Tuesday, February 28, 2006

IEATAPETA Day, March 15th!

International Eat A Tasty Animal for PETA Day is going to be March 15th. Whether it's a cow, a pig, a turkey, or whatever...Just Eat One!

I think I will make an excuse to go to Legends Steak House here in Pulaski, and have a BIG...piece of COW! Yum!

Heh, and is it just me or is it funny that it will also be the Ides of March?
Hey PETA...."Beware the Ides of March!" Mwahahaha.

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Monday, February 27, 2006

My Apologies

I've been EXTREMELY busy lately. Work has kept me honestly away from my desk, all but 15 minutes of each day, and on top of that I've just been running around at home.

Things I've been up to:
Hot Wing Conspiracy Baseball
4th Annual Winterfest at Winchester Speedway (TN)
Back up at school for a couple days taking applications for the NEXT Co-op
TTU Basketball (which was broadcast on ESPN-U)
Seeing the GOP and College-ette (My girlfriend)
Friends having babies (Yeah...I'm getting to that age)
Trying to get everything in line for returning to school
Watching NASCAR and NHRA Powerade Drag Racing Events on TV

But believe me, I've been wanting to post. Here's one thing that I will post on. As you know, the Partial Birth Abortion issue is up for grabs in the Supreme Court. Now, the ban was denied, 5-4 on a swing vote from Sandra Day O'Connor, ONLY on the basis that there was no stipulation for the mother's health. Now the new bill has that stipulation, AND the added testimony of doctor's stating that Partial Births have NEVER been used to preserve the health of the mother.
I honestly hope that this issue goes very one sided. 7-2, or 8-1 would be nice. I know that if this goes 5-4 liberals EVERYWHERE will decide that it will be their new soap-box to perch from.

Keep looking here at GOP and College, as I am due for a Page 16 News soon. And actually, you might be surprised at what the News ISN'T covering these days.

Friday, February 24, 2006

Happy Conservatives and Disgruntled Liberals

That's what polls show, and apparently have been showing since about 1972. Liberals fall so far short of being happy, they make the average person look like Stimpy with his happy hat on. The national average of being "very happy" is at 34%. Liberals have only a total of 28% of their populus as being "very happy." Conservatives on the other hand have a whopping 47% saying they are "very happy." George F. Will goes into detail about it in Thursday's Washington Post.

"Married people and religious people are especially disposed to happiness, and both cohorts vote more conservatively than does the nation as a whole...
Begin with a paradox: Conservatives are happier than liberals because they are more pessimistic. Conservatives think the Book of Job got it right ("Man is born unto trouble as the sparks fly upward"), as did Adam Smith ("There is a great deal of ruin in a nation"). Conservatives understand that society in its complexity resembles a giant Calder mobile -- touch it here and things jiggle there, and there, and way over there. Hence conservatives acknowledge the Law of Unintended Consequences, which is: The unintended consequences of bold government undertakings are apt to be larger than, and contrary to, the intended ones.
Conservatives' pessimism is conducive to their happiness in three ways. First, they are rarely surprised -- they are right more often than not about the course of events. Second, when they are wrong, they are happy to be so. Third, because pessimistic conservatives put not their faith in princes -- government -- they accept that happiness is a function of fending for oneself. They believe that happiness is an activity -- it is inseparable from the pursuit of happiness.
...Nevertheless, normal conservatives -- never mind the gladiators of talk radio; they are professionally angry -- are less angry than liberals. Liberals have made this the era of surly automobile bumpers, millions of them, still defiantly adorned with Kerry-Edwards and even Gore-Lieberman bumper stickers, faded and frayed like flags preserved as relics of failed crusades. To preserve these mementos of dashed dreams, many liberals may be forgoing the pleasures of buying new cars -- another delight sacrificed on the altar of liberalism.
But, then, conscientious liberals cannot enjoy automobiles because there is global warming to worry about, and the perils of corporate-driven consumerism, which is the handmaiden of bourgeoisie materialism. And high-powered cars (how many liberals drive Corvettes?) are metaphors (for America's reckless foreign policy, for machismo rampant, etc.). And then there is -- was -- all that rustic beauty paved over for highways. (And for those giant parking lots at exurban mega-churches. The less said about them the better.) And automobiles discourage the egalitarian enjoyment of mass transit. And automobiles, by facilitating suburban sprawl, deny sprawl's victims -- that word must make an appearance in liberal laments; and lament is what liberals do -- the uplifting communitarian experience of high-density living. And automobiles . . .
You see? Liberalism is a complicated and exacting, not to say grim and scolding, creed. And not one conducive to happiness."

Also, Dissecting Liberalism has a great post about how unhappy Liberals are from WAY back in July of '03

And as an ending note. I am happy. I have good things going for me, and I enjoy being happy. (c:

Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Democrats Already Pointing Fingers

Wichita Eagle has a post about how Democrats are already starting to point fingers in case they lose in 2006 and/or 2008. They describe a Washington Post Op-Ed that picks the likely scape-goats, Hillary, Slick Willy, Lieberman, Gore, Kerry, Dean, and so on.

Very funny to read.

Which brings me to a thought. There is the possiblity that Conservatives will lose in the '06 and/or '08 elections. But the thing is that I don't want ANY conservative bloggers to turn into the spiteful, find/make-up-everything-we-can smearing moonbats that far left liberals became after the 2000 election.

If we lose, I don't want to hear any sites complaining about "IT WAS STOLEN!" (Unless of course we find say 92,000 dead people voting in some place like FL or OH)

I don't want Conservatives to decide to make everything a partisan issue. I want Conservatives to be known as "The group that would sacrifice an election to save the country." Not the other way around. If they are doing a good job, then SUPPORT THEM.

Conservatives need to prove that we are better than the Venom-Spitting Liberals who smear, just because they lost. We are better than that, and we can prove it. And when we do, people will see that, and they will listen more to what we have to say.

Tuesday, February 21, 2006

If You're Wondering...

I don't agree with Bush's approval of selling New York, Jersey, Philly, and other ports to the United Arab Emirates. He is very much going back on his word to not negotiate with countries that deal with terrorists. The UAE was one of the main financial supporters of al-Qaeda before the 9/11 attacks, and afterwards they supposedly halted all funds to known terrorists. However, I do not feel that the threat is completely taken away.

I feel that this undermines everything that the government has done to create better protection for its citizens, and the fact that some White House Officials may benifit from this deal doesn't help the situation.

Apparently I'm A Troller?

I was looking at my statistics this morning and noticed that I was being linked to from a liberal paper in Wichita. I looked through the article that people were coming from and I could see no link to my site. But the links persisted. Finally after I got home from work at about 4:30PM I saw a comment linking to my page, saying,
"By the way, note the racist post above signed "ProuderLib" actually posted by " http://gopandcollege.blogspot.com/2006/01/liberal-plantation.html" "a Tennessee-born,
Tennessee-raised, and
Tennessee-educated Republican." - Ben Huie
As well as this from the little rat that started everything:
"Yup, Ben, posting as someone else is the epitome of troll-dom.You know you're effective when you get trolled by the Repukes." - Proud Lib
Apparently someone had posted a comment as "Prouder Lib" and had used a link to one of my articles as his web URL, and either "Prouder Lib" honestly did not post the comment, or he did and played it up as though he was the victim. Either way, I was being slandered for something that I did not do.

I sent an e-mail to the top editor of the paper about the fact that I had not posted that comment, and was wrongfully getting flack from it. He passed that on to the weblog's editor who resolved the issue.
So, a Thank You to Phillip Brownlee, and Lou Heldman on resolving this issue.

And for the record, I stand by what I said in the post, "A Liberal Plantation." Why? Harry Belafonte proves my point to the T.
"Celebrity activist Harry Belafonte referred to prominent African-American officials in the Bush administration as "black tyrants" at a weekend march, and he also compared the administration to Adolf Hitler's Nazi Germany.
Belafonte, a featured speaker at Saturday's march in Atlanta commemorating the 40th anniversary of the signing of the Voting Rights Act, previously ignited a political controversy in 2002 when he likened then-Secretary of State Colin Powell to a "house slave." - CNS News

Just keep on cracking that whip Harry.

Monday, February 20, 2006

Liberals Love Photoshop Pt. 2

Moveon.org just loves to try to fool people into believing what they say is true. Check out their latest failure at photoshop.

Notice this...
Same tie,
Same coat,
Same collar,
Same background,
and even the same, odd shadow on the collar under the chin.

Notice Bush's shadow, before it gets to the collar is at a downward angle, then makes a remarkable turn flat.

I would say that Nixon is the original picture, then they pasted G.W.'s head on top.

And one more thing for Moveon.org:
If George was breaking the law, then so was Carter, so was Clinton, so was Reagan, and any other president before Bush that was gathering foreign surveillance.

And the irony of the wire taps? The U.S.S. Carter, Jimmy's sub, is fitted to tap into the phone cables running on the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean.

Hat Tip: Moonbattery

It Took Long Enough To Stand Up

About time that a muslim condemned the world-wide violence by Muslims over CARTOONS!

Examples of Muslim cartoons about Jews here, here, and here.

But it's the Muslims who we should worry about being offended right?

Ricky Williams' Favorite Saying

Apparently it's "If at first you don't succeed, try try again." And his favorite way to use that saying? Trying to pass drug tests after smoking weed.

Ricky Williams failed a drug test for the fourth time, in just 7 years. He entered the NFL in 1999, and since then had 3 previous drug tests fail due to Marijuana and then came the infamous "Retirement-On-A-Whim" in 2004, which he was fined $8.6 million for a breach of contract, but is yet to pay a dime for that. He then decided that he needed more money, and came back to the Miami Dolphins, which was where he failed the third test, forcing him to sit out, unpaid for 4 games.

This time it may be a full 1 year suspension if it does come out that he failed the test due to drugs. Reports also say that he may have just missed the test, but either way, it is still a violation of the policy, and will result in the same penalty. Source - ESPN

My poor brother chose Williams in The Hot Wing Conspiracy Football League, and it helped to drag him down to about 7th place of 10.

Which reminds me!

Hot Wing Conspiracy BASEBALL is still open! As of today, there are only 11 of 20 spots taken. I have asked my brother (the commish) that if there are a full 20 teams, that we split the league into divisions, since there are only 6 teams allowed into the main playoffs, and the rest are in a "Consolation" Playoff.

Just click the picture to go to Yahoo! Fantasy Baseball!

Some Bloggers in the league:
GOP and College (Again, as the Pulaski Rednecks)
GOP and the City
bRight & Early
Pat of The (vast) Right Wing Conspiracy

And more! One question though:
"Where's Wyatt?"

Thursday, February 16, 2006

The Blondes Of Canines

I've always wondered about the intelligence of show dogs. They seem to me like the dumb blondes of the canine world. Look Who's Talking Now took to the view of dogs, and the main characters are a gruff, street smart mutt, and a very prissy over done poodle who is afraid to even get her feet muddy. I think that Westminster this year proves that show dogs really aren't all that bright.

This is the dog, Ch. Bohem C'est La Vie, aka "Vivi" The dog's crate was about to be loaded onto the plane when I guess the workers thought, "Wow, this is light for a dog," and took a peek inside. Immediately afterwards they told the owner the dog was not in the crate. A helicopter has been called in to search for the dog, and the dog has a chip implanted under her skin with her owner's info...But I think the biggest give-away will be the black wool coat the dog is wearing.

As a dog owner myself, I hope for the dog to be found, but I have words of wisdom for the dog's master:
"Once a stray, always a stray."

It's hard to get a dog to stay once it's gotten the urge to run.

Monday, February 13, 2006

Western Terrorism?

This picture struck my fancy as I was reading the paper Sunday morning.

Let's do a little comparison here...

"Western Terrorism"

Islamic Terrorism:

More Islamic Terrorist photos here (Caution: Blood and gore alert)

How dare these people denounce simple cartoons, then support the slaughtering of thousands of innocent people.

When Life Imitates Hollywood Pt 2 (GOP and College Style)

Hollywood: (From Master and Commander) The men are on the boat, close to a shore with one about to shoot at a sea gull. The ship's main surgeon is walking around on the boat, not announcing where he is. The man tracks the bird until it dips low to the boat. He shoots and hits the surgeon, who just happened to be there.

Life: VP Dick Cheney's friend wanders off into the brush to go after some birds. He comes back unannounced, and when Cheney sees some flying up he turns, not knowing the man was there and unintentionally shot him with bird shot at about 30 feet (or some say 30 yards) on Saturday.

And the Kossics are jumping all over the fact that even though they contacted the local Sherrifs immediately, they waited 18 hours to tell the news about the incident. I seem to remember some senator that drove off of a bridge, and killed a girl one night, and then waited 9 hours before even telling the police. Whittington (the man who was sprayed) was immediately taken to the hospital by ambulance that was with them due to the fact that VP Cheney has had a history of heart troubles. Reports say, "Whittington is fine," Armstrong said. "He's sitting up in bed, yakking and cracking jokes. - San Francisco Chronicle

Wow, even the NY Times said that they told the sheriff on Saturday

Friday, February 10, 2006

Evil Glenn's All Powerful Fatwa!

*A Filthy Lie*

What is this news? I looked on my mail and apparently Evil Glenn has issued a massive Fatwa against ME! Little old (well, maybe not old) hole in the wall me! Apparently he is sending out viruses to people who look at GOP and College, because he's afraid of my potential to rise above him in the Ecosystem. And word on the street is that he's using his automated computer screen I discovered to do it!

Wait...I just realized you're reading this...on my web page...Sucks for you.

Page 16 News, 2-10-06

This week on page 16 news we start off with an AP-Ipsos Poll which shows that support for the NSA wiretaps is gaining. The support is now up to 48-50 from 42-56 supposed to disapproval. However the poll is still weighted towards Democrats, 50-42. What could be causing the change? Could it be that bloggers, radio broadcasters, and some news agencies have cut through the misleading title of "Domestic Spying" that Democrats and liberals have been using? Remember folks, these are calls from some one here in the states, who looks suspicious by calling some random phone number in the middle of the Pakistani Highlands. Some have claimed that the taps have done nothing but lead to false leads, and that the program should be scrapped. But one question, how many false leads are too many before that one correct lead saves up to 3,000 lives?

For the next part of Page 16 News, I take a look at the accomplishments of our friends and servicemen courtesy of CENTCOM. It looks like it's been a busy week since the last Page 16 News. The have thwarted a car bomber, detained a man linked with the bombing of oil lines, disposed of 3 roadside bombs, seize a huge cache, and 12 bags of ammonium nitrate, detained a dozen terrorists in Northern Iraq, and more. But it's a quagmire right? US Troops are failing at their mission aren't they?
Keep up the good fight, and know that if nothing else, you've got my support.

And while I'm thinking of it, the Olympics will be starting today.

Thursday, February 09, 2006

Hot Wing Conspiracy Goes Baseball!

Click the picture to go to Yahoo! Fantasy Baseball. Come quick because the league will fill up fast!

League Settings:
League ID#:

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The Hot Wing Conspiracy


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All baseball

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August 13, 2006

Waiver Time:
2 days

Can't Cut List Provider:
Yahoo! Sports

Trade Review:
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Post Draft Players:
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Weekly Deadline:
Daily - Tomorrow

Start Scoring on:
Week 1

Roster Positions:
C, 1B, 2B, 3B, SS, OF, OF, OF, Util, SP, SP, RP, RP, P, P, P, BN, BN, BN, BN, BN, DL, DL

Stat Categories:

Is This True?

I heard on Fox News that at least one of the infamouns Muhammad cartoons were printed on the cover of an Egyptian magazine before they were printed in the Danish Newspapers.

me to let me know if this is true. It could be a VERY big slap to the face of the radicals who are using this as yet another reason for violence.

Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Have We Been Duped?

I was over at Jihad Watch where I stumbled on some very interesting news. There was a comment about a little thing called "Pallywood." I saw that it was listed as a comedy, and thought, "OK, this will be a good laugh." After only a few seconds I realized the importance of this movie. It is 18 minutes and goes in depth to uncover the very real fact that places like "Martyr's Junction" are very much staged, and the injuries portrayed are about as real as a WWE wrestling match.

Palestinians have apparently been duping people around the globe, claiming horrible tragedies caused by "Evil Jews," when in actuality, the villains are the ones making the false claims. Groups like them aid the insane thought that Israel should be taken off the map, and help gain support of people who are tricked into believing it.

More on the story from the people who made the movie, The Second Draft

TSD's synopsis of the movie:
"According to Palestinian Sources..." a film by Richard Landes. International news media extract a few convincing instants of staged scenes - sight-bytes, and present them as news...

Also be sure to check out the Al Durah study they did.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006


She broke the ice in the USA and proudly displayed the "Forbidden 12" cartoons on tonight's episode of Hannity and Colmes.

Congrats Michelle! (c: Just a shame that they didn't let you explain them.

Forget About King, It's The Next DNC Rally!

That's what you might have been thinking if you were sitting at the funeral service for Coretta Scott King.

It started off on a good tone when President Bush came up to speak.
"We knew Mrs. King in all the seasons, and there was grace and beauty in every season," Bush said at a New Birth Missionary Baptist Church service Tuesday that was attended by four presidents and a crowd of thousands.

"As a great movement of history took shape," Bush said, "her dignity was a daily rebuke to the pettiness and cruelty of segregation."
Bush noted that Mrs. King and the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr., her husband who was assassinated nearly 40 years ago, confronted vicious taunts, threatening phone calls and even the bombing of their home because of their early work for equal rights for blacks. Even after her husband's slaying and in the years since, she never gave up, he said.
"Coretta had every right to count the costs and step back from the struggle," the president said. "But she decided that her children needed more than a safe home — they needed an America that upheld their equality and wrote their rights into law. And because this young mother and father were not intimidated, millions of children they would never meet are now living in a better more welcoming country." - AP

But then the Democrats started to speak, and it took a turn towards politics.
"We know there were no weapons of mass destruction over there, but Coretta knew and we knew there are weapons of misdirection right down here," - Rev. Joseph Lowery

"The audience showed where its allegiance lay when former President Clinton and his wife, Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton, came to the podium to wild cheers and a long standing ovation. He opened by saying that he was honored to be with the other former presidents. Someone in the crowd yelled out, "Future president!" in reference to his wife's possible 2008 bid."

I think Ms. Underestimated has the best title for the event:
I Went to a Funeral Today & a DNC Convention Broke Out"

More coverage at:
Stop The ACLU
The Anchoress
Michelle Malkin

Blood May Be Thicker Than Water...

But it's sure thinner than a reduced prison sentence. Arthur March turned his back on his son, after defending his innocence for 9 years. Arthur was originally going to get 20 years in prison for a failed attempt to kill his son's former in-laws. Now as a part of this plea bargain he will be out in 18 months. Here is his story.

His son Perry beat his wife with a wrench to her death, then aafter 4 or 5 weeks, he then went to him for help in disposing the body. They drove to Bowling Green and put the body in a pile of brush that they thought was going to be burned. However he does not remember the hotel they checked into, or the farm where they dumped the body. Perry stayed at the hotel while Arthur, 70 years old at the time took the body to the farm and put it in the brush. After that he helped his son in trying to hire a man to kill the dead woman's parents.

If I were looking at that story. I would see it as very full of holes. Add up the fact that the body had been dead for over a month, that a "guilty conscienced father" could not remember where he dumped the body, that he took the body by himself to the place where it was "burned," and just the fact that it was burned in the first place don't seem to add up to me.

I think that he made up the story to get a lesser sentence.
"Arthur March has a strong incentive to please the prosecutors." - John Herbison, the attorney who is representing Perry March

Friday, February 03, 2006

GOP and the City Goes Nuclear

Check out the Nuclear Caption Contest at GOP and the City.

I would post a caption to it, but I would feel wrong because I too have made a typo on a protest sign. I went with my parents to a Tennessee Tax Revolt protest outside Capitol Hill in Nashville Tennessee and too a sign that (until we got there) said on one side "I have a job, I go to school, I do my homework, and this is my REWRD?" I felt like a complete moron when I realized the mistake, but by then it was too late and I didn't have anything to cover it up with. It was embarrassing, but at least my picture didn't make it on Yahoo! News.

Democrat Family Album

For those of you who have not seen it yet, The Right Place has a look into the Democrat Family Album. Here are some examples:

Robert Byrd

Hillary Clinton

Howard Dean

Helen Thomas (It's sad that below is the real Helen Thomas)

Fun times.

I Hear About Islamic Terrorists...

But I never hear about Christian Terrorists. And I think I've discovered why that is. BECAUSE THERE AREN'T MANY! Wikipedia has an article about Christian Terrorism, and it's all of maybe a couple typed pages. Then you look up Islamic Terrorism, the article is much longer. There are only 7 known Christian Terrorist groups worldwide that Wikipedia shows, and 24 Islamic terrorist organizations. Another thing shown is that "Christian Terrorists don't use Christianity as the base for their actions. For example, the KKK does more attacks based on social issues (race and such) as opposed to religious ideals. Most of the attacks done by Christian Terrorists were over abortion, and attacked clinics. Also, if I'm not mistaken Christian leaders denounced those attacks. And as Steve Gill commented on this morning, where is the denouncing of Islamic Terrorism by their religious leaders? There has only been one major denouncing of Islamic Terrorism, and that was by the one cleric in Iraq.

Islam breeds hate. It has been shown, and scholars of Islam admit it. "It is a certain fact that not all Muslims are terrorists, but it is equally certain, and exceptionally painful, that almost all terrorists are Muslims." - Abdel Rahman al-Rashed

One of my good friends from school moved here from Jordan, ( he is a proclaimed Christian) and he told me that he, as well as other Christians over there had to literally fight (as in, with fists) with other kids in order to survive there, simply because they said, "I am a Christian."

*UPDATE* Thanks to Clint, who linked with the MIPT Terrorism Knowledge Base, and the full 9 pages of Religious Terrorist groups, most of which are Islamic

Thursday, February 02, 2006

First Daily Kos...Now Xanga?

Check it out, John Kerry has expanded his internet spread to the online Journal site, Xanga, along with him is his running losing buddy John Edwards and Ted "That's not my kid" Kennedy. Here's some exerpts from the site.

From Kerry:
Oil prices have gotten so high I'll have to marry Bill Gates soon.

From Edwards:
Until then......

It's back to chasin' the ole am-bu-lance!

From Teddy:
Yeeeeeeeesh! It's tough being Teddy. I ate 4 bags of cheese doodles and had 6 bottles of cheap scotch yesterday. I'm sad.
Tommy D. called me the other day. Boy am I gonna miss him. Who will I throw my scotch at? Who will I beat up for lunch money? You should see Pelosi, she's so distraught that she came over and drank with my the other night. Then she slapped me because I told her she had a nice caboose.

Hat Tip: Political Humor's Xanga

*In case you can't tell, this is a HUGE joke*

Another Hit?

Wow, if New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin was right, and God is punishing New Orleans with natural disasters, then he/she (Reference to Dogma) must REALLY have it out for them. First there was the Hurricane, then the people who refused to leave were trapped in a sesspool for weeks, and now just as the government is going to start rebuilding, another weather disaster hits The Big Easy. This time it appears to be two tornadoes.

I think this is possibly the best advice to give to people in New Orleans:
"Don't ever ask the question, `What else could happen?'" said Marcia Paul Leone, a mortgage banker who was surveying the new damage to her Katrina-flooded home. - Yahoo! News


Love Child Update

You remember how the story broke about Kennedy's love child? Well, there's more. New York Daily News has apparently received an e-mail from Christopher saying, "It is kinda shocking to finally find out who my real father is." When they asked about the photo Wonkette.com posted of him, he said, "I don't remember taking a picture but then again, I have the classic Kennedy drinking problem." - NYDN

Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Page 16 News - 2/1/06

On the block for Page 16 News today we have first a report of the "Peace Religion" Islam, and it's advent "Freedom Fighters"

Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't using your mosque as a fortified firing position against the beliefs of Islam?
"BAGHDAD, Iraq - Iraqi Security Forces responded, with Soldiers from 4th Brigade Combat Team, 4th Infantry Division, to a call stating Anti-Iraqi Forces had killed several civilians inside a mosque in central Baghdad Jan. 27.
Further reports indicated 30 to 50 terrorists were operating from within the mosque and were firing rocket-propelled grenades and small arms at Iraqi Police.
Upon arrival to the mosque, small-arms fire fell on ISF patrols and supporting aviation assets trying to help resolve the situation.
Three suspected terrorists have been detained in connection with the incident.
No casualties have been reported."

For one more report of Page 16 News, we look further into Centcom, and the press releases they have.

BAGHDAD, Iraq -- Acting on a tip, MND-B Soldiers were moving to the house of a suspected kidnapping cell leader Jan. 28 west of Baghdad when they came across the decapitated bodies of three Iraqis on a soccer field.
The Soldiers from 1st Battalion, 87th Infantry Regiment, 1st Brigade, 10th Mountain Division, detained the suspected criminal who lives just north of the soccer field. In the house, Soldiers found a pistol, a sniper rifle, improvised explosive device batteries, timers and circuit boards.
The patrol notified Iraqi authorities who later removed the bodies of the three Iraqis.
While searching three other houses in the area, the U.S. patrol detained three additional suspects when they found four 155mm rounds, two with cell phones attached and rigged for detonation, numerous IED trigger devices, one AK-47 and anti-Iraqi forces literature.
In a separate incident, Soldiers from 1st Battalion, 71st Cavalry Regiment, 1-10 Mnt., were conducting a patrol in central Baghdad Jan. 29 when they discovered two dead local nationals with spent 9mm casings next to them. The patrol stayed on the scene until Iraqi Police arrived.
These incidents are under investigation.

Smells Like Crap Cindy

That's what I say to this bit that Cindy wrote on her own page. She stated that she "Didn't want to cause a disruption" but later on, IN HER OWN STATEMENT, she said this;
"I wore the shirt to make a statement. The press knew I was going to be there and I thought every once in awhile they would show me and I would have the shirt on."

She then goes on to say that she was brutalized by the police officers that escorted her out without knowing the shirt was inappropriate. But Reuters has a different picture of the Story. You remember this photo?
Well I wonder if the photographer who took it, was the one who had this to say about Cindy being whisked away.
"A Reuters photographer said Sheehan entered the House gallery a few minutes before Bush was to speak and was directed to her seat. She had been seated for less than a minute when a plainclothes Capitol Police officer took her by the arm, said, "You've got to leave," and rushed her from the gallery.
Sheehan did not resist and left with a smile. Rather than hearing Bush say in his speech that there would be no sudden U.S. withdrawal from Iraq, Sheehan was being processed at the Capitol Police headquarters near the Capitol.
Schneider said Sheehan was arrested because she was wearing a T-shirt with an anti-war slogan and refused to cover it up."

The Associated Press added to one of their numerous reports, and even spun the event to seem like Sheehan was the victim, citing her blog;
"I knew George Bush would say things that would hurt me and anger me and I knew that I couldn't disrupt the address because Lynn had given me the ticket," Sheehan wrote. "I didn't want to be disruptive out of respect for her."
She said she had one arm out of her coat when an officer yelled, "Protestor."

But, the Newest Scoop from GOP and College PROVES that Cindy had the chance to get rid of her shirt before she went to the State of the Union Speech. She stated "This afternoon at the People's State of the Union Address in DC where I was joined by Congresspersons Lynn Woolsey and John Conyers, Ann Wright, Malik Rahim and John Cavanagh, Lynn brought me a ticket to the State of the Union Address. At that time, I was wearing the shirt that said: 2245 Dead. How many more?" Look here.
The photo on left shows her at the PSOTU protest before Bush's Speech, however when she was being whisked away, her shirt is different. In the left she has a white undershirt on, and in the right, her shirt is an all black long-sleeve shirt. She knew she was going to protest at the speech and prepared to do such.

You're full of it Cindy, almost as much as you're full of yourself.

Linked On: Basil

Weekend Caption Contest

Source - Reuters

Linked on:
Patriot Blog
The Right Place
Three Sources

10) After her flawless audition, Hillary was immediately hired to play "Alvin" in the new "Chipmunks" movie. - Harvey

"And here we have a still photo of our subject. This Bellowing Hippo was seen rampaging through the House of Representatives and on Caiptol Hill in general, up until the moment she was finally put down by the game master's tranquilizer gun. This still was taken at the moment of impact.
Senator Clinton has been taken to a zoo in Mongolia where she will no longer do damage to the American Democratic Process. Upon waking, she raged about her personal freedoms, but was of course ignored as it was evident she has no care for anyone's personal freedoms, as evidenced by her rampage.

For National Geographic today, I'm Jesse W. Good night and Good Day." – DesertElephant

"...and thens we defeats those nasty neo-conses, and the Precious will be mine, all MINE! GOLLUM!! GOLLUM!! – clif

Get that cross away from me! – Space Monkey

"Honestly Senator Clinton, 'Close, but no cigar' is just a figure of speech" – Rodney Dill

And don't EVER touch my penis AGAIN, you hear me?????????? RottsoRuck

Ted! Put your pants back on! – Lee H

"I can't remember...is this my "pretend to like black people" smile, or my "pretend to like Jewish people" smile?" – Aaron Walls

"Don't you dare talk to a white woman like that!" Nick Lepanto

And the Winner of the "Chipmunk Caption Contest"

The Hillary face.
Reason #1,987,648,973,148 to keep this woman the hell out of the White House! – Old Man Winters

Photoshopped images:

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Differences In News Agencies

Want to see the difference in news philosophies? CNN reported last night that Cindy Sheehan had been arrested last night before the State of the Union Address because she had worn an anti-war T-shirt. Security officials asked her to cover the shirt, and she refused. After that she was escorted out and later arrested for disorderly conduct. However, the Washington Post paints a different picture.

"Sheehan, who was apparently given a gallery ticket by a member of Congress, began to attract notice about 30 minutes to an hour before President Bush's State of the Union speech.
Sheehan, whose son was killed in Iraq, opened her jacket to reveal a T-shirt that, according to a supporter, gave the number of U.S. war dead and asked, "How many more?"
She was also vocal, said U.S. Capitol Police Chief Terrance W. Gainer, and after she ignored instructions to close her jacket and quiet down, she was led out and arrested. Demonstrating in the House gallery is prohibited."

The CNN article says nothing about it being prohibited to protest inside the gallery. Even more inconsistencies in the story arise at the Red Orbit site. Where CNN has this line:
"She was asked to cover it up. She did not," said Sgt. Kimberly Schneider, U.S. Capitol Police spokeswoman.
The report at Red Orbit states;
The spokeswoman, Capitol Police Sgt. Kimberly Schneider, said she had no immediate details.

Sister Tlodjah has a very good report on the arrest.

Hat Tip: Michelle Malkin

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