Tuesday, December 19, 2006


On ESPN, Could Wisconsin survive in the SEC? HELL NO!!

Sure Wisconsin is 11-1, but look at the teams they played. They played 11 unranked teams, and one ranked team. The ranked tema they played? Michigan, and they lost 27-13. In that game the Badgers scored 10 points in the first half, then only scored 3 more in the entire second half. Michigan scored 10 in the second quarter alone, then another 17 in the second half. In the college football staple, the running game, Wisconsin only gained 54 yards from their star running back on 20 carries. However that number was almost erased by the 4 sacks Michigan placed on the QB for -36 yards.

Hell, they almost lost to the 2-10 fighting Illini, and the 6-6 Iowa Hawk-eyes.

Wisconsin is a second rate team that played a cake walk schedule, and when the opportunity came along to prove they were worthy of their record, they went belly up.

On a good note, 2 of the 4 announcers agree, the SEC IS the toughest conference in College football.

Out Of Town

I'm visiting the College-ette for the better part of this week. It's been a bit over 3 weeks since we've been able to spend time together, so since the semester is over, I made the journey to Atlanta.

I'll be back in the saddle Friday, but may post intermittently before then.

Monday, December 18, 2006


I got my grades back for the semester and I got 4 B's and one C.

I got the C in Differential Equations, but I'm very happy about all of the other grades. I can live with a 2.8 for my first semester back after a 1 year Co-op.

Thursday, December 14, 2006

HWC Football Week 14 Recap

I didn't do too bad on my predictions in the Preview. I went 4-4, with some MAJOR upsets. I'm going to go with the less impressive games, then work towards the biggest surprises.

Game 1:
Gumbo - 29
webcats - 62
LT all the way. No sense in even trying to say it any other way. Willis McGahee had an impressive game scoring 125 yards and a TD for 12 points, but that fact was overshadowed by Trent Green's abysmal performance against the rock solid Ravens. Green got one endzone pass, but threw 2 interceptions, was sacked 5 times, and coughed the ball up once for -7 points.
Game MVP: L "One Man Show" T - 103 yards, 3 TD's. Tomlinson set the record for most Rush TD's in one season...with 2 games left to play.
Game Goat:

Game 2:
Tax Dodgers - 105
Buck Turgidson - 69
It's a good thing that Drew Brees pulled a Tony Romo and passed for 5 TD's other wise, Buck would have schooled the Dodgers. An all around good game from both teams. Buck had a great game, but unfortunately played one of only 5 teams that out scored him. The dodgers were also helped by the Dolphin's, yeah the 6-7 Dolphins, defense with 21 points.
Game MVP: Drew Brees - 384 yards, 5 TD's and only one sack, 37 points.
Game Goat: Joeseph Addai - I feel bad for giving him this because it's really the Colts as a whole who did it, but 22 yards on the groun and a sack for -1 point. Suckage.

Time for the big games.

RFTR - 61
Hector Vex O-Trons - 60
This game was a bit of an upset. RFTR had been down in the dirt most of the season, but like the Chumps made a valiant last ditch climb. Vex has been a bit of an inconsistant win some, lose some, and this week he lost by one point. I had called this game to be a win for RFTR, but I hadn't expected Vex to put up such a fight. The stats were almost identical. Both teams had 3 goose eggs, but the key came down to the under performers. RFTR gained 51 points from 4 players, and Vex had 55 points from 4 players. However, RFTR pulled through with the little people scoring 10 points with the second rates, where Vex could only muster 5.
Game MVP: Tiki Barber - Sure, Big Ben got 16 points, but so did Scobee and Driver on Vex. If it weren't for Tiki's 112 yards, and 5 points Vex would have been 8-6 instead of 7-7.
Game Goat: - Anquan Boldin - Only 47 yards? Just 2 points cost Vex 7th place and a better seed.

I hate Hillary - 45
Gridiron Wookies - 42
I was very upset at Tony Romo. Not only for costing me a win in hte play-offs of my family league, but for giving IhH a weinie win. Romo and the Cowboys should have mauled the Saints, but instead N'awlens made the cow pokes look like a bunch of idiots. And once again, the Romo train failed just after I needed it to succeed. Fortunately for the Wookies, the loss didn't cost them any spots. IhH also did not benifit from the win since he has more points than the 5-8 teams.
Game MVP: Rudi Johnson - 117 yards and 2 TD's for 15 points.
Game Goat: Romo and the Cowboys - 2 sacks and 2 picks for Romo, and 42 points allowed for the Cow-Girls. 2 points and -3 points for Romo and the Cowboys respectively.

Rose Hill Reddogs - 36
bRight & Early - 91
bRight picked a good week to show their might. You always want to go into the post season giving your opponent a big scare like that. 5 players in the double digits, and a team average of 9 points per player is very good. Reddogs were the opposite, having 4 goose eggs, and a team average of under 4 points per player. If it weren't for Thomas Jones' 10 points, the Dogs would have struggled to get a quarter. bRight gets the award for Blowout of the week at a 55 point MOV.
Game MVP: Steven Jackson - Jackson made the Bears defense look almost like the Colts with 139 total yards and 2 scores.
Game Goat: - Reddogs - If there's ever a team that SHOULD be last...

The Columbia Crunch - 4
Hot Wing Chumpions - 57
I looked at this score Monday and thought, "THEY DID WHAT??!!" Unfortunately for Lawhawk, he's still got the record for lowest scoring week at 2 points. But Crunch took second in history at 4. And with the playoffs just one week away, this may be a sign of things to come this week. The #7 seed may have a better chance at going to round 2 than expected. I missed the blowout award by 2 points. Dang.
Game MVP: Travis Henry - 88 yards and 2 scores, 16 points
Game Goat: Tom Brady - 78 yards and 4 sacks for -9 points. It's sad when your RB has a mediocre game and still out performs you.

The Ball Sackers - 81
fmragtops' spewers - 71
WAY TO GO WYATT! The lawman got into the playoffs! Our second place finisher in baseball is no longer in the picture. Wyatt took the win and is headed to the post season for the second year in a row. With his history in the post season, I wouldn't be afraid to put some money on the gunslinger to pull a miracle.
Game MVP: Jeff Garcia - 164 yards and 2 TD's in a great win versus the Redskins
Game Goat: Fm's Spewers - Maurice Jones-Drew scores 28 points on 166 yards and 2 scores, and he can't pick up the win. Not good.

"Give Em The Boot"
Robots Eat Babies - 58
San Jose Arrowheads - 82
I feel so bad for my brother. He started off 5-3, then went 1-4 the last 5 weeks, and now at only 6-9 he is on the outside looking in. At least he has a preview of the post season up. There was nothing he could do. San Jose jumped out to a lead, and just played the right players. Regardless of who The Man played, he was going to get beat.
Game MVP: Willie Parker - 223 yards and a score for 17 points.
Game Goat: Shaun Alexander - 76 yards and a fumble for only 1 point from the former single season TD record holder.

The Playoff Round 1 Preview should be up tomorrow, but in case it's not, be sure to check out The Man's scope on the situation.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006


I just took my ME 2000 (Introduction to Mechanical Engineering and Computing) final, and I made it my bitch. Badly.

Other classes I'm taking on that list, ME 2330 - Dynamics, and ME 3220 - Thermodynamics 2. Other classes not on that list, Math 2120 - Differential Equations and CEE 3110 - Mechanics of Materials

Next semester, 17 hours:
ME 3010 - Materials and Processes in Manufacturing
ME 3022/32 - Measurements Mechanical Systems & Lab
ME 3610 - Dynamics of Machinery
ME 3720 - Fluid Mechanics
MATH 4510 - Advanced Mathematics for Engineers
ECON 2020 - Principles of Macroeconomics

Monday, December 11, 2006

Rosie Thinks Asians Are Too Up Tight

After trying to convince the world that Kelly Ripa was a biggot/homophobe for telling Clay Aiken "I don't know where that hand has been," Rosie now says that Asians are too up tight and need to get a sense of humor after she publicly mocked the Chinese language on The View.

Rosie O'Donnell - Anti-Homophobia, Pro-Sterotype Mockery...Classic Liberal Hypocrite.

Domination Through Force?

"[Annan] will accuse the administration of trying to secure the United States from terrorism in part by dominating other nations through force, committing what he termed human rights abuses and taking military action without broad international support." - USA Today

Is it wrong that we used force against a group who only understands forceful tactics? The picture may be for hastage-takers, but it's the same for terrorists and violent dictators as well.

I have one thing to say to Annan. You're right Kofi...nobody agreed with us when we invaded Iraq (except the 48 countries who joined). We were wrong, and your peace loving ideal world was right. Now don't let the door hit your ass when you leave.

H/T: Michelle Malkin, and Oleg Volk for the image.

Saturday, December 09, 2006

Spike The Baby!

People often spike a bowl of punch, but this mom decided to spike her baby.

The mother made her baby girl's formula using her boyfriend's bottle of "water." That "water" was 80 proof Vodka. 3 ounces of vodka and formula were ingested by the two month old infant. By the time they got the baby to the hospital her Blood alcohol content was .364 (The LD50 of Alcohol is .4)

The baby is currently in good condition and she is in custody of DHS. The parents said it was an honest mistake.

HWC Football Week 14 Preview

I...L-O-V-E playoff time in fantasy leagues. The playoffs are a week away, and I get to analyze who has dreams of grandure, and who might just be left with shattered dreams.

Every game matters right now to some point, but I'm going to save the middle games for last.

Hot Wing Chump-ions vs The Columbia CRUNCH
Safety man's team fell apart at the last minute in baseball, but it doesn't seem like that is the way it will be this time. Crunch are in a 3 game win streak averaging 75 points per game in that time. However, the Chumps have finally started to make a come back, losing only to Tony Romo against the wookies, and being 3-2 in their last 5 games. Crunch have a comfortable 52 point cushion over San Jose, but both Crunch and SJA are 10-3, and who wants to finish 2nd? Like Michigan going into their last game vs. Ohio State I've been dreading this game, knowing that if RFTR and Rose Hill had lost, I HAD to win this game. Now with the pressure off, at's time to play the role of Bracket Buster. This game is going to be good...For the Crunch. Crunch to win 70-65.

Tax Dodgers Vs Buck Turgidson
This game seems like it's a nothing game. A locked #3 vs the current #15. But with the tie, TD is only 1/2 a game over Wookies. And a loss by the Dodgers, and a win for the Wooks will change which side of the bracket each team is on. As of now, TD is on San Jose's side, where they won handidly last week, but will have to face Tomlinson and the webcats in round one. On the other side is the rolling Crunch, but the round one game is against the struggling bRight. Pick your poison Dad. It could be short and sweet or slow and disappointing. I think Dodgers will take this one home easily 65-40.

Gridiron Wookies vs I hate Hillary
This game is slated to be a steam rolling, but I am VERY reluctant to call it a blowout because the Wookies without Romo are a bunch of no ones. This game isn't too important because unless they win and the Dodgers lose, they will more than likely still be 4th place. I think that the Wookies will take this one, but not at the hands of Romo. Wookies Win, 45-40.

OK, time to get to the Big matchups. Anyone from 5th place to 10th have a chance to get in..And a chance to fall out. I'm going to go in depth with what needs to happen for each team to have a prayer.

bRight & Early vs Rose Hill Reddogs
The absolute only way that bRight can be booted is if they lose, then The Man, Wyatt, Vex and webcats all win. Rose hill is 14th, at 5-8, and I'm willing to bet 8th place will be a 7-7 team. They will not make it past this week. This threat though is something that is not to be taken lightly. Rose Hill has turned their season around and at about 55 points per game, and gone 3-1 in their last 4 games. bRight has been struggling of late, and are 1-4 in their last 5 games. They might actually give bRight a run for their money. After Thursday night's game, bRight has a 1 point lead at 9-8 with one player on each team done. This game will go to the wire, and I'm going to have to call it as a tie. The game breaker, Vince Young. Last time they played the Texans he racked up 13 points, Vegas has him at 7 for this week. I'm going with the upset. Rose Hill wins a nail biter, 62-59.

Gumbo vs webcats
Webcats sort of need to win this game in order to stay in the playoffs. Their chances of missing the playoffs are as slim as they get. The only way that cats can get bumped are ifthey lose, and The Man, Wyatt, Vex, and bright all win. Webcats will get 9th because of points, and miss the plaoyffs.Gumbo hasn't got a prayer to get in. The matchup is soldily the cats all the way. Gumbo again has 3 guys who are hurt in the starting line up. It's a shame to see Marion Barber wasting away on the bench. THIS will be the blowout game of the week. Webcats win 75-35.

Hector Vex O-Trons vs. RFTR
Vex is in a MUCH darker situation than everyone else who is 7-6. With only 625 points they are the lowest of all the playoff hopefulls. They must either win, or if they lose, REB must lose as well. Unfortunately for Vex, after the Steelers killed the Browns, RFTR and Big Ben racked up 16 points, but nothing from the ailing Hines Ward. On the other hand, Vex with Heath Miller came home empty handed. The skies are turning black for the Vex O-trons, and unless Robots Eat Babies loses, this may be the end of the line for them. I'm going to go with RFTR holding on. RFTR wins, 55-50.

Robots Eat Babies vs San Jose Arrowheads
This is a must win situation with The Man If he loses he goes 6-8, and since the other two 6-7 teams are playing each other, one of them will come out 7-7. This will bump the man out of the playoffs and send him packing for Spring Training. And from the looks of Thursday's game, the luggage may need to be pulled out of the closet. Willie Parker ran for 223 yards and a score for 17 points, and Santonio Holmes added 4 points to that with his 81 yards worth of receiving. The Man didn't have any starters in that game, but I know he's kicking himself for putting the only Browns player to reach the endzone, Braylon Edwards, on the bench. This one looks bleak, but I think the 21 points may be enough of a lead on Sunday to hold off the Robots. San Jose to win, 75-55.

fmragtop's spewers vs. The Ball Sackers
Talk about wishful thinking. fm ABSOLUTELY HAS to win this game, and if Wyatt's streak holds up, he will. But Wyatt also HAS to win this game. Fm's case is very dire. Even if he wins, he needs either The Man, or Hector Vex to lose, or webcats to lose badly, moving him up to the 8th position. If the sackers win, they only need one of either REB, Vex, webcats, bRight to lose to move up to 8th. The situation is not entirely (but almost is) bleak for Wyatt if he loses though. If the game ends in a tie and The Man loses, Wyatt jumps into 8th place. If he loses, REB must also lose, but Wyatt has to score 24 points more than the Robots, a very unlikely event. Vegas has Wyatt to win, but if histroy repeats itself, it may be fm going to the playoffs, and that's what I think they outcome will be. fmragtops wins 55-50.

My predicted Playoof rankings after this week:
1) The Columbia CRUNCH
2) San Jose Arrowheads
3) Tax Dodgers
4) Gridiron Wookies
5) webcats
6) bRight & Early
7) fmragtops spewers
8) Hector Vex O-Trons

Sorry folks, No Vegas this week.

HWC Football Week 13 Recap

Week 13 is long since over, and week 14 is about to begin, so the Preview will be up soon. I was almost even on my predictions at 3-4-1. But let's look at the games from week 13.

Bottom of the Barrel Game #1
The Ball Sackers - 38
Hot Wing Chump-ions - 60
I improved my record over Wyatt to 4-1 over all with this win. The Chumps finally decided to show up and play. It's a shame it was after the Chumps had a chance to be a decent team. Gates finally got his 6th score of the season and Jerricho Cotchery caught a pass in the endzone as well. Over all it was a solid performance by the Chumps.
Game MVP: Jacksonville - 4 sacks, 2 picks and only 10 points allowed in the destruction of the Dolphins, 12 points
Game Goat: Phillip Rivers - 160 yards, 1 TD, 3 sacks and a cough up. It's sad when your running back has more offense than your QB, 1 point.

bRight & Early - 47
The Columbia CRUNCH - 64
Larry Johnson has become little more than a second thought now that Trent Green is back in the saddle. With every TD coming from Green's arms, LJ was left with next to nothing fantasy wise. Fortunately for the CRUNCH, the Pats made up for the difference when they squeeked past the Lions, 28-21.
Game MVP: New England - 3 picks, 5 sacks and 2 fumble recoveries, 16 points.
Game Goat: Matt Hasselback - 168 yards, a sack and a pick, -1 points.

fmragtops' spewers - 64
Gridiron Wookies - 31
The week I needed Romo to fail is the week before he actually did fail. After the Thanksgiving Air Raid Romo put on the Bucs, the Giants literally picked him apart. What's even more pathetic is that Romo wasn't even the worst performing QB in the game. Wookies got hosed this week. Plain and simple. The Romo train died, and it took fantasy owners with it.
Game MVP: Daaaaa Bearsss - 5 sacks, 4 picksa funble recovery, a safety AND a TD, 26 points
Game Goat: David Carr - 32 yards, 5 sacks, and 2 cough ups. -14 points, but fm STILL won.

Hector Vex O-trons - 65
I hate Hillary - 30
You would think that the two most passer friendly offenses would have put up some amazing numbers. I sure did, and come Sunday, I was WRONG. IhH had 3 goose eggs, 3 more with 2 or less, and who selects GREEN BAY as their defense anyways? Vex played the right people at the right time, and it shows.
Game MVP: Jake Delhomme - 269 yards, 3 TD's, 19 points even with the 2 picks
Game Goat: IhH - 3 Goose eggs man. Ouch.

Tax Dodgers - 70
San Jose Arrowheads - 34
Is SJ going to pull an RFTR of yester year and go belly up at the end of the season? SJ is lucky that the dodgers are 8-4-1, otherwise, because they might need that first round bye more than some people realize. The Dodgers have been strong and the Chumps almost pulled a bracket buster in Week 4. The big killer for SJ was underperformance. 5 players with 0 or 1 point. Ouch.
Game MVP: Corey Dillon - Only 25 yards, but 3 money balls, 19 points
Game Goat: SJA - 2 total points from 5 players, with no help what so ever from the bench. At least they have 4th place locked up in the play offs.

Blowout of the Week!!
Buck Turgidson - 41
webcats - 82
A 41 point MOV was enough to give this game the Blowout Award this week. But was it any surprise? LT again stole the spotlight from (almost) everyone else as the Chargers rolled past the Bills. Have teams not yet learned that if you kill the LT game, you kill the Chargers? That's why Drew Brees was so good. If the run wasn't there, he was an excellent passer, especially to the Tight End. Buck was dead in the water.
Game MVP: Ladanian "One Man Team" Tomlinson - 178 yards on the ground, 2 money balls, 22 points
Game Goat: Rex Grossman - Talk about hero to zero. 34 yards, 3 picks, and a sack. His average QB rating for the season, 72. For the last 4 games, 49.5.

Bottom of the Barrel Game #2
Rose Hill Reddogs - 57
Robots Eat Babies - 49
I leave it up to my brother to come through in the clutch...and he tanks like the Tigers. I can't fault him too much. Manning was predicted at getting 21 points against the Titans, and his failure cost The Man the game, and The Chumps a finish outside of last. The killer, Deshaun Foster being benched, preventing the Robots from scoring a come from behind. And the Steelers actually WON?
Game MVP: Pittsburgh - 3 points allowed, 3 picks, and 5 sacks, 20 points.
Game Goat: Jay Cutler - The Vandy star was picked off twice and sacked 3 times with one causing a fumble, 2 points.

Bottom of the Barrel Game #3
RFTR - 79
Gumbo - 39
I was really hoping for Gumbo to stick it to RFTR, but quite the opposite happened. RFTR won, and with the win sealed the Chumps as the last place team for Season 3 of HWC Football. Solid performances by Seattle and Reggie Bush lifted RFTR out of the pits and secured at least 15th place. The win actually vaulted RFTR all the way from 14th to 11th.
Game MVP: Reggie Bush - Bush finally proved his worth scoring 4 money balls against the 49ers.
Game Goat: Gumbo - 8 people scoring a total of 11 points. Reason number 2136 why you update your team.

5 teams are 5-8 going into the last game, and any one of them could have finished in last place had the Chumps beaten the Dodgers. But alas. I'll just have to wait until next year.

Soon to be up is the Week 14 preview, where I will go in depth about who has what chances of getting in the top 8, and who will be packing up to go home. I'm going to put the standings and the matchups there.

Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Dispelling One Second Shooter Myth

There is a thought among the conspiracy theorist loops that they "prove" there was a second shooter by the fact that when JFK was shot, the back of his head blew out, as if the rear were an exit wound.

However, I stumbled upon a ballistics video with Nike Golf balls that dispells the myth. Notice at approx. 1:10 in the video, the golf ball has been fired at, and has entered a cantaloupe. Material is being sprayed out the entry point, and even after the ball has exited the front of the melon, material is still being thrown out the back. Also note that the size of spray compared to the size of the spray coming out the front.

Just thought I'd give some information.

Best College Digital Camera

#1 on a google search for Best College Digital Camera. And with the page it takes you to, you can see why.

Team GOP's Identity Theft

The group Team GOP has had their name stolen, by Memphis Democrats. Democrats Ophelia Ford and Reginald Tate both recieved $1,000 donations from "Team GOP." John Harvey has three possible theories:

1) The state goofed
2) Ford and Tate's people goofed
or 3) ...something that isn't exactly legal.

Team GOP leader Jeff Ward is denying (with good reason) that Team GOP would donate money to Democrats, let alone Dems as corrupt as the Ford family.

This isn't the only case of Memphis voting irregularities that John has found. On his site, Voting in Memphis, he also discovered that out of the 200,000 oldest people who voted in Shelby County, 7,000 of them are dead. That does not include the number of people who have birthdays in the 1800's or who's birthday is 01/01/01. Harvey also finds that 5,600 voters are registered in multiple places in the state.

The Memphis Ford Machine may have just had their hand caught in the cookie jar.

Also looking at the contributions to Ophelia, look who's names are on the list:
Harold Ford Sr.
Harold Ford Jr. - And here I thought Ford Jr was trying to AVOID being associated with the Corrupt Fords. He gave $1,000, and Ophelia was also the ONLY candidate Ford Jr. donated directly to in Shelby County.

Monday, December 04, 2006

Hot Wing Chump-ions...Last Place

It's official. The chumps will finish last place in the HWC Football Season. Even though the Chumps have been on a tear this week, so have Rose Hill and RFTR. Unfortunately, the tie against the Tax Dodgers have ended the Chumps season.

The Reddogs can finish no worse than 5-9-0, and the best the Chumps can finish is 4-9-1. Unfortunately that half a game is the killer.

Chumps have gone from first to worst. And I'll have to wait until; next season to get back in the mix.

Truthers Distort New Tape

Truther's have tried to pull yet another fast "absolute" conclusion without actually analyzing the video to see if their claims are correct. Their claim:

"You can't see a plane, so it had to be a government cover up."

One thing is missing from that statement. You can't see The Pentagon either. I-395 completely blocks the view of the Pentagon from the hotel.

"So what?" you might say, "What's your point?"

I'll explain.

The height of the Pentagon is 77 feet 3.5 inches the entire way around it's perimeter, in all rings. The tail height of a Boeing 757 (while resting on the ground with landing gear down) is 44 feet 6 inches. The pentagon is 32 feet 8 1/2 inches taller than a standing 757, not to mention the fact that the 757 which hit The Pentagon had hit the ground. So the fact that you cannot see The Pentagon means that you will not be able to see a plane either.

If you'll look at this graphic, you can see the camera's view angle in relation to the flight path which 77 took.

By the time the plane had gotten into the field of view of the camera at the hotel, it was already low enough to have clipped/severed the poles on Washington Blvd. Also, note that Washington Boulevard dips BELOW Interstate 395, meaning that Flight 77 could have been even further below the field of view.

Sunday, December 03, 2006



Pat Forde - "USC- Biggest choke of the 2006 college football.

Josh Peter: UCLA didn't just beat USC. No, the unranked Bruins ambushed them, bamboozled them, crushed them.

UCLA Players: "...You put USC in the national championship game before they played us. Lee Corso, Kirk Herbstreit...that's all I got to say"

Facebook: "Today redemption is spelled UCLA."

The USC killer: Penalties: 9 for 55 yards for USC compared to 3 for 21 for the Bruins. Also, USC rushing 19 times for only 55 yards compared to UCLA's 36 rushes for 121 yards.

I knew USC was never Championship material, but people had to play dumb. Once again, who deserves is the best conference in NCAA Football? South...Eastern...Conference.

Friday, December 01, 2006

World AIDS Day

Anyone who has seen the play (or the recently produced movie), Rent knows the devestating affects of the HIV Virus, and the horrible fate that comes with AIDS.

AIDS has no cure, but it is a preventable disease. Unfortunately as a commercial states, 1 of 4 people with the HIV virus don't tell their partner because they just don't know they have it.

Anyone can get it from anyone.