Wednesday, May 28, 2008

BEST "Cubs Suck" Site...EVER!

HAHAHAHAHAHA! I love it!!! In celebration of the Cubs reaching the Century mark since winning their last World Series, here's a mockery of them.

Then, check these out;

Did you know that CUBS is an acronym? Check it out!

* Completely Useless By September
* Could U Beat Somebody
* Could you be suckier?
* Can Usually Blow Saves (or Series)
* Completely Useless By Spring
* Champions Until Baseball Starts
* Can Usually Be Swept
* Cork Used By Sammy
* Can't Undo Being Sucky
* Can't Understand Baseball Scoring
* Can't Understand Baseball Strategy
* Constantly Uttering Bull SH@* (When talking about Cub fans)
* Choke Under Baseball Stress
* Children Use Better Stategies
* Crap up baseball's sanctity
* Completely underachieving batters, starters
* Cry unnecessarily 'bout Stoney
* Constant untimely base-running snafus
* Cubs Utter Baker Sucks
* Continually Upstaged By Sox
* Chicago's Underachieving Baseball Squad
* Constantly Using Bad Strategy
* Coming Up Behind Sucks
* Completely, Utterly Blown System
* Chicago's Ultimate Bitch Squad
* Completely Underachieving Baseball Scrubs

And as a Cardinal's fan, my personal favorite...

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

A Very Large Ouch

Senator Ted Kennedy got a very humbling announcement today. Doctors found that he has cancer, and not only that, but that it is in his brain and will more than likely kill him within a couple years.

I will admit that I was looking forward to him being out of office, but not like this.

Senator Kennedy, God Speed to you, and I hope that you can do everything you desire in the next few years.

Monday, May 19, 2008

That Was A Fun Weekend!

This weekend I went with my parents to Bristol, TN for the first two days of Qualifying in the NHRA Thunder Valley Nationals, and it was pretty frickin sweet! Friday afternoon/night was cold and windy, but an already fast racing surface that started at only 85 degrees at 3:30 PM dropped to a cooler and faster 74 degrees (Air temp was only about 55 degrees) by the time the second round started, and leading the charge was Tony Schumacher with a 4.502 blast down the quarter mile with a top speed of 327.43 MPH through the speed trap in the last 60 feet. Also there were the sportsman divisions (Super Stock, Stock, Comp Eliminator, etc...) Pro-Mod, Pro Stock, and Nitro Funny Cars. For a taste of the action, enjoy this picture of Tony Pedregon and Melanie Troxel (who ended up winning the event).

Sunday, my dad and I went to Mountain Glen Golf Course in Newland, NC to play 18 holes, and although it was rainy and a little cold, we had fun. I was worried after hitting some practice balls at the range because after a smooth practice swing, I would step up to the ball, and literally feel like I didn't know how to swing a club. This little mental freak out then caused me to to try and hit the ball...and in the process forget to hit the ball.
Fortunately though I played pretty well on the course, and I wish we had kept track because on one streak my dad had 4 pars and 2 birdies, and possibly shot around a high 80. I on the other hand mostly played bogey golf and shot around a 90 to 95, which isn't too bad for me.
I wanted to put a picture in of me blasting out of a bunker, but Blogger kept turning it sideways, so I'll settle for this one from when I went the first time back in '06. It's a very pretty course, and if you're ever up there, I recommend going.

**UPDATE** I GOT THE PICTURE TO WORK!! Flickr, you rock.

Friday, May 02, 2008

Make That Three Strait

For the third strait semester I've gotten over a 3.0 in my classes (4 total), and have now gotten my overall GPA up to a 3.03 with just 7 hours of classes remaining until I GRADUATE! Here's a rundown of the grades I got;

Energy Systems Lab (2 hrs) - B
Applied Machine Design (3 hrs) - B
Steam Power Plants (3 hrs) - B
Turbo-Machinery (3 hrs) - B
Noise Control (3 hrs) - A

And I had one easy class, Art Appreciation (3 hrs) which was an easy A.

All together it was 17 hours with 3 extra hours of labs, and at the end of the semester it got to be really hectic. In about 10 days I had 2 tests, 3 presentations and 3 reports due, then the next week was exams...Yuck.

But finally, this semester is over and after this summer I will graduate with my Bachelor's of Science in Mechanical Engineering. Also hopefully in a few weeks I will get my certificate stating that I passed the Fundamentals of Engineering Exam, which is step one in getting my Professional Engineer license.