kerry in a High School Gym playing dodge-ball w/ balls coming at him with things on them like Senate Record, War Crimes, Purple Hearts, Cambodia, Tax Votes, 527 Ads (he's still yet to denounce them himself, maybe because has just come out w/ new Anti-Bush ads...) and things like that. While he's dodging all of that I'll have Kerry proclaiming about his Vietnam experience.

Also every time Kerry tries to hit at Bush with a statement about not denouncing the 527 Ads, I want the news to run this right after it. "I'm denouncing all the stuff being on TV of the 527's. That's what I've said."..."That means that ad, every other ad, I can't be more plain about it. And I wish - I hope my opponent joins me in saying - condemning these activities of the 527's. It's, I think they're bad for the system. That's why I signed the bill, McCain-Feingold." George Bush Aug. 23rd Fox News

Later that night John Edwards said this to a large crowd, "The moment of truth came and went, and the President still couldn't bring himself to do the right thing."