Thursday, January 19, 2006

Uncle Teddy Kennedy Has A Love Child!

That's right folks! The Boston Herald reports that Ted shacked up with a woman, Caroline Bilodeau, back in 1983, who then got pregnant. Ted wanted her to terminate the pregnancy, but she didn't.

“He told her he couldn’t undergo another scandal — not after Chappaquiddick, not so close to his divorce from Joan” said the source. “He was very angry when she defied him and had the child.”
According to the report, Teddy took a paternity test shortly after the child's birth, since then Bilodeau “always seemed to have money.”

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More to come later. Keep checking for updates as the story breaks.

*UPDATE 10:30 AM* Ted paid her off with $15,000 to keep quiet.
*"Someone in the Kennedy camp" paid her at least $15,000, claims a source. "All of a sudden, a pregnant, unemployed Caroline buys a new black Mustang convertible and an expensive purebred Shar-Pei dog and moved out of her parents' modest home and into an apartment."
*Kennedy was not present when Bilodeau gave birth to her son, Christopher, but a source says the young mother told friends a test established Kennedy's paternity. Afterward, she "always seemed to have money," says the source. - New York Daily News

*UPDATE 11:00 AM*
Wonkette found a picture. It's listed on Yahoo! News

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