Monday, February 28, 2005

Madison Man Changes Middle Initial

You know every time I hear people talking about leaving the US because of elections, I can't help but chuckle because none of them actually do it. Well, about a week ago I stumbled across a story that just barely got 5 minutes of air-time. It was a story about a man in Madison who decided after Bush won the 2004 election that he was going to change his middle name from Wayne to Sigurd, just for the lone reason of not having his middle initial be W.

"His friends thought it was great. Most of them, anyhow. "I'm not a crazy person," Langetieg said. "It's just the guy isn't honest. I didn't do this for any kind of recognition, anyway. I did it for my own satisfaction.""

In my opinion, if I changed my middle initial for something like that, I think my great grandfather would roll over in his grave, point his rear end up out of the ground, and in a dream tell me to come kiss it for being so stupid and irrational.

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Milestone X2

GOP and College is now reaching the 2,000 hit mark! I've had people visiting from all over the United States (15 different states in the past 100 hits), and countries such as Japan, Germany, Sweeden, the UK, and many others.
Although the 2nd thousand took far longer than the October swarm from entries like Hamster Gone Bad, and Kerry Putting the "Lie" in Flier that pushed the site over the initial 1,000 point, I am happy that my hits are still going up, even though the political blog stocks are going down.
And while I'm on the topic of Blogs on the market, GOP and College is still a publically traded blog on Blogshares!

Also read here to see why GOP stands for Grand OLD Party. (No it's not a joke about the member's age)

New Blog of the week - Everything I Know Is Wrong

Update: Major kudos to MofLWL for the link to GOP and College.

Sunday, February 20, 2005

Liberals: "No, no, we're not spiteful, I swear!"

I've been receiving some rather spiteful comments from one of the writers at the blog ,"Young Liberals." Although I do have to admit there are some things that I was forced to the mat on, other things though like whether Liberalism is a product of intelligence, she literally has no base to argue, but yet still cuts down all conservatives as Backcountry-Alabama-know-nothing hicks, when it is honestly not true. Anyone who has lived near the Middle Tennessee/Nashville area and knows conservatives here will tell you that we are rather well educated, and know what we are talking about.
She had the nerve to question my intelligence politically and factually...well here, just read this.
"1. How often does a president election occur?
2. Why is Bush being sworn in again, he is already President?
3. Who is the Vice President?
4. What is an inauguration?
5. How many Senators does each state have?
6. What is matrimony?
7. Where's North Korea?
8. I can't wait to see his daughter's dresses
9. What does contemporary mean?
10. What are you talking about? (I hear this one all of the time)
11. Who won the third day of Gettysburg? (after being told that the South onl" it was cut off there by Halo scan. Here's my response which took me all of a couple minutes mainly due to typing.
"1)every 4 years
3)Dick Cheney
4)inauguration is the beginning to something
5)2 to each state
6)Matrimony is a joining of 2 people (ie a marriage is a holy matrimony)
7)North Korea is on a peninsula at the north east corner of China
8) <--- was turned into a sunglass smileythat's not a question
9)contemporary is a synonym for modern
10)I haven't seen your site yet so I don't know
11)And General Meade won the entire battle of Gettysburg from the first skirmishes in the corn fields to the end of Pickett's Charge.

And a final shout to the mysterious "Dave" who said this...
"Tennessee-educated Republican.
^^That explains everything." As I said in the comment afterwards...And Dave I'm a Mechanical Engineer student at Tennessee Tech. (One of the top 5 Engineering schools in the south) I'm curious to see what degree you got, and where.

Also many of you may have seen/heard of BlameBush! I can't tell if Liberal Larry is legit, or if he's making fun of Left Wing Loonies.

"Hey at least you know, and I must say I was surprised....Give me a break. Conservative Youth are dumbasses, just accept it." No...they're not spiteful at all.

Update on the ME major: I just interviewed with ATA, Aerospace Testing Alliance at Arnold Air Force Base for a co-op job. No word yet on if I made the cut, but as soon as I know you'll know.

Saturday, February 12, 2005

Howard Dean is the new DNC....EEEEEE-YYYYYYEAAAA-AAAAAH!!!

Moderate democrats, cringe...Republicans, REJOICE!

OK, so let's get this strait, the man who has a city that wants to secede from the state and be annexed by New Hampshire because they are wanting to get away from Howard's insane liberal tax scheme. Now Dean wants to come off as being moderate. Well, I have one thing to say, Repubs everywhere sit back and watch the self collapse of the Democratic Party.

Linked on :GOP and the City

Friday, February 11, 2005

Intelligence = Liberalism?

That's the notion that left wing liberals are trying to push onto people as correct thinking. There is a picture I've seen that shows state average IQ levels voted for John Kerry, and the states with lower IQ levels voted for Bush.
Places like are the main proponents of this idea of thinking. However, despite their best attempts, this is merely a hoax set up by the creator of the website ChrisEvans3D.

The statements made by these people are thoroughly debunked by Steve Sailor and his site,

I also came across some insightful information in my American Government textbook (Government by the People, National Version, 12th Edition) that shows just the opposite. A study done by the University of Michigan shows that as you gain a higher degree, you float more towards Conservatism. Here are the scores.
For Moderates...
Education Level: Percentage
Less than High School: 80%
High School:66%
Some College: 43%
Bachelor's Degree: 34%
Advanced Degree: 39%

For Liberals...
Less than High School: 9%
High School:11%
Some College: 25%
Bachelor's Degree: 21%
Advanced Degree: 20%

Now that seems pretty convincing, 20%, that's pretty high. But then you have to put in the Conservatives...
Less than High School: 11%
High School:23%
Some College: 32%
Bachelor's Degree: 44%
Advanced Degree: 41%

How bout them apples?

Update: My liberal teacher tried to state that there was a link between high amounts of education and liberalism. I mentioned the graph above, and that highly educated Conservatives outweigh educated Liberals 2-1 (since it was in our textbook) and she politely bowed down and corrected herself. Kudos Dr. Whitney.