Friday, February 10, 2006

Page 16 News, 2-10-06

This week on page 16 news we start off with an AP-Ipsos Poll which shows that support for the NSA wiretaps is gaining. The support is now up to 48-50 from 42-56 supposed to disapproval. However the poll is still weighted towards Democrats, 50-42. What could be causing the change? Could it be that bloggers, radio broadcasters, and some news agencies have cut through the misleading title of "Domestic Spying" that Democrats and liberals have been using? Remember folks, these are calls from some one here in the states, who looks suspicious by calling some random phone number in the middle of the Pakistani Highlands. Some have claimed that the taps have done nothing but lead to false leads, and that the program should be scrapped. But one question, how many false leads are too many before that one correct lead saves up to 3,000 lives?

For the next part of Page 16 News, I take a look at the accomplishments of our friends and servicemen courtesy of CENTCOM. It looks like it's been a busy week since the last Page 16 News. The have thwarted a car bomber, detained a man linked with the bombing of oil lines, disposed of 3 roadside bombs, seize a huge cache, and 12 bags of ammonium nitrate, detained a dozen terrorists in Northern Iraq, and more. But it's a quagmire right? US Troops are failing at their mission aren't they?
Keep up the good fight, and know that if nothing else, you've got my support.

And while I'm thinking of it, the Olympics will be starting today.