Thursday, July 27, 2006

The Criminal Face of Illegal Immigration

Phil Valentine asked the question, "What is this man smiling about in his mugshot?" It could be that he thinks that he probably won't have to face prison for the crimes he's committed. After all, he is an illegal immigrant, and this is the 17th time he's been arrested, and yet he's only served a total of about 6 months for crimes including 5 D.U.I's, evading and resisting arrest, theft, twice leaving the scene of an injury crash, and driving with a revoked license. But there's one more that you don't know about...yet.
This man is the criminal face of illegal immigration. That smug face that is seemingly saying, "I'm here illegally, and you can't do anything to punish me." That was the theme of tonight's Town Hall Meeting here in Franklin, TN, and yours truly was there to listen, report, and I got to have an interview with Phil himself.

Phil started off by talking with his on air buddy Johnny B. They discussed a group of illegal immigration advocates,, who don't want you to hear about the dark side of illegal immigration. They have billboards all over Nashville with pro-illegal immigration messages, like "Remember the immigrant you once were." Obviously these people have never seen Immigration's Human Cost. The next speaker was Donna Rowland, the TN State Representative from the 34th District. She discussed some of the bills that had been put into legislation here in TN and had been shot down. One was a bill similar to the Georgia bill requiring a photo I.D. to vote. It passed, but was voted down by Democrats when it got to the committees. Another was a bill requiring the confirmation of a legal status in order to receive state or federal paid health care, unless it was a true emergency. (I asked Donna to define "emergency", and she stated "life threatening," not "I've got a cold and no money, so I will go to the emergency room to get it free") That bill also passed in legislation, but was struck down when it went to the committees.
The main speaker was this woman, Heather Steffek. Her mother and step-father, Shaun and Donna Wilson, were killed by the smirking illegal, Gustavo Reyes, seen above. He was driving drunk (again), and was pulled over by a Lakewood Police officer. When the officer came up to the car, he said that he could see empty 20 oz. beer cans, and the man's speech was slurred. Then Gustavo hit the gas and sped away. A little over a mile later, he slammed into the couple's car head-on at over 90 M.P.H. That was just over a month ago on June 8th. As Phil said, "Is this the kind of guy wants in our state?"
And this is not the only case. In Sandy Springs, GA, 9 year old Jordin Paulder watched a red car drive by with a wobbly tire. He yelled to the passenger that the tire was shaking, and the car suddenly stopped. The passenger got out, and then without batting an eye, lodged an axe in the little boy's face. That man was Santos Cabrera, an illegal immigrant from Honduras. When police came to ask him about the incident, he ran, and then threw a tire iron at a police officer, breaking the officer's arm. After that he threatened another police officer with a large iron pipe. The officer felt that his life was in danger, and shot and killed the man.
There's more! INS reportedly released over 35,000 illegal immigrants instead of deporting them, and out of those released, 11,000 committed serious crimes, and 1,800 of them were violent crimes. Illegal immigration is a plague that is sweeping the United States, but the news refuses to say that it is a problem.
For example, did you know that illegals are estimated at being 3% of the total population in the United States, but take up 17% of the prison cells at the federal level.
Later, Phil pointed out that people (such as the media) who use the term "undocumented worker" are trying to blur the line between legal and illegal immigrants. Because if you blur the line you can't discern one from the other, and people stop talking about it. Eventually they forget it, and the problem "disappears."
Near the end of the meeting there was a man who answered why you never hear about the horror of illegal immigration from the news. He talked about an e-mail he sent to one of the local news stations in Nashville. One newscaster had used the term "undocumented immigrant" on the air twice and the man said in the e-mail that "the correct term is 'illegal alien'." The announcer replied back that he had to use the "politically correct" words, due to station policy. The man sent another e-mail to the station and asked the man if he was sick of the politically correct mumbo-jumbo. The man replied back again...and I quote, "Quite frankly I'm tired of the political correctness, too, but I have a wife and three kids to feed. So, I've got to tow the company line."
The media tries to down-play the issue, thinking that it will go away. But just like that awful panging in the engine of your car, turning up the volume on your radio gets rid of the sound, but it doesn't solve the problem. Voters electing people who will be tough on illegal immigration WILL.

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