Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Uh oh...another Corrective Entry

This was a comment spam posted by Ghost Dansing, and I'm here to correct it. My comments are in bold

AND [Bush] TAUGHT them, saying:
1. Blessed are the rich, for they have more than they need and still they take with such joy. I would kiss the ass of the person/family making over $200k, b/c their taxes are probably more than you make. (40% of $200k is $80,000) Another suprising fact, the people that support higher taxes are the people who end up not having to pay taxes, because they are either exempt, or they get it back in their tax refund. The welathy have to grossly overpay their taxes to see any of it back.
2. Blessed are those who mourn, for their numbers shall multiply. Umm...?
3. Blessed are the meek, especially the liberals, for they will not stand up to me. Liberals are the reason that the country has changed towards what it is today.
4. Blessed are those who hunger for righteousness, for they may wish in one hand and spit in the other and see which one fills the fastest. Again...wtf?
5. Blessed are those who are not merciful, for they shall laugh upon those without health insurance. OK, here's an idea, let's be merciful to the people that want to kill us...real smart. Did you ever see Saving Private Ryan? They let the german guy who was firing the machine gun go, and you know what he did? he ran strait back to his allies, picked up a gun and started killing Americans again. Mercy is good in some cases, but not in all. Mercy to the unwilling is pointless. Some one who is getting paid by the government will never willingly get a job beacuse why should they? They're making this money for nothing (and it's tax free).
6. Blessed are the pure in ideology, for they shall promote religious fascism. Fascism? Fanaticism maybe. Last I checked, Christianity is a set of morals, not a form of government.
7. Blessed are the warmongers, for they shall control the world’s resources. You call us warmongers, and refuse to look at the islamic militants who find any excuse to blow up a car and kill innocent people.
8. Blessed are those who persecute, for they shall trample upon the First Amendment. I only have to say one thing...ACLU's agenda.
9. Blessed are you when you are an abject failure, yet people still think you’re doing a fine job. Failure...hmm, Look at this than Jimbo... Oh, and after you read that...look here
10. Blessed are you when you base your policies upon a fundamentalist interpretation of scripture. You violate the consciences of millions of Americans. But they’re going to Hell anyway. Hello...Democracy, majority rules. Don't like it? Try China and Communism. You'll be back in less than a year. Oh and you want to talk about who's rights are being trampled? Look at the ACLU and how their liberal agenda has demonished the rights of the some 80% of Americans who believe in Christ, and made it impossible for the majority to express our rights.
11. Blessed are the undecided and those who don’t vote, for you allow me to get away with murder. Murder? Of whom? Rapists? Serial Killers? Terrorists?
12. Blessed are the Americans, for God loves us better than anyone else. God loves us all, but he is also unmerciful, and no one says that God loves America better.
13. Jesus said, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” But I tell you, do unto others before they do unto you. And be sure to use cluster bombs. Obviously you don't know anyone who was affected by 9/11. My brother's dad was on his way to work when the towers were hit and the train station he pulls into is right under the towers. My mom also used to work in the towers for a short time. If she'd still been there, I'd be attending a funeral after that day...if her body was ever found.
14. If you are offering your gift at the altar, and then remember that your brother has something against you, have your friends run as many untruthful TV ads as they can. And do not fear to lie, for if you do it often enough, you shall be believed. Hitler lied to get the Germans to follow him. Watch the movie The Wave. That's Fascism. Get your facts right, then talk to me.
15. And if anyone oppose you, yea even if they wear an insulting T-shirt, shake the dust of your shoes in their face, have them arrested, fire them from their job and confine them in a pen called a free speech zone where they may enjoy their freedom in security. Also make certain your friends in the TV media ignore their point of view. Hey that sounds familiar...DNC? The free speech zone was a cage. Also anyone who didn't agree with something Kerry did, they weren't allowed to speak...at all. RNC, protesters were allowed to roam the ENTIRE CITY, and people who disagreed with Bush were allowed to speak.
16. Jesus said, “But I tell you that anyone who looks at a woman lustfully has already committed adultery with her in his heart.” But I say that is ridiculous, for it means I’m as bad as those awful homosexuals. Jesus didn’t say anything about them. Perhaps that’s a gap in the record, like my National Guard service. If you had any sense or talked to a Christian you know that that means that Sins in the mind are the same as sins of the flesh. The fact that we can never be completely free of sin, even if we have never physically sinned because our mind has sinful thoughts.
17. Jesus said if anyone would sue you and take your coat, let him have your cloak as well. But I say to you, tell the lazy bum to get three minimum wage jobs. That’s why we have three shifts. I have a saying that my dad taught me. "In life, you have to face the consiquinces of the choices you make, good or bad." If you choose to g oto school, go to college, get a job, and make a good living, then that's the consequince of your actions. If you drop out of school, or get a girl pregnant out of wedlock, or refuse to get a job becuase the government is giving you a free hand out, you have to live with that consiquince. It was your choice, don't gripe about it.
18. Lay up your treasures on earth, for if you have a lot, you will be eligible for a big tax cut. And I shall let you keep your money for your own benefit, not give it to a bunch of stupid old people on Social Security. I may even figure out a way you can take your treasure to heaven with you, if Dick Cheney tells me what it is. Again...people/families making over $200k pay 40% of their salary to taxes. How would you like it if half the money you made was take away from you?
19. Jesus said, “Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you.” (Do you ever wonder if Jesus was smoking some of that stuff I got hold of back in the ’70s?) But I say, “Bring ’em on!” Bring on all the Arabs and the U.N. and the cowardly French and Germans and Russians and the Canadians and the wimpy liberals and even the New York Yankees! Who cares if they hate us as long as they fear us! Veni, vidi, vici! (Bet you didn’t think I know Latin.) No I don't speak Latin becuase I don't need it. If I had decided to be a doctor, then yes, I would have learned Latin, but again, the choices I've made in life make it so that I don't need to know a dead language. And about the scripture quote, Christians are called to love everyone. That's the fundamental law that Christians follow. And about the UN, France, Germany, and Russia, Food For Oil Scandal, look into it.
20. You, therefore, must be perfect, as I am perfect. As I said in a recent press conference, I can’t think of a single mistake I’ve made. And I thank my Father, who makes sure that no matter what I do, I get away with it. Since when has any person after Christ been perfect? And ok, here we go, let's take all the major choices (that have affected millions of people) you've had to make in the past 4 years, bring them up on a whim, analyze them, then tell about them. It was a loaded question. Let's ask Kerry teh same thing and see what he answers shall we?

Also if you have the nerve to Bush bash in your comment without a name and e-mail address, you're just as cowardly as the liberals you support.