Thursday, October 14, 2004

News You Won't Hear In The News

That's right kids, GOP and College has unearthed some stories that haven't and won't make it to the mainstream news of ABC, CBS, or NBC, due to the fact that they are very liberal biased, and very anti-Bush.

First: The report that the bulge in Bush's suit was a transmitter
Fox News broke that this story was created by liberal writer Dave Lindorff. The same man who said, "It's going a bit far to compare the Bush of 2003 to the Hitler of 1933. Bush simply is not the orator that Hitler was." Here's a story that the uber-liberal NY Times wrote about the incident, as well as one from the site, where Lindorff published his "findings."

Second: The true links of Cheney to Halliburton
Fox News (again) interviews with director Brooks Jackson about the ties. This is what was said.
HUME: All right. Now, what about the question of contracts that Halliburton has gotten for its work in Iraq and I suppose elsewhere? What do you know about that?
JACKSON: Well, so far as anybody knows, Cheney has had nothing to do with those. They'd have gotten contracts, very lucrative contracts in Iraq. Whether they're making a profit on them or not is questionable. They are putting their subsidiary that has those contracts up for sale, last report.
But there just has been no solid evidence or even credible allegation at this point that Dick Cheney has had anything to do with those contract. He says he is totally recused from them. His chief of staff was informed that one of them was going to go to them. That is a far cry from influencing the award of contract.

And this is what a report from states.
"To start, the $2 million figure is wrong. It is true that Cheney has received just under $2 million from Halliburton since his election, but nearly $1.6 million of that total was paid before Cheney actually took office on Jan. 20, 2001. Saying Cheney got that much "as vice president" is simply false.
We asked Cheney's personal attorney to document that, and he did, supplying several documents never released publicly before:
A Halliburton pay statement dated Jan 2, 2001 shows just under $147,579 was paid that day as "elect defrl payou," meaning payout of salary from the company's Elective Deferral Plan. That was salary Cheney had earned in 1999, but which he had chosen previously to receive in five installments spread over five years.
Another pay statement dated Jan. 18 shows $1,451,398 was paid that day under the company's "Incentive Plan C" for senior executives. That was Cheney's incentive compensation -- bonus money -- paid on the basis of the company's performance in 2000. Cheney had formally resigned from the company the previous September to campaign full time, but the amount of his bonus couldn't be calculated until the full year's financial results were known."

Third and last: Liberals denounce anti-Kerry documentary
This is probably going to be shown in the news, but not the part I'm about to tell you about. How the Sundance Channel has shown 10.5 hours of the "Vote For Change" tour. Check this out from Fox News. (considering they're the only ones to report on these things)
"Democrats denounce Sinclair Broadcast Group's plans to run an anti-Kerry documentary on its stations as a "blatantly partisan attack," but Democrats have yet to even note the Sundance Channel, which has devoted a significant portion of its airtime in the coming weeks to anti-Bush programming.
The Sundance Channel, owned by CBS owner Viacom and actor Robert Redford has already shown 10.5 hours about the anti-Bush Vote for Change Concert tour, and has already begun airing Al Franken's radio show each weekday.
What's more, the channel plans to air a series of anti-Bush and anti-Republican movies on the eve of the election."

Fox News...You Rock