Monday, July 31, 2006

Mexican Left PIss Off Workers

The Left Wing Whiners in Mexico City have done more than just protested. As usual, leftist protesters gathered, and disregarded the consequences of their actions when they essentially shut down the city.

The several thousand demonstrators did not close down buildings so workers were allowed into their offices, but the occupation caused long delays for many commuters. Some were furious.
"I had to cancel a breakfast where I was going to close a contract for one million pesos (about $92,000). Do you think I'm happy, or that I support these bastards?" said Enrique Salas, an insurance broker who was one of thousands forced to walk to work along Reforma.

The protest is likely to last for weeks, since the judge's ruling will not come until August 31. But what is the Democratic Revolution Party doing about the situation, and the economic strain it is creating on the country's capitol? NOTHING!

Local police could break up the protests but that is unlikely as the city and its police force are run by Lopez Obrador's Party of the Democratic Revolution. He was mayor until he stepped down last year to run for president.

I'll remind you again that Obrador lost the election by 244,000 votes, and a new discovery states that the European Union found NO EVIDENCE of fraud in the election, and that Lopez has done this before.

The protest was similar to one that Lopez Obrador called in 1994 after he lost the Tabasco governor's race, allegedly because of fraud. Those demonstrations, which lasted weeks, undermined the already weak administration of Roberto Madrazo, who finished a distant third in July's presidential race.

Seems like liberals are sore losers all over the world. (And as a side note...If Al Gore had actually carried his own state, he would have won)

Sunday, July 30, 2006

AP Finally Hints At Hezbollah Wrong-Doing

It took 2 weeks, but the Associated Press finally hinted at what bloggers have known for quite some time; That Hezbollah is trying to use their own civilians as "human shields.
"Israel said Hezbollah had fired more than 40 rockets from Qana before the airstrike, including several from near the building that was bombed.
At a news conference in Tel Aviv Sunday night, military officers showed aerial footage taken two days ago of Katyushas being fired in proximity to houses in Qana, and of a Katyusha launcher firing missiles and then being driven into Qana and hidden inside a house.
Foreign Ministry official Gideon Meir accused Hezbollah of "using their own civilian population as human shields."
Israel said residents of Qana had been warned to leave. On Thursday, the Israeli military's Al-Mashriq radio that broadcasts into southern Lebanon warned residents their villages would be "totally destroyed" if missiles were fired from them. Leaflets with similar messages were dropped in some areas Saturday.

But don't let that fool you. The stories have been hot and heavy playing Israel as the bad guy. And don't forget the fact that Israel has suffered over 1,200 civilian injuries due to Hezbollah's careless firing of rockets into civilian areas, as I pointed out earlier.

And just a question to AP, Reuters, AFP, and everyone else:
What happened in the 8 hours between when the building was hit (midnight), and when it collapsed (8AM)? And why weren't those civilians evacuated?

Thursday, July 27, 2006

The Interview With Phil Valentine

After the Town Hall Meeting, I was given the opportunity to sit down with Phil Valentine, and ask him some questions about illegal immigration, the upcoming '08 elections, and other political subjects. Here's how it went.

The first question was about how he felt, aside from demagnetizing, the United States should stop the flood of illegal immigrants. Phil answered that he felt the only thing that could be done is to look back at why they originally came to America in the first place; jobs and/or government assistance. He also noted that a lot of the illegal immigrants who have jobs also take government assistance, and the only way to get rid of it is to cut off the reason for coming.
The second question was about the incident in Hidalgo County, Texas where border patrol agents faced 10 minutes of automatic weapons fire from across the Rio Grand, but only one news agency, World Net Daily, covered the story. I asked him what his thoughts were about that fact. He said, "That's the problem with the mainstream media out there. They don't want to acknowledge the ugly side of illegal immigration, and they want to portray these people as victims who just want to find a better life. And the fact of the matter is we've demonstrated with this Town Hall Meeting tonight, is that a disproportionate number of illegal aliens are criminals." On top of that he said that if you get down to it, all illegal aliens are criminals since they came here ILLEGALLY. "First time you come across, it's a misdemeanor. Second time you come across and subsequent times, it's a felony. So these people are either committing misdemeanors and felonies just for being here. And so they're criminals by nature. Doesn't mean they're all bad people, but a disproportionate number of them are, and I think the news media out there,-They want to portray them as hard working folks who do jobs Americans just won't do, and so they don't cover this sort of stuff."
The third question was about how Tennessee has one of the most lax laws on illegals getting state issued I.D,'s (such as a Driver's License) and I asked Phil how he felt that those laws could be made more strict. His answer hit the nail right on the head. He stated that we should not give ANY legitimate state document to someone who is here illegally, and that it was a mistake to have started doing so in the first place. "All you are doing is legitimizing their illegal activity. It doesn't go much beyond that. I mean, you cut off anything that legitimizes them, whether it be government services, or photo I.D. or any kind of identification." He said that it doesn't matter what the reason is in the first place for giving the documents or services to them because it only gives them more reasons to stay. "And what we're doing is, we're giving these people glue. You know, now they've gotten here and we're giving them more glue so they'll stay. And the Driver's License is one of those things. I mean, not only did it help the people in Tennessee stay illegal, it helps illegals from all over the place because they can get a driver's license."
Fourth was about having to have photo I.D's to vote, which Phil adamantly supports (as do I). I asked what his justifications were for it. He said that the U.S, as well as every other country, voter fraud is a problem. "I want to know that when I go in there and vote, that mine's not going to be negated by somebody who wasn't supposed to be voting. The only way to do that is with a voter I.D. Now, people that claim it's a poll tax or that it's an undue burden on the people who are having to get the I.D, but in the state of Georgia, if you would sign a document that says you can't afford one, then they will give you one. There's no charge to you, but we want to make sure that everybody has a legitimate I.D. that they can show when they go vote, and that's the way we cut- We're never going to get rid of,completely, voter fraud, but that's a way to cut down on it. And I can't understand for the life of me why anybody would be against that, unless they wanted to perpetuate voter fraud."
Then I asked Phil who he thought was going to be the top contenders for the 2008 elections. He stated, "I have been predicting, even before Dick Morris, that it is going to be Hillary Clinton and Condi Rice." He said that Condi is looking less and less likely, but she's still not out of the picture yet, but Hillary is for sure going to get the nod at the Democratic Convention, and that it's just a matter of who goes up against her. He said that he would love to see Condi Rice, but if he were betting, he would place his money on Mitt Romney from Massachusetts.
I got to speak with Steve Gill when he visited TN Tech back in 2004 and he stated that blogs have become the new media. I asked Phil if he agreed. "I think they are as far as the younger generation is concerned. To a certain degree that's big with people your age, and college students and things like that." He said he wasn't sure if it was the new media for everyone, but it is certainly growing. He also said that the internet is becoming the main source of news for people since there are more sources for the stories. He did say though, that blogs should not be thought of as true information sites, but more an exchange of ideas and opinions, but not a good true information source. He mentioned how a lot of the information is unsourced, and can't really be trusted, as well as message scuffles that commonly outbreak from differing opinions.
Last, I told him that I spoke out and stated that I would like to see Marsha Blackburn as the first female president. I asked Phil who he felt should be the first woman to take the presidential oath. "I think Marsha is a darn good choice, it's just going to take her some more time to ramp up, being in congress. I think we already have a choice- I would love to see Condi Rice, and the reason I would love to see Condi is- There are multiple reasons, first because she is very smart, and is very qualified. Has been- had a lot of experience in government. Had a lot of experience in management, things that she can bring to the table that would help her become a good president. But she also would absolutely diffuse this Democratic myth that Republicans are racist, and chauvinists. And if you elect a black woman, and the first black woman is a Republican, I think that would launch the Republican party forward light years and something that I think that the Democrats could not recover from because they're the ones talking, 'We're the inclusive party!' So well, where's your black candidate?" Phil reminded me that the last serious candidate (that made it past the primaries) was Jesse Jackson in the '80's, and he was beaten badly. He stated how the Republicans have Condi Rice, Colin Powell, J.C. Watts, Lynn Swan, and Michael Steele, and that these people are in power and have a fighting chance to actually BE president.
After that I mentioned how I had done a couple posts (Liberal Paper In a Conservative Town and The Liberal Plantation) and how Hillary had stated that "Republicans were running government like a plantation," when in actuality, as Phil pointed out in an editorial he wrote, Democrats had been the plantation owners for decades.

Phil, I enjoyed the meeting, as well as your time for the interview. Thanks, again, and check back regularly!

The Criminal Face of Illegal Immigration

Phil Valentine asked the question, "What is this man smiling about in his mugshot?" It could be that he thinks that he probably won't have to face prison for the crimes he's committed. After all, he is an illegal immigrant, and this is the 17th time he's been arrested, and yet he's only served a total of about 6 months for crimes including 5 D.U.I's, evading and resisting arrest, theft, twice leaving the scene of an injury crash, and driving with a revoked license. But there's one more that you don't know about...yet.
This man is the criminal face of illegal immigration. That smug face that is seemingly saying, "I'm here illegally, and you can't do anything to punish me." That was the theme of tonight's Town Hall Meeting here in Franklin, TN, and yours truly was there to listen, report, and I got to have an interview with Phil himself.

Phil started off by talking with his on air buddy Johnny B. They discussed a group of illegal immigration advocates,, who don't want you to hear about the dark side of illegal immigration. They have billboards all over Nashville with pro-illegal immigration messages, like "Remember the immigrant you once were." Obviously these people have never seen Immigration's Human Cost. The next speaker was Donna Rowland, the TN State Representative from the 34th District. She discussed some of the bills that had been put into legislation here in TN and had been shot down. One was a bill similar to the Georgia bill requiring a photo I.D. to vote. It passed, but was voted down by Democrats when it got to the committees. Another was a bill requiring the confirmation of a legal status in order to receive state or federal paid health care, unless it was a true emergency. (I asked Donna to define "emergency", and she stated "life threatening," not "I've got a cold and no money, so I will go to the emergency room to get it free") That bill also passed in legislation, but was struck down when it went to the committees.
The main speaker was this woman, Heather Steffek. Her mother and step-father, Shaun and Donna Wilson, were killed by the smirking illegal, Gustavo Reyes, seen above. He was driving drunk (again), and was pulled over by a Lakewood Police officer. When the officer came up to the car, he said that he could see empty 20 oz. beer cans, and the man's speech was slurred. Then Gustavo hit the gas and sped away. A little over a mile later, he slammed into the couple's car head-on at over 90 M.P.H. That was just over a month ago on June 8th. As Phil said, "Is this the kind of guy wants in our state?"
And this is not the only case. In Sandy Springs, GA, 9 year old Jordin Paulder watched a red car drive by with a wobbly tire. He yelled to the passenger that the tire was shaking, and the car suddenly stopped. The passenger got out, and then without batting an eye, lodged an axe in the little boy's face. That man was Santos Cabrera, an illegal immigrant from Honduras. When police came to ask him about the incident, he ran, and then threw a tire iron at a police officer, breaking the officer's arm. After that he threatened another police officer with a large iron pipe. The officer felt that his life was in danger, and shot and killed the man.
There's more! INS reportedly released over 35,000 illegal immigrants instead of deporting them, and out of those released, 11,000 committed serious crimes, and 1,800 of them were violent crimes. Illegal immigration is a plague that is sweeping the United States, but the news refuses to say that it is a problem.
For example, did you know that illegals are estimated at being 3% of the total population in the United States, but take up 17% of the prison cells at the federal level.
Later, Phil pointed out that people (such as the media) who use the term "undocumented worker" are trying to blur the line between legal and illegal immigrants. Because if you blur the line you can't discern one from the other, and people stop talking about it. Eventually they forget it, and the problem "disappears."
Near the end of the meeting there was a man who answered why you never hear about the horror of illegal immigration from the news. He talked about an e-mail he sent to one of the local news stations in Nashville. One newscaster had used the term "undocumented immigrant" on the air twice and the man said in the e-mail that "the correct term is 'illegal alien'." The announcer replied back that he had to use the "politically correct" words, due to station policy. The man sent another e-mail to the station and asked the man if he was sick of the politically correct mumbo-jumbo. The man replied back again...and I quote, "Quite frankly I'm tired of the political correctness, too, but I have a wife and three kids to feed. So, I've got to tow the company line."
The media tries to down-play the issue, thinking that it will go away. But just like that awful panging in the engine of your car, turning up the volume on your radio gets rid of the sound, but it doesn't solve the problem. Voters electing people who will be tough on illegal immigration WILL.

Click here for the exclusive GOP and College interview with Phil Valentine!

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We're Not The Only Ones With A Looney Left

Private Pigg at Public Figures Beware found an interesting bit of information;

"I won the election. Yes, I'm the president of Mexico," he told the Spanish-language Univision network in an interview that was to air Wednesday and Thursday. "I am the president of Mexico according to the will of the majority."

... It's no wonder, really. As liberal programs that create dependency, breed irresponsibility, and cost people jobs become less and less appealing to people, liberals start to lose elections. Liberals in the US learned that long ago, and turned to "other" avenues. Mr. Lopez Obrador will just need to start using some good old US lefty tactics:
1. The courts. Use activist judges to circumvent inevitable democratic results. You'll lose on abortion? Just have 9 robes decide it's outside the purview of democracy.
2. Civil disobedience. Just protest. Unendingly. Everywhere. For any reason. Disrupt businesses, funerals, meetings, etc.
3. Media. Make sure the editors and owners of all the major media outlets are liberals. Then just tell everybody that everything is going poorly, even when it's not.

Obrador lost the election by about 244,000 votes, and supporters pledged to have a peaceful resistance to the results, but in true liberal fashion, "peaceful" means to wait for the opponent to arive, then spit vile insults at them, destroy property, and say it was justified.

Facing weeks of indecision, Lopez Obrador's followers Tuesday launched what they promised would be a peaceful civil resistance campaign, backing claims that vote fraud cost their candidate the race.
Despite pledges to avoid confrontation, a knot of leftist supporters waited for Calderon Tuesday outside a meeting with trade unions in downtown Mexico City, screaming insults at him and slamming their fists against his car as he left.
Lopez Obrador refused to condemn the incident, saying "people are reacting to an offense." His party issued a statement saying "the aggression was not promoted by us, but was the response to constant provocations by (Calderon), his party and business leaders."

Liberals: Do as I say, not as I do.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006


*UPDATE* I was a *little* off on my number of rockets fired. I heard the number on the radio, but that number has been reported, as of yesterday, 1,402 rockets have been fired by Hezbollah since fighting began over 2 weeks ago. This led to only 19 civilian deaths, but 1,262 civilians wounded. These rockets are not meant to kill, they are strictly intended to inflict SEVERE injury. Read this:
The most severe blow of the day occurred in the Krayot area (northern suburbs of Haifa), where one man was severely injured after a rocket directly hit his vehicle; four additional individuals sustained light injuries from the event. Near Safed, one rocket hit a warehouse, lightly injuring one person.**

Yes, it's a famous rum, but it is also the number of rockets that Hezbollah has shot into Israel since fighting began a couple weeks ago. And yet there have only been 42 Israeli deaths, 24 of which were soldiers who have died in the most recent days of combat.

151 1,402 Rockets fired at Israeli citizens, killing at most 24 soldiers, and 18 civilians, wounding 1,262 civilians.
Like I said, Unguided Rockets.

One more thing;
Did the MSM tell you that Hezbollah is putting ball bearings in their rockets?

In addition, the warheads used suggest a desire to maximize harm to civilians. Some of the rockets launched against Haifa over the past two days contained hundreds of metal ball bearings that are of limited use against military targets but cause great harm to civilians and civilian property. The ball bearings lodge in the body and cause serious harm. - K.C. Info Zone

Did they also forget to tell you that that is a violation of the Laws of War, and are then considered acts of terrorism? Or that Hezbollah is in violation of those laws by deliberately placing military vehicles in civilian areas?

Article 51(7) of Protocol I states: "The presence or movements of the civilian population or individual civilians shall not be used to render certain points or areas immune from military operations, in particular attempts to shield military objectives from attacks or to shield, favour or impede military operations." And the Geneva Convention (IV) holds that "" (Geneva Convention Relative to the Protection of Civilian Persons in Time of War, 1949, Laws of Armed Conflicts, 495, 511.) Moreover, the Rome Statute is clear that "utilizing the presence of civilians or other protected persons to render certain points, areas or military forces immune from military operations is recognized as a war crime by Article 8 (2) (b) (xxiii)". (Dinstein, p. 130)

H/T: CounterTerrorism Blog
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Town Hall Meeting Pt. 2

Phil Valentine held a town hall meeting recently about illegal immigration that drew a very large crowd, and was a total success. Tomorrow there is another, and I call anyone in the Middle Tennessee Area to come to this one, entitled, "Demagnetize America: Criminal Face of Illegal Immigration"

"As reported in in March of 2006, The Federation for American Immigration Reform reported the following: "In March 2000, Congress made public Department of Justice statistics showing that, over the previous five years, the INS had released over 35,000 criminal aliens instead of deporting them. Over 11,000 of those released went on to commit serious crimes, over 1,800 of which were violent ones [including 98 homicides, 142 sexual assaults, and 44 kidnappings].
"In 2001, thanks to a decision by the Supreme Court, the INS was forced to release into our society over 3,000 criminal aliens [who collectively had been convicted of 125 homicides, 387 sex offenses, and 772 assault charges]."

The meeting is going to be in The Liberty Room of The Factory, in Franklin, TN, from 7 PM-9PM Central Time.

Directions: (map) Take I-65 (north from Huntsville, South from Nashville) to exit 65 (Hwy 96 Franklin/Murfreesboro)
Go towards Franklin (right from the north, left from the south).
Go to Mack Hatcher Parkway (first light past the fire station on the right) and take a right.
Take Mack Hatcher to Franklin Road (3rd light) and take a left.
Go about 1.5 to 2 miles, and The Factory is on the left.

See you there!

*UPDATE* I sent Phil an e-mail and I will be meeting him, and having a short interview with him! Check here over the weekend to see transcripts from the interview!

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A Picture's Worth A Thousand Words

Does something look wrong with this picture? It should.

United Nations (The blue flag) Resolution 1559 in 2004 says:
Calls for the disbanding and disarmament of all Lebanese and non-Lebanese militias;

Not only that, look at this from the most recent press release from the U.N.I.F.L.
Another UN position of the Ghanaian battalion in the area of Marwahin in the western sector was also directly hit by one mortar round from the Hezbollah side last night. The round did not explode, and there were no casualties or material damage. Another 5 incidents of firing close to UN positions from the Israeli side were reported yesterday. It was also reported that Hezbollah fired from the vicinity of four UN positions at Alma ash Shab, Tibnin, Brashit, and At Tiri. All UNIFIL positions remain occupied and maintained by the troops.

If I'm not mistaken, if Lebanon had followed their own resolution, and disbanded Hezbollah in the first place, the U.N. would not have been mistakenly hit those times. And yet, Israel remains the bad guy.

One more thing; Lebanon considers Hezbollah a "resistance." Normally a "resistance" is considered a threat to the government and is destroyed. But has Lebanon done ANYTHING to destroy the "resistance?" No. Instead they have welcomed them into the government.
"On Wednesday, the council -- while noting "significant and noticeable progress towards implementing some of the provisions contained in Resolution 1559" -- expressed concern in a written statement that there has been "no progress on the implementation of other provisions of the resolution." In particular, the council said, there are concerns that Lebanon has not completed "the disarmament of Lebanese and non-Lebanese militia and the extension of the control of the government of Lebanon over all Lebanese territory, and that the requirements of the resolution have not yet been met." -

H.T. - Malkin, LGF

VISA Replaces Monopoly Money

Being a Conservative not only means being socially conservative, but also being fiscally conservative. Most days, from 1-4 PM Central time, I am listening to Dave Ramsey, and yesterday, as I was listening I was alerted of the greatest marketing scheme in business history.

VISA Cards Replace Monopoly Money

PROVIDENCE, R.I. (AP) -- A British version of the classic Monopoly board game released this week substitutes a Visa-imprinted debit card for the stacks of yellow, blue and purple play money long hoarded by children worldwide.
...First offered in 1935, Monopoly offered players a form of financial escapism during the country's worst financial depression. Players become pretend real estate magnates who compete for fictitious property named after real places in Atlantic City, N.J. A British version released that same year featured London neighborhoods.
In the new British version of Monopoly Here & Now, players type amounts into a palm-sized scanner and swipe their debit cards to seal the deal.
... "That is the here and now," she said. "That's what we do. For a $3 purchase, I use my debit card."

60 years ago, the thought of buying something now, and paying for it later was so outrageous, that no one would even consider it. "Buying something is what cash is for, not plastic." But now Visa, Mastercard and American Excess (as Dave calls it) have been so engrained into our minds, that we feel like if our teenagers don't have plastic money, we're weird.

This is a "NORMAL" family.

  • Average annual income: $47,211
  • Average mortgage: $87,000 @ 8.24% with 28 years 4 months remaining
  • Average home equity: $5,000 @ 9.6%
  • Average auto debt: $12,750
  • Average unsecured debt: $3,330
That's a yearly income of $47k, with a debt of about $108,000.
"But I NEEEEEEEED my credit card!!!!" NO YOU DON'T!
Listen to this man and think about one thing. Would you be willing to give up that $350 per month credit card bill? What could you do if you didnt have to pay $300, $400, or even $500 per month for your H2 for the next few years. Or how about that $1,000 a month house payment? Think about what you could do with that money.

Listen to Dave Ramsey, and learn how to be fiscally conservative at home.

Page 16 News 7/26/06

It's been a while since Page 16 News has graced the pages of GOP and College, but I've gotten a swarm of great news from Centcom that the MSM, and liberals will be sure to forget about.

1) BALAD - –Iraqi Army forces conducted a pre-dawn raid in Baghdad on July 25, capturing six targeted insurgents, all of whom are believed to be involved in '‘death squad'’ activities.
As coalition force advisers looked on, Iraqi forces raided an objective in southwest Baghdad consisting of four separate buildings and captured the cell leader and five other key members of an insurgent '‘punishment committee.'’

2) BAGRAM AIRFIELD, Afghanistan -– A Coalition patrol killed seven extremists on July 25 after they attacked Coalition forces in the Garmser District of Helmand Province.
There were no Coalition casualties in the fight. The Coalition unit received small arms, rocket-propelled grenade, machine gun and sniper fire from a group of extremists. The Coalition force returned fire, killing five insurgents
Later in the same area, insurgents fired small arms at an Afghan National Army mortar team, with a Coalition embedded tactical training team attached. The combined unit responded with machine gun fire and killed the remaining two insurgents.

3) CAMP FALLUJAH, Iraq -– Marines from Regimental Combat Team 5'’s, 1st Battalion, 25th Marine Regiment, and soldiers from 2nd and 4th Brigade, 1st Iraqi Army Division, rescued three Iraqi hostages in an intelligence-driven operation July 23.
The three were personal assistants and bodyguards to Dr. Rafa Hayid Chiad Al-Isaw, an Iraqi government official in Baghdad.
... The three were held captive by al-Qaeda insurgents in a spiderhole complex for 27 days. The hostages were beaten with electrical cords, bitten and threatened with their lives at gunpoint by their captors. They were treated by Coalition Forces medical personnel.
... Also recovered nearby was a significant weapons cache, including a fully-assembled suicide vehicle-borne improvised explosive device. Marines also recovered IEDs and IED-making material, mortar tubes and round, artillery rounds, machine guns, bulk explosives, anti-tank mines, rocket-propelled grenades and launchers, AK-47 assault rifles, small-arms ammunition and video cameras.

And while I am doing my own mil-blogging, read what the WSJ has to say about Mil Bloggers.

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1/16/06 UPDATE

Tuesday, July 25, 2006

HWC Baseball Week 16 Recap

Week 16 of the 22 regular season matchups is done, and here at GOP and College, we have your in depth analysis of the week's matchups, as well as a look at who is facing who this week.
First, a look at how we do things here.
The stats your team builds up are broken down into 12 groups. For batters, there are runs, homeruns, RBI‚’s, Strike-outs, stolen bases, and batter‚’s average. For Pitching, there are Wins, Saves, Strike-outs, Holds, ERA, and WHIP. Each one of those is a win, a loss, or a tie. So in a given week, you can have any combination of wins, losses, and ties that add up to 12.

Baghdad Bombers - 7
Robots Eat Babies - 4 (1 tie, Saves)
I stole this week's recap from John at Your Cake Or Death, since this week's recap is a family affair. You see, this week, I am facing my brother, The Man, at GOP and the City. Week one of HWC baseball I was defeated by my brother, but this week, I was back in the winner's circle, making my record against him 3-1. It was pretty well a landslide, and except for holds, the stats The Man won (Offensive K's, Pitching K's, and WHIP) were pretty close. Well, considereing I'm going to visit him in a couple weeks, I'd better shut up, so I still have a place to stay!
Game MVP: Jim Edmonds - 4 Home Runs, 6 RBI's, 5 Runs, and a Stolen Base. Mr. Versitile!
Game Wash-Out: Derrick Turnbow - 2 games, 2/3 Innings pitched, 5 earned runs (67.50 ERA, 10.5 WHIP), and somehow got a hold.

fmragtops - 7
RFTR - 3 (2 ties, Offensive K's, Holds)
I can't say too much about this game. It was too close to be a blow-out, but not close enough t obe neck and neck. RFTR took Home Runs, RBI's and Saves, but other than that he couldn't get a good pitcher if he had a budget as high as the Yankees. Seriously, his pitchers got all of 15 K's in a whole week!
Game MVP: Vernon Wells - .448 Average, 10 RBI's, 4 Home Runs, and more!
Game Wash-Out: RFTR's Pitchers. Just Ugly. One win, 15 K's, 6 Saves, 2 Holds, 4.20 ERA, and a 1.11 WHIP, in a week!

bRight & Early - 6
CZC Owns - 6
Pitcher Hitter Duel. bRight was 4 in pitching, 2 in hitting, CZC was 4 in hitting, and 2 in pitching. And no wonder. CZC could have swept this game, if he didn't have half of his 10 pitchers on the DL (4), or released(1)!
Game MVP: Aramis Ramirez - 5 Home Runs, 6 RBI's, and 5 Runs, with a .304 Average. This guy had all but two hits this week as a home run (5 HR's, in 7 hits)!
Game Wash-Out: CZC's pitching...again.

webcats - 5
Akhtar the Divorcee - 5 (2 ties, Wins, Holds)
Another Pitcher Hitter match. Cats took 3 in hitting, and 2 in pitching, and Akhtar took 3 in pitching and 2 in hitting, then the ties were one in each catagory. It was another game that was close, but not so close.
Game MVP: Adrian Gonzalez - 2 Home Runs, 9 runs, 5 RBI's, and a .607 Average.
Game Wash-Out: Joe Crede - Akhtar missed out on 2 Home Runs, 3 RBI's and 2 Runs by benching Crede. (Got one HR, 2 Runs, and 1 RBI from Lowell instead)

Columbia Cardinals - 8
The right wing nuts - 4
Poor Sssteve can't get a win if he tried. All 4 wins were in batting, but he got swept pretty bad in the bullpen. Hey Sssteve, it would help if you ROTATED your starters.
Game MVP: Julio Lugo - 3 Home Runs, 6 RBI's, and 6 Runs
Game Wash-Out(s): 1) Derek Lee - A long term gamble tha busted for the Cardinals. Safety Man wanted him for his power, and stolen bases, but last week he was 1 for 13 with another trip to the DL
2) The nuts lack of care for pitching - Missed out on a Complete game shut out by Miguel Batista

Wookies Will Win - 11
Gashouse Gorillas - 1
Poor Wyatt. John went to town this week against him, and this time, Goliath kicked David's ass. With this monster win Wookies hold a 4 game lead over the second place Cardinals, and 7.5 games over the third place cats. At least Wyatt can slap the runners around the bases. He won in RBI's to keep from getting skunked.
Game MVP: Carlos Delgado - 3 Home Runs, 8 RBI's, and 5 times across the plate.
Game Wash-Out: Tom Gordon - Being a closer with a week's ERA of 12.00 is not a good thing. He was lucky to get 2 saves.

The Glatinators - 7
The PAW's - 4 (1 tie, Saves)
A pretty close match in almost every catagory, but the Glats had it where it counts.
Game MVP: Roger Clemens - I've always been a Rocket fan, and was at the game, with The Man, when he got #300. 6 Innings of scoreless pitching for the W, and 5 K's.
Game Wash-Out: Travis Hafner - He might have had 2 Home Runs, but a .154 Average and 11 fans don't make up for it.

Poca Dots Blog - 8
Repubs Lost in SD - 3 (1 tie, Runs)
Once again, SD was on the wrong side of the win column. That makes them 0-9-1 in the last 10 weeks. I think it's time for them to find new managment, kind of like the DNC.
Game MVP: Mike Cameron - 3 Home Runs, 2 Stolen Bases, 4 RBI's and 6 Runs.
Game Wash-Out: Jake Peavy - 2 Games, 10 Innings, 14 Runs, 14 hits, and 7 walks. Nasty.

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US/Iraqi Press Conference

United States President, George W. Bush (Liberals hate when you say that phrase) and Iraqi prime minister, Nuri al-Maliki held a press conference today discussing the condition of Iraq. Centcom has the full transcript here, but for some quotes from the conference, here you go!

Bush: We talked about security in Baghdad. No question the terrorists and extremists are brutal. These are people that just kill innocent people to achieve an objective, which is to destabilize his government. The Prime Minister tells me that he and his government are not shaken by these actions. They're concerned about them, they're not shaken by them.
The Iraqi people want to succeed. They want to end this violence. Our strategy is to remain on the offense, including in Baghdad. Under the Prime Minister's leadership, coalition and Iraqi leaders are modifying their operational concept to bring greater security to the Iraqi capital. Coalition and Iraqi forces will secure individual neighborhoods, will ensure the existence of an Iraqi security presence in the neighborhoods, and gradually expand the security presence as Iraqi citizens help them root out those who instigate violence.
This plan will involve embedding more U.S. military police with Iraqi police units to make them more effective. The Prime Minister advised me that to support this plan, he and General Casey have agreed to deploy additional American troops and Iraqi security personnel in Baghdad in the coming weeks. These will come from other areas of the country. Our military commanders tell me that this deployment will better reflect the current conditions on the ground in Iraq.

Maliki: I reaffirmed to the President Iraq's need to the cooperation from the international community and your cooperation. And I have seen a great deal of understanding for this very vital issue from the President. I also expressed my appreciation to the role that's been played by the multinational forces and the exerted efforts to support us and to help us in building our security organizations, to allow our organizations to fully be in control of the security position and the security circumstances.
I agreed with the President to form a joint committee of experts and connections in order to achieve the self-sufficiency for the Iraqi forces. This will allow these forces to bear the responsibility of protecting security and confronting terrorism in our country. And in this field, we have achieved our first and initial success when our forces assumed the responsibility in the Muthanna governorate. This is a very important step, will be followed by similar steps in many other governorates in Iraq.
We are determined to defeat terrorism, and the security plan for Baghdad has entered the second phase and it's achieving its objectives in hunting the terrorist networks and eliminating it.

Monday, July 24, 2006

What a "Peaceful" Anti-Israel Rally Looks Like paints a pretty picture of a Pro Palestine and Lebanon rally that took place Friday afternoon.
Participants carried signs such as ``Free All Palestinian and Lebanese Political Prisoners," ``End the Israeli Occupation," and ``Stop Aid and Weapons." At times during the nearly three-hour rally, which included a prayer service and was sponsored by the Muslim American Society, they chanted ``Free, Free Palestine," and then ``Free, Free Lebanon." A police officer at the scene estimated the crowd at 2 p.m. to be 500.

Around 1:30 p.m., hundreds gathered in tidy eastward-facing rows of about 50 people each, to pray to God. Most kneeled on prayer rugs. Others improvised with newspapers. Some took off their shoes. Usually, at that time of the week, they would have gathered in a mosque. Assam Omeish, president of the Muslim American Society, led the prayer.

However, freelance reporter Seva Brodsky was there with his camera, and caught what the press didn't see. Solomonia has what Brodsky discovered.

... However, he is not the type to give up too easily -- being resourceful, he raised a large white banner he had with him on a foam board, thereby creating a new, more formidable obstacle for my probing lens. This precipitated a cat-and-mouse game, which I did not mind engaging in. He was really annoyed by that and started calling for back up. A little crowd started gathering around me, threatening and verbally abusing me.

Some rather short and skinny woman, screaming hysterically at me, grabbed my camera and left arm:

In the ensuing commotion, I suddenly noticed that Noah Cohen grabbed my camera and was quietly trying to break off its swivel monitor. This really stunned me -- I didn't expect he would go to such length and engage in criminally punishable behavior, but I guess, he figured he could afford to do so and get away with it, being surrounded by his comrades-in-arms with no police in sight. At this point, indignant and even outraged, realizing that I was entirely on my own and no help was forthcoming, I yanked the camera from his grip and a scuffle ensued which seemed to cool off his zeal substantially.

More people joined the melee, shouting and threatening me. Unfortunately, by this point my camera was off, so I did not capture what had transpired then. One man told me that the police would not help me, as they were going to hunt me down and kill me (he can be heard on the video repeatedly commanding me not to take pictures):

But Islam is The Religion of Peace...isn't it?

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Think Progress Defends The Beast

In this article, Think Progress tries to defend Helen "The Beast" Thomas when she tried to throw Tony Snow a curve ball. The curve must have hung because Snow blasted it raight back overthe centerfield wall, saying, "Well, thank you for the Hezbollah view…."

Think progress claims "Commenter John points out that the U.N. veto dealt with Gaza operations, not Lebanon. It’s unclear from the transcript whether Thomas was referring to that vote or not."

Let's read the transcript shall we? (FROM THINK PROGRESS)

THOMAS: The United States is not that helpless. It could have stopped the bombardments of Lebanon. We have that much control with the Israelis.
SNOW: I don’t think so.
THOMAS: We have gone for collective punishment against all of Lebanon and Palestine. And what’s happening — and that’s the perception of the United States.
SNOW: Well, thank you for the Hezbollah view, but I would encourage you…

And listen to this commentor:
If I was a Hezbollah leader i would pack the rockets with nerve gas and also Anthrax and teach the world that jesuses house is out of bounds for 50 years ,

That would also encourage the Jews to goto america and stay

And major Kudos to this commentor for setting the facts strait about what started Israel's invasion into Lebanon.
"Uhm, sorry #11, but Hezbollah invaded Israel’s sovereignty by lobbing bombs into Israel which was simply a diversion while they actually went into Israel and killed 3 Israeli soldiers and kidnapped two (after lobbing shells into Israel for over a year). Everyone simply glosses over this fact. If Al quaeda were lobbing shells into the US from the Canadian border, what do you think our response would be and don’t you think the Canadians would kick al quaeda’s ass for doing that? Lebanon was told to do something about Hezbollah basically setting up a state within Lebanon and the government did nothing. Instead of screaming about Israel’s response, tell me, what is Israel supposed to do? Just sit on its hands and let Hezbollah shell it?"

And as I stated before, if Hezbollah was given rockets that could actually be told where to go, that they wouldn't kill as many Israeli civilians as possible?

Previous Coverage:
Is It Really That Skewed?

Friday, July 21, 2006

NAACP Finally Welcome's Bush

Thanks to a leadership change in the NAACP, George W. Bush was finally greeted with a warm welcome when he spoke to members of The NAACP this week. He had never spoke to the group in his entire presidency, partly because when he spoke the last time in July of 2000, he recieved scattered applause when he took the stage. Then he was slapped in the face by James Bond, after Bush appointed 3 black people to his Cabinet, hosted the All Democratic Black Caucus in his Cabinet Room, and other things. Bond said about Bush, "He has appeased the wretched appetites of the extreme right wing. And he has chosen Cabinet officials whose devotion to the Confederacy is nearly canine in its uncritical affection."

Finally, the new leader of the NAACP, Bruce S. Gordon, has sent a warm invitation to teh president. Even after this, as this report says about Bond, 'In a speech to the convention Sunday, NAACP Chairman Julian Bond blasted the war in Iraq and attacks on voting rights even as he urged Bush to attend the gathering. “This year the convention has come to the president and we hope and pray he is coming to us,” Bond said.'

Oh, I almost forgot. There was an ad ran by the NAACP in the 200 campaign giving Bush the blame as governor (not to the judge presiding over the case) for not using hate crime laws in a brutal case:
"There is a history of bad blood between Bush and the NAACP. During the 2000 presidential campaign, the NAACP's National Voter Fund ran a television ad against Bush. It featured the daughter of James Byrd, a black man dragged to death by three white men in a pickup truck, blaming Bush for refusing her pleas for a hate-crime law when he was Texas governor."

Vile Filth Of The Left

A Sgt. in the National Guard came home, not to a welcome kiss from his wife, and a hug from his two kids, but to an escorted walk around his torched house, and a murdered family.

And how does the "We support the troops but not the war" Left react?

"Too bad the paid assasin wasn't home also... Got what he deserved for serving an illegal government in an illegal war."

"If he didnt lie to start a war.....and the husband was at home, the people would all be alive. The was is for Halleburton, Exxon MObile, and all the other members of the Industrial military complex, who ar to benefit by this war. THANKS BUSH, hope you can sleep nights... But people without a conscious dont have trouble sleeping...I guess."

MOre Deaths indirectly caused by Geroge W. BUSH!!!! If he didnt lie to start a war.....and the husband was at home, the people would all be alive. The was is for Halleburton, Exxon MObile, and all the other members of the Industrial military complex, who ar to benefit by this war. THANKS BUSH, hope you can sleep nights... But people without a conscious dont have trouble sleeping...I guess."

"The p***k bush has cut funds to lock away the lunatics, just to pay for his illegal war. May the same fate await the evil bushites.......they are evil and will be treated as such. They, the pig bushites, are truly the enemies of America!"

*update* The vile posts have been removed by the monitors of the message boards.

H/T: The Right Angle, via Malkin

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Is It Really That Skewed?

News agencies have started to play Hezbollah as the victim of the Lebanon/Israeli War, since the civilian deaths are 148 to 12. However, key information is being omitted by the news, while other bits are emphasized.

Everyone knows that Israel has been bombing Lebanon and Hezbollah from the air with guided bombs, which unfortunately kill many civilians at the same time. And everyone knows that Hezbollah is firing rockets at Israel, but doesn't kill very many people.

But that's where the information stops. Let's dig a bit deeper, shall we. First, let's look at why Israel has not suffered much in the way of casualties, or collateral damage for that matter. Why?

Hezbollah is firing Soviet, WW2 era, unguided rockets, at their maximum range. These rockets are intended to be fired a couple miles for an area damage affect. Shooting those rockets into Israel is about like trying to hit a 1 inch target with a .22 from a mile away with no scope. You're lucky to get remotely close.
Hezbollah isn't "avoiding civilians," they're just not hitting anything because they really don't know what they're shooting at! And do you really think that if given the opportunity, that they wouldn't try to kill as many Jewish civilians as possible?

So now the next question, "Why is Israel killing so many civilians?" There are 2 answers to the question. The first thing they are doing is destroying the transport infrastructure of Lower Lebanon. This means bombing major intersections, bridges, and other things. Some of those are in civilian areas. Collateral damage can't be avoided, they can only minimize it. The other answer to the question is the fact that like many Arab guerrillas, the fighters hide in densely populated civilian areas. For example, 5 high profile leaders may be hiding out in an apartment complex that has 150 civilians. When those high profile members are killed by, say a 500 lb bomb, the Arab community cries foul for the deaths of the civilians.
A similar story is how Iraqi guerrillas would fire out the windows of mosques in Baghdad. Then when the Marines would return fire (only AFTER being fired upon) the Arab media would cry that Marines were desecrating a holy site.

Who NOT To Vote For

If you are voting in the Senate race in TN, I can't tell you which of 2 Republican candidates I endorse, but what I can tell you is who I absolutely, under no circumstance, WILL NOT endorse, and who I feel you 100% SHOULD NOT vote for.

That man is Bob Corker.

You've heard his commercials. He talks about how he "reduced the size of Government," and has caused taxes to be the lowest in Chattanooga since the 50's, and how he is "100% pro-life," and rebukes senators for raising their own salaries while in office.
I'm here to tell you that that is a load of CRAP.

Here is the TRUTH about Bob Corker.

  • Bob Corker raised Property taxes by 48% the first year as mayor of Chattanooga. Those taxes weren't removed until AFTER he left office in 2005.
  • Bob Corker said "I will take no pledge either. I like living in a state with no income tax; at the same time, I realize there may be pressing needs we may not be aware of," about a new state income tax for TN.
  • Bob Corker raised taxes 4% on buying a hotel room in Chattanooga.
  • Bob Corker has repeatedly used loopholes to avoid paying income taxes.
  • Bob Corker chastises D.C. politicians for voting themselves pay raises while in office, but took a $3,000 pay raise while in office himself.
  • Bob Corker is a TEXTBOOK example of a R.I.N.O.
  • Bob Corker is only pro-life when it will help him politically.
  • Bob Corker refused to say "I am pro-Life." in a 2005 interview with The Tennessean
  • Bob Corker ran against Bill Frist as a pro-abortion candidate in 1994
  • Bob Corker increased government spending by 18.5% ($23 million) in his 4 years as mayor, despite the fact he "inherited" a $17 million dollar budget deficit.
*Unless linked in the statement, information found at Bob The Fraud.*

Bob Corker is "a non-acceptable candidate with no demonstrated track record, except a bad one. Brian Harris in The Nashville City Paper, 3/29/2006

Intellectual & Political, Non-Violent Means

That's the slogan of The Islamic Thinkers Society. When I looked at the site, it was pretty well peaceful, and actually condemns militant Shias (Kudos to you for that).

But I just can't get over this picture with their name all over it. However, there was something that I found, that struck me as being suspect. So I looked into it, and it actually was correct. It was an article on Apostasy in The Bible.
If you look into Deuteronomy Chapter 13, it actually does tell you to kill people who believe in other gods/religions.
But one thing that I thought of; How many times have you heard of a Christian strapping explosives to their body, getting on a bus, yelling "Praise Jehova," or "In the name of Jesus, The Son of Man," then blowing themself up and everything around?

"It is a certain fact that not all Muslims are terrorists, but it is equally certain, and exceptionally painful, that almost all terrorists are Muslims." Abdel Rahman al-Rashed

It's Israel's Fault!

That's what liberals and Radical Muslims would like you to believe. But I've got a question for you. Who do you feel is at fault for this war?

Or Hezbollah, and the Islamics who have terrorized Israel for centuries?

From Malkin:

Major Hezbollah Acts of Terrorism and Violence

* Bombing of Khobar Towers in Saudi Arabia killing 19 U.S. servicemen (1996)
* Bombing of Jewish Community Center in Buenos Aires killing 96 (1994)

* Bombing of Israeli Embassy in Buenos Aires killing 29 (1992)

* Abduction, torture and death of CIA Station Chief in Lebanon (1985)

* Hijacking of TWA Flight 847 killing one U.S. Navy diver (1985)

* Bombing outside U.S. Embassy annex in Beirut killing 24 (1984)

* Car bombing of U.S. Marine Barracks in Beirut killing 241 U.S. servicemen (1983)

*Car bombing of U.S. Embassy in Beirut killing 63 people, including 17 Americans (1983)

* Car bombing of French military barracks in Beirut killing 58 French paratroopers (1983)

Ask yourself...who's REALLY at fault?

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

So Much For "Diet" Sodas

I found this bit of info at commenter, Randy's site, and I found it very interesting.

Combine this with other research that shows that people that drink diet sodas tend to gain MORE weight than people that drink non-diet sodas. As reported by WebMD:

For regular soft-drink drinkers, the risk of becoming overweight or obese was:

26% for up to 1/2 can each day 30.4% for 1/2 to one can each day 32.8% for 1 to 2 cans each day 47.2% for more than 2 cans each day.

For diet soft-drink drinkers, the risk of becoming overweight or obese was:

36.5% for up to 1/2 can each day 37.5% for 1/2 to one can each day 54.5% for 1 to 2 cans each day 57.1% for more than 2 cans each day.

This makes perfect sense though. How many times have you been to a fast food place and had the guy in front of you order a large burger meal...and a diet coke. You might be losing the 200 calories in the soda, but the burger and fries are still over 800 by themselves.

As a side note, I'm 5'6", weigh 147 and used to drink 2 sodas a day. But you know how I didn't get fat? I EXERCISED! And if I have any say in it, my kids (MANY years from now) are NOT going to have the latest and greatest video game console, or a hand-held game console. Instead, my kids are going to play sports, and in general, play outside. My kids are NOT going to just sit in the house, wasting their body and mind playing games.


*A filthy lie*

Did you know Evil Glenn once had his own Law Firm? Yeah, neither did I. But remember that Class Action Suit that Glenn had? That crazy guy won it!!! He actually convinced the jury that alcohol does not make you responsible for your actions!

And you know who's REALLY upset about this case? M.A.D.D. They are royally PISSED!

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

The Chump-ion Logo

For those of you who will be following the Hot Wing Conspiracy Football league this fall, here is the official logo of The Hot Wing Chump-ions!


That dastardly fiend/walking doughnut-disposal at SYLG, Wyatt, has passed me by in hits. I had a cushiony lead over Wyatt a few months ago, but like a last stretch race horse he chased me down and got by me without my knowing.

Hey...Something smells around here...*sniff* *sniff* Kinda smells like...half-truths.

Lead Rain

Men serving the United states were on a patrol recently, as they investigated a story told to them by local people. Then suddenly they were met by a wall of bullets, sustained for close to 10 minutes from 2 directions. But the men couldn't even fire a shot, because they were out gunned. They had to wait for the rain of lead to end.

Where was this incident?
Baghdad, Iraq? No.
Kabul, Afghanistan? No.

This incident happend at the United States and Mexico Border in Hidalgo County, Texas, at the Rio Grande River.

And it's not just guns, either. They are experts at phone tapping, counter-surveillence, small arms such as machine guns and grenade launchers, lock picking, monitoring the Border Patrol Office, as well as the Agent's cell phone calls.

But we don't need to step up our border security do we?

Politicizing At It's Worst

I received a piece of literature in the mail today that said in big red letters:
Robbie Beal turned our little boy over to a twice convicted, drug using, child molester
Then it proceeded with, "On January 13, 2006, after 2 earlier custody hearings my seven year old nephew was ordered by Robbie Beal, Juvenile Court Referee in Franklin, to spend weekends alone with his twice felony convicted, cocaine-using, child molester father. This decidion came five weeks after the father tested positive for cocaine and marijuana in Referee Beal's own court, and six weeks after the boy had reported to seven persons that he had been sexually molested by his father."
It was sent by the committee to elect Don Caulkins, Sr, and something smelled fishy. So I went and investigated.
And right off the bat, I found something. An article about the hearing in The Tennessean.
The piece that I just showed you oly told one side of the story, so I am going to tell, as one man says, the rest of the story.

"Of the thousands of cases Beal has decided during his eight years as a referee, this is the only one Caulkins is making an issue of.
... Beal believes his decision was proper and reasonable, based on the evidence before him at the time, which he says did not include information about a molestation conviction.
... The father's felony conviction for child molesting came in August 1992, seven years before his son was born.
Court records from Indiana show that when the father was 19, he had sex with a 13-year-old girl on at least three occasions.
In a separate case in December of that year, he pleaded guilty to a felony charge of confinement in a case in which he was accused of tying his 15-year-old stepsister to a bed and raping her. The man was originally charged with two additional counts of charge molestation involving his stepsister, but prosecutors agreed to drop those charges as part of a plea agreement.
The stepsister told a detective she had sex with her stepbrother six times during a period of several years.
The man served 92 days in jail, six months at a work release detention center and two years of probation as punishment in both criminal cases.
... In 1999, the man had a son by a woman to whom he was not married. In 2001, they went to court in Davidson County to determine custody of the boy.
The father's lawyer, Abby Rubenfeld, said there was a verbal agreement that the father would get custody, a contention that is supported by transcripts of the closed hearing that were provided by the mother's family.
Both sides agree that there was never a signed order by a judge, which is the usual procedure in a custody case."

And now, here comes what the flier "forgot to mention."

"The father's lawyer, Abby Rubenfeld, said there was a verbal agreement that the father would get custody, a contention that is supported by transcripts of the closed hearing that were provided by the mother's family.
Both sides agree that there was never a signed order by a judge, which is the usual procedure in a custody case.
After the hearing, the boy lived with the father briefly before being turned over to the mother.
The principal of a Williamson County elementary school filed a petition stating that the boy was being neglected by his mother, according to records provided to The Tennessean by a relative. The principal said the boy had been excessively tardy and absent from school. The father, mother and the mother's parents all requested custody.
Allegations that the father had sexually abused the boy arose, and Beal ordered that the father have no visitation with the boy until those allegations were investigated.
... On Dec. 7, both the mother and the father failed drug tests. Beal gave the grandparents temporary custody of the boy. The mother and father were awarded supervised visitation with their son.
... When the investigation was deemed to be unfounded and baseless by a Metro detective, an assistant district attorney, the guardian ad litem, two court-appointed special advocates, a school counselor and a psychologist, at that point that's about as much information as I can get," Beal said. "You can't do much more than that."
... After finding nothing to support allegations that the father had abused the child, Beal gave the man two days of supervised visitation with the boy, followed by unsupervised visitation every other weekend."

BUT WAIT!!! The plot thickens!!!

"Abby Rubenfeld, an attorney representing the father, says allegations against her client — in both 1992 and in October, when he was accused of molesting his own son — are exaggerated or false.
She said the most recent allegations were made up by the mother's family to overshadow the mother's drug problem. Rubenfeld said the 1992 conviction in Indiana stemmed from a "teenage romance." She said the 13-year-old victim lied to police when her mother found out she was having sex with a 19-year-old man. She said the other charges, which involved the man's stepsister and two young children, were falsely made and resulted from a family dispute that turned malicious.
Rubenfeld said the mother's family was using Caulkins and the media to attack Beal and her client after losing in court. She said three judges had ruled in favor of the father and that she believed the mother and her family were releasing selected court records to reporters in the hope that they'll "write a sexy story."

Donald Caulkins has stooped to new lows, and not even for a great cause either. The position he is seeking is the position of Circuit Court Judge. What a sleeze-bag.

Monday, July 17, 2006


Heh, G.W. dropped an S-bomb. Looks like he's Human.

Friday, July 14, 2006

Judges Support Gay Marriage Ban In TN

Strike up another loss for the ACLU of TN. The ACLU tried to file a lawsuit saying that a vote on the upcoming '06 election ballot was not done correctly. The only thing they could find "constitutionally wrong" was the fact that the bill was given to the General Assembly a month and 18 days after it was "due."
"Tennessee's proposed constitutional amendment to ban gay marriage, which supporters touted as a way to keep the issue out of the hands of "activist judges'' in the state, is being challenged in court.
The American Civil Liberties Union of Tennessee announced Thursday that it has filed a lawsuit in Davidson County Chancery Court over the way lawmakers took up the resolution, which was passed overwhelmingly earlier this year and sent to voters.
The lawsuit charges that the state failed to meet notification requirements as outlined in the state Constitution.
... According to the lawsuit, the text of the amendment was not published six months before the General Assembly election as required. The text was published by the secretary of state on June 20, or four months and 12 days before the Nov. 2 election."

That lawsuit has been STRUCK DOWN! And I must say I'm glad that the judgment comes from a state where most of the judges probably have actually read their bible;
"If a man lies with a male as he lies with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination." (Leviticus 20:13) states it best with this statement;
"To give sanction to homosexual marriage would be to give approval to that lifestyle, which the Bible clearly and consistently condemns as sinful.
... Homosexual marriage is a perversion of the institution of marriage and an offense to the God who created marriage. God forbids and condemns homosexuality, so He clearly is opposed to homosexual marriage."

Think about that for a second. A CHURCH-SANCTIONED homosexual marriage being ok? I have nothing wrong with a STATE-sanctioned civil union which would give the same rights to the couple as a marriage, but what bothers me is the fact that the government/liberals are trying to force the church to do something that it clearly disapproves of.

So here's my thoughts on the issue:
Marriages which are performed in a church and recognized by the church and the state should be one man and one woman.
Marriages which are performed at the courthouse, and are recognized by the state, but not the church can be man and man, or woman and woman.
Both would have the same benefits, rights, and things of that nature.

Linked on: OTB

Rollin Rollin Rollin

Israel has been crapped on for too long, and Lebanon now knows exactly how pissed one oppressed country can become. It appears that Israel is not backing down one bit.

And of course, leave it to the French to cry foul.
"French President Jacques Chirac said Israel's actions were "totally disproportionate" but also condemned Hezbollah's attacks. He implicitly suggested that Syria and Iran might be playing a role in the expanding crisis."

So let's see, Israel has been the victim of countless bombings in the Gaza Strip, the victim of unrelenting cartoon, verbal, and pther abuse from the Muslims in that area for centuries, and they are "over-reacting?"

The Main target of the attacks, Hezbollah, is an Islamic militant group that SHOULD have been disbanded by the Lebanese government but was not, and has even gotten a foot-hold in the Parliament there.

From Wikipedia:
However, as it initiates attacks against civilians in Israel and also ideologically supports such attacks by other organizations, such as Islamic Jihad and Hamas, several international organizations, including the EU, and many governments, including the United States, have designated it a terrorist organization.
...The continued existence of Hezbollah's military wing after 1990 violates the Taif Agreement that ended the Lebanese civil war, which requires the "disbanding of all Lebanese and non-Lebanese militias" and requires the government to "deploy the Lebanese army in the border area adjacent to Israel." The Lebanese government did not try to disarm the Hezbollah during the 1990-2000 period, justifying its position by the fact that Hezbollah was a legitimate national resistance force, fighting for the liberation of the south, then occupied by Israel. - Wikipedia

The Israeli soldiers have moved out, but Hezbollah still remains. And that, along with the hostages that were taken, are why Israel is right in their actions.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Hot Wing Conspiracy Week 14 Recap!

Baseball's been off for a few days with the All-Star Break, and so have I. I was down at a beach-house for a few days and wasn't able to post this until now. But here it goes!!

Here's how the scoring works: The stats your team builds up are broken down into 12 groups. For batters, there are runs, homeruns, RBI‚’s, Strike-outs, stolen bases, and batter‚’s average. For Pitching, there are Wins, Saves, Strike-outs, Holds, ERA, and WHIP. Each one of those is a win, a loss, or a tie. So in a given week, you can have any combination of wins, losses, and ties that add up to 12.

Baghdad Bombers - 11
CZC Owns - 1
This match was over when it started. And with 4 players on the DL or not playing, CZC was toasted. I will say I wanted the skunking BAD! An 11-1 is upsetting for the winner because it wasn't a 12-0 perfect week. I lost the one in home runs by 2.
Game MVP - David Ortiz - Is it any surprise? 5 home runs, 12 RBI's and a .300 average for the week. It's like asking is teh Pope Catholic.
Game Washout - CZC's DL. 4 starters were on the DL and not playing. And even then most of the pitching staff didn't even play.

Robots Eat Babies - 7
fmragtops spewers - 4 (1 tie)
A pretty slumpy week for both teams. I had a few weeks of sliding back myself, so I know how hard it is to get a W on a bad week.
Game MVP(s) - Scott Kazmir - 15.1 innings in 2 games, 17 K's and just over one for an ERA. That'll lock down pitching for you, despite only getting 1 win.
Edgar Renteria - The former Cardinal turned traitor (pronounced "Brave's player") had a stellar week with 10 times across Home Plate, a home run, and a .464 average.
Game Wash-Out - Carl Crawford. He played good this week, but hey, fm! You had him on the bench! fm missed out on 5 stolen bases, 3 more RBI's, another run, and a KILLER batting average. Ouch.

RFTR - 8
Akhtar The Divorcee - 4
Oh how the mighty have fallen. 3 of the top 6 had bad weeks this time around. Akhtar, bRight, and fm had losses this week. Akhtar took home offensive K's, average, wins, and saves, but everything else (minus HR's) were blowouts.
Game MVP - Ray Durham - 2 Home Runs, a stolen base, 6 scores, and 7 RBI's (Yes...that was the best)
Game Washout(s) - Jeff Suppan - In a game that I had to watch, in person. YUCK! 3.1 innings 9 earned was HORRIBLE!
Brian Fuentes - He had 2 appearances, one of which was a 0.1 inning outing with 6 Earned Runs, for a game era of 162.0

Columbia Cardinals - 9
bRight & Early - 3
Safety Man pulled out a big win this week to close up the top few teams, and put some distance from the back of the pack.
Game MVP - Jered Weaver - 14 innings, 1 run, and 2 wins, and 14 K's. Nice.
Game Wash-Out - Jason Giambi. Yes, he had 3 home runs, but how much juice was used to loft those balls out of the park? And with a .611 slugging percentage, it's all or nothing with Giambi.

webcats - 9
Gashouse Gorillas - 2 (1 tie)
Wyatt?!!! I see, you're jusst saving it all up for the football season. Well. Better make it 3 a day practices, boy-o.
Game MVP - Former Baghdad Bomber/Robot/waiver sailor, Ty Wigginton. He's hit a hot streak and got 3 home runs in one week, and that's about it.
Game Washout - Those Damn Dirty Apes. (Minus Halladay)

The Glat-inators - 9
the right wing nuts - 2 (1 tie)
Looks like Sssteve got the flair kicked right out of him. Ouch. Another slump week game for the nuts. Sssteve, "Send over a bottle of bubbly with a bucket of ice and a card. Have it say, "Tough break, get drunk on me. Use the bucket to ice down your marbles, Yours, Z." - Dan Aykroyd
Game MVP - John Lackey - Missed a PERFECT GAME by 1 hit. A double by Mark Kotsay to lead off the game. Form there it was perfect.
Game Wash-Out -Kenji Johjima - .118 Batting Average and a run...nothing more. At least he only struck out once.

Wookies Will Win - 10
Repubs Lost in SD - 2
Haha, Wook...I had a better game than you! And yes, I know it's going to haunt me come playoff time. And Repubs might have lost in South Dakota, but SD's having one of the worst seasons ever. With their last win being against CZC in week 6!
Game MVP - Jermaine Dye - 5 Home Runs, 11 RBI's, 7 Runs, and a .379 average. Any Doubt?
Game Wash-Out - Prince Fielder - 1 run, 3 RBI's and 10 fans that week, with a .111 average. Yuck

The PAW's - 7
Poca Dots Blog! - 4 (1 tie)
Surber Goes Down! Surber Goes Down! This game wasn't a blow-out, but it waqs a bit too far to be called close as well.
Game MVP - Travis Hafner - 3 home runs, 8 RBI's, 7 Runs, and a .423 Average. That'll make you happy.
Game Wash-Out - Grady Sizemore - I just can't get over those 10 K's in one week.

And don't forget, in a couple months, HWC Football will be in full stride!

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