Wednesday, October 27, 2004

It's Official...

Pigs have learned to fly, Hell froze over, Ralph Nader will win the election, and the Boston Red Sox finally won the World Series. Boston swept the St. Louis Cardinals in the series deemed "The Red October" by baseball reporters turned into "The Red Massacre" as the Red Sox dominated the Cardinals the entire series with the only close call being the 11-9 Game 1. After that Boston held the Cardinals to only 3 runs over the last 3 games, while scoring 13 themselves. Congratulations to the Red Sox for breaking the 85 year curse of Babe Ruth, and possibly making Torre take a huge pay cut.

Kerry's favorite Red Sox player, Manny "I'm Not Ortez" Ramirez won the series MVP award. Hat tip to Football Fans For Truth showing just how much Kerry knows about baseball and his "beloved" Red Sox.

Side note: If you can find a screenshot of the SNL skit where they showed Ralph Nader as president with pigs flying and devils throwing snowballs, please post a link to it in the comments. It would be much appreciated.

Bush Puts His Foot Down...On Kerry's Face

GOP and the City posted about some comments by President Bush in Lancaster, PA this afternoon.
"Now the Senator is making wild charges about missing explosives when his top foreign policy adviser admits, quote, 'we do not know the facts.' Think about that. The Senator's denigrating the action of our troops and commanders in the field without knowing the facts. Unfortunately, that's part of a pattern of saying almost anything to get elected — like when Senator Kerry charged that our military failed to get Osama bin Laden at Tora Bora, even though our top military commander, General Tommy Franks, said the Senator's understanding of events does not square with reality, and our intelligence reports placed bin Laden in any of several different countries at the time."
The full report can be seen here. And just to show how Bush's mind set is different from Kerry's September 10th ideology where terrorism isn't a big deal.
"I remember the day I was in the — at Ground Zero, September the 14th, 2001. It's a day I will never forget; there were workers in hard hats there yelling at me at the top of their lungs, 'whatever it takes.' I remember a man grabbed me by the arm, he looked me square in the eye, and he said, 'Do not let me down.' Ever since that day, I wake up every morning trying to figure out how to better protect America. I will never relent in defending America, whatever it takes."
In related news, Fox News reports that the explosives were "Long Gone." The Defense Department sent a report to them saying that there was no signs of the 380 tons of explosives. And who is to blame for the riff-raff? As a bumper sticker I saw said, The paper with "all the leftist propaganda fit to print", The New York Times. The report stated that the munitions were being held at the Al-Qaqaa installation south of Baghdad. News reporters offered first hand accounts saying that there were no munitions when the US troops arrived. They also said that the base, when they got there looked as though it had been abandoned

Other random news: ACLU plans to end punch card ballots...Finally something not pushing their anti-religion agenda! Not only that, it'll help to reduce voter fraud (ie. Al Gore's recounts and "dented chads") More to come on this later.
Also A.C.O.R.N.'s voter fraud in FL.

Random observation: Has anyone but me noticed that when Kerry speaks at rallies, he has a really uptight, nervous look about him. It looks like he's trying to imagine up whatever he's saying...Wait a minute!

Monday, October 25, 2004

Why Do We Have The Electoral College?

**UPDATE!** I am getting a lot of traffic from Google Image search for the electoral college graphic on this post. Could someone please post in the comment section where you are coming from, or if you are just looking for that image. I'm rather confused.

One good reference is to look at Canada. Over the past decades Canada's leaders have become more and more liberal thanks to the fact that they have a simple popular vote election. This makes it very easy for the people living in high population areas to overwhelm the lesser people who live in rural areas. Just look at the 2000 election.

Al Gore only won 21 states, Bush, 29. Now look at a more in depth map of who won what. Look at this statistic, Al gore won only 676 counties, a square mileage of a little over 575,000 square miles. Bush won 2,436 counties, with over 2,432,000 square miles

Another look at the map will show exactly what Democrats do, sap votes from the largest cities in the state, that way it doesn't matter if the rural areas will vote against you.
California - San Fran, San Diego, and LA were enough to over throw the rest of the state.
NY - NYC, Albany, and Buffalo vote democratic, and take the state.
Michigan - Detroit, and a few other large cities take the state
Washington - Seattle takes the whole state
Illinois - Chicago, De Moines Area and East St. Louis take the state
Minnesota - Minneapolis takes the whole state
Pennsylvania - Pittsburgh and one other takes the whole state.

This is why Canada is continuing a downwards spiral of liberalism, because the liberal big cities out weigh the little people. If Canada's not careful, the people in The Northern Territories, and the less densely populated states are going to eventually leave. We did it here 140 years ago.

This is why we need the electoral college, so that the emphasis is not appease the cities, and screw the rest. You actually have to try to do good for everyone. Rural life is a ton different from life in the big city. Things don't cost as much because people don't make as much, and moral beliefs are more strictly followed.

Also, USA Today has a great article about the polarization of city life and rural life. It compares Franklin, TN to Montclair, NJ. Now mind you Franklin is my home. I grew up there for all but a year and a half of my life. Most of the stuff in the article is true. Yes the "slums" of Franklin are predominantly black or Hispanic, but that is because the people who live there dropped out of school for some reason, not because of discrimination. I went to school there

Thursday, October 21, 2004

Raining Champagne In St. Louis!

That's right folks, the Cardinals have made it to the World Series for the first time in almost 20 years. A few years ago, it was "The Subway Series," this year it will be "The Red Series." Who would have thought that both league series would come down to a 7th game. This will be a World Series to remember.

It's A TRAP!!!

Well, I now know what it's like to be surrounded by leftists and have to word your way around a group of people who refuse to switch their thinking. (I can't blame them though, I wasn't about to change mine either) I went to celebrate a friend of mine's 22nd birthday party the other night at a pool hall and it was enough that he's from DC, and quite liberal himself. He's an awesome friend and really has no enemies, but I avoid politics like as they say the elephant in the room no one talks about. Well, I'm sitting there talking to some of the people that I knew and one starts talking about their blog, Culture Warrior. I blurted out, "Cool, I've got one myself." (and about that point I had to smack myself mentally for saying it) As I mentioned there's a gene in my family that we have to confront people of opposing views whether we want to or not and have some sort of debate. So I give them the address to here, and they go, "Oh! You're a REPUBLICAN! I'm so left, I make Ralph Nader look right wing." So then it was on, me surrounded by 4 people, all of which quite left wing. I felt like my brother does every day in NYC, as he says, "A Republican living in New York is a lot like an coke addict, about to hit rock bottom...Being a Republican in New York is hard; you really have to know how to blend in and try not to show your cards."
So there I was, having to listen to the leftist ordeals, being pro partial birth, well, just about pro everything. At that point I just shut up and watched the Sox beat the Yanks because I didn't really care to be cornered.
It was a fun night, I got to do my usual at bars, since I'm not YET 21, I got to sit back and chuckle at the drunks and their actions.
hat tip: The Man

Other News: Electoral College Predictor has Bush coming back to about 20 electoral votes behind Kerry after picking up some key states. In the past month It's been Bush at 290+ and then Kerry ay 290+. I find it cool that a left leaning web creator (just read the page, you'll see it) can do a non partisan, and non biased vote prediction. As a news commentator stated, It's not a single election of 1 nation, it's a combined election of 50 individual states.

Give 'Em The Heimlich!

Give the Yankees the heimlich because the just took the title of "Choke Artists of the Century." Even called it an "epic choke." The first MLB team ever to go into game 4 with a 3-0 lead then allow the other team to force a game 7. Not only that, the Yanks capped it off by losing a 4th strait game to the Sox, eliminating themselves from the postseason.

But what a game! The Sox's 2nd Batter hits a 2 run home run in the first. Then Johnny Damon with a grand slam in the 2nd to make the game 6-0. The Yankees scored one in the third and then Damon did it again with a 2 run dinger in the 4th. The yanks made it 8-3 in the 7th, but they could not stop the Sox.

And now tonight the Cardinals will top off game 7 vs the Astros, so long as they can get through The Rocket. They need to do what they did last time they faced him. They need to have the hit squad (Walker, Pujols, Edmonds, Rolen) rattle The Rocket with some long balls and sustain the attack through the game. Kinda like the Red Sox.

Grab your necks Yankees, and give the universal sign that you just choked.

Wednesday, October 20, 2004

World Series? Who Cares! I Wanna Watch The LCS!

Who would have thought that the league championship series would have come down to how it is? Yankees up 3-0 And Boston rallies back to force a game 7 for the first time in Major league history. And the Astros come back from 2-0 to my team, the Cardinals, to being ahead 3-2 coming into game 6.

Now I'm not one to diss the Yankees, but what No-Rod did last night gave baseball a bad name. That was just down right dirty. to stoop as low as to try to slap the ball out of his glove, then in an interview with ESPN saying, "I know that line belongs to me and he was coming at me. Once I reached out and tried to knock the ball, the call went against me. I should have just run him over." Now that's the kind of talk I'd expect from a linebacker, not a baseball player. I hate to say it Steve, but his swat was just plain dirty.

Monday, October 18, 2004

Democrat Memos Not Being Properly Reported

There's more Democratic memos/fliers that have come out than just the One I reported on in my dorms, as well as the one in Ripley, TN and yet the news agencies refuse to touch it with a 10 foot pole. All except the only non-partisan TV News Agency I can find, Fox News. More memos have been handed out by the Democrats that twist and degrade the Republican party. Here are some examples of the memos.
WASHINGTON — Republican officials are furious about a new flier being distributed in African-American neighborhoods in St. Louis, Mo., that suggests Republicans would try to attack minority voters to prevent them from going to the polls.
The fliers, being distributed by America Coming Together
, a group that has raised at least $86 million to back Democratic candidates, doesn't directly accuse Republicans of violence, but it does show a 1960s photograph of a firefighter hosing a black man.
"This is what they used to do to keep us from voting," the flier reads.
The handout also accuses Republicans of conspiring to suppress the black vote through intimidation and such tactics as putting "phony cops at polling places — but only in African-American neighborhoods."

"They make African-American voters stand in line for hours, then turn them away from the polls," the flier reads. "Now [U.S. Attorney General] John Ashcroft is trying to prevent African-Americans from registering to vote at all."
Republican officials say the implication of the ad is both clear and ugly.

This is the kind of whip cracking that I talked about in one of my previous posts. People like this use the classic scare tactics to make people back into a corner and never come out. There's people that do that. I've witnessed it myself. They will get scared, and then will back into a corner, and freeze. They won't try to do anything to get away as long as the person is still using the scare tactics. So what does the intimidator do? They keep cracking that whip.

Another memo was reported a few days ago telling Democrats...
"If there are any signs of present or expected intimidation activity, in advance of Election Day, launch a press program ... If no signs of intimidation tactics have emerged yet, launch a 'pre-emptive' strike," reads the Democratic National Committee (search) manual.
That "strike," according to the manual, would include issuing a press release. It also suggests that party workers "prime minority leadership to discuss the issue" and "place stories expressing concerns about potential intimidation in the local media."
Republicans call the manual's instructions a nasty trick meant to create fear and animosity among minority populations. They say Bush has been trying to appeal to minority voters, not suppress their votes, and that the DNC manual means that campaign workers could hurl baseless charges in the final days of this hard-fought campaign.
"'Allege voter intimidation even where none exists' is essentially what it says," said Ed Gillespie, chairman of the Republican National Committee (
search). "That is what they do. They are engaged in the politics of fear and so this is part of their campaign based on completely manufactured, made-up charges."
The Kerry campaign approved the election manuals, and Democrats say they are doing nothing wrong.

And these memos are coming from the people who are in courts right now in key battleground states, trying to get Ralph Nader off the ticket. That sound innocent enough, but the true meaning behind these lawsuits are to keep absentee ballots from going out to soldiers in Iraq and Afghanistan. A recent poll came out the other day that showed Bush ahead in military votes 69%-29% So what does Kerry do? He calls all his lawyers to lock up the courts so that he can disenfranchise the military vote in those states, while at the same time, his party accuses Republicans of using intimidation to keep Blacks away from the polls. Another showing of how Democrats really think. GOP And The City has a great line about the Democrat tactics saying, "If the race was all that close, would the Democrats be so willing to start lobbing urban legends, personal insults, and making such false claims? Well, they would probably still do all that, but not to the extent they are now. It is like watching someone drown, grasping at anything they can get their hands on to save their own ass. It is actually pretty sad and pathetic."

Saturday, October 16, 2004

Liberal Paper In A Conservative Town

Living here in Tennessee allows me to be in a conservative area, but the fact is that the local newspaper, "The Tennessean" is quite liberal and really doesn't make a great attempt at hiding it. There was an article in the paper Friday about the flier that had Bush's face on a special needs kid's body. Yes the Tennessean actually covered it but devoted most of the article to the fact that the Democrats were calling it a dirty scheme by the Republicans. There was a good thing there at the very end of the article, stuck right where the liberals want it. It says, "James Mitchell, owner of the City Pawn Shop in downtown Ripley confirmed that he was the person who got a copy out of the trash. 'I went down there (Democratic HQ) and they admitted they were handing them out. I got one out of the trash can. I thought this is about as ridiculous as anything you ever heard of. The fact they're making fun of special kids, that's what offended me.' He said he took [the] copy to Dahl's campaign headquarters."

The next issue that made me twitch w/ repulse, Opinionist Molly Ivins. Obviously this old bat has never been out from under her rock, or had cable television. If she did, she would know why the FCC is not banning the showing of Stolen Honor: Wounds That Never Heal. It's a documentary about Vietnam and Kerry's "honor" that he stole from the real heroes of Vietnam. She goes on, and on, and on, and on about how it's wrong that the right wing is showing this clearly Anti-Kerry "propaganda." Wll, I've got 2 words for you hag...Sundance Channel. Look into it. The fact that they've shown 10 1/2 hours of a blatantly anti-Bush/pro-Kerry concert tour, and the fact that the entire 24 hours before the election will show Anti-Bush television, and I would not be surprised IN THE LEAST if Fahrenheit 9/11 IS shown on TV. She also talks about how the Swift Vets have been "thoroughly discredited." Oh, so John Kerry merely saying, this is not true, along with his 3 "Vietnam pals" who only served with him for 1 DAY!. Oh the kicker? She reviewed the Winter Soldier testimonies and called them "honorable and patriotic." Yes, claiming the people who you worked alongside for only 4 months, we heathenistic savages then throwing away your medals is patriotic. That's about as patriotic as Kerry's relying on the service he obviously thought as dishonorable for the entire first half of his campaign.

The last thing from the Tennessean, the only thing I can blame them for is getting reports from The Washington Post. There's a tip off right there...Hmm, D.C...One of the most liberal cities in the country. I wonder how they're going to lean...But aside from that, they reported on how another 31 pages of Bush's guard records came up the other day. It says they had to do with his high altitude training just before he left piloting. They drag it out to sound like Bush was hiding them. Oh, I'm sorry, did they not have the kind of material you wanted? The Texas A.N.G. spokesman states that the reason the papers came up late was because they were disorganized and hard to find. And yet, does the Post report on the fact that Kerry is yet to release his Vietnam papers? Of course not! That would ruin their liberal baby!

One good thing about the area? The Conservative Review Appeal. I was reading through Wednesday's edition and came across the Conservative radio Show host Phil Valentine's piece Black Paradigm Shift May Blindside Democrats. He speaks about how the Democrats are taking the African American vote for granted and are starting to lose it. African Americans are starting to look at the people and actually as my dad put it, "seeing the bullshit that they are trying to pass as legit." Phil talks about how a Black woman called his show commenting about a comment he made. He talked to her for a bit and actually got her to pay attention to what Edwards was saying at the debate. She called back after the debate and this was her new outlook. "The following week, Amber called in about the vice presidential debate. She remarked that John Edwards talked about a ''plan'' for Iraq and a ''plan'' for the economy but produced no details of the ''plan.'' She was not impressed. She was, instead, struck by Dick Cheney's command of the issues and his straightforwardness." Then this was the clincher for me. Something that I've been looking for for ages.

"Why have so many blacks stayed with the Democrats for so long? Former Congressman J.C. Watts refers to government entitlements as the ''liberal plantation.'' Too many black Americans have been trapped on this liberal plantation and feel beholden to the Democrats for keeping the gravy train rolling.
There are two types of people who escape the trappings of this liberal plantation. There are those who break the shackles or who have rejected them all their lives. These are the J.C. Watts, the Colin Powells, the Clarence Thomases. Those too frightened to make a run for it call these people ''Uncle Toms.''
The others who escape the trappings become the foremen on the plantation. They crack the whip on those below them and keep them too scared to leave, becoming rich in the process. These are the Al Sharptons and the Jesse Jacksons. What these purveyors of fear don't realize is that there are a lot of people like Amber who now realize that the key to their happiness rests within themselves and not the government.

Other Stuff: This ad is HILARIOUS! I would love to see it played on the radio!

Thursday, October 14, 2004

Great Bumper Stickers

These are some amusing stickers I saw from Jarabina

These are great. I'm gonna use some of them because they pertain to me a good bit. Especially the one about the Fox news Junkee, the fiery Bush, and the Hannitized.

News You Won't Hear In The News

That's right kids, GOP and College has unearthed some stories that haven't and won't make it to the mainstream news of ABC, CBS, or NBC, due to the fact that they are very liberal biased, and very anti-Bush.

First: The report that the bulge in Bush's suit was a transmitter
Fox News broke that this story was created by liberal writer Dave Lindorff. The same man who said, "It's going a bit far to compare the Bush of 2003 to the Hitler of 1933. Bush simply is not the orator that Hitler was." Here's a story that the uber-liberal NY Times wrote about the incident, as well as one from the site, where Lindorff published his "findings."

Second: The true links of Cheney to Halliburton
Fox News (again) interviews with director Brooks Jackson about the ties. This is what was said.
HUME: All right. Now, what about the question of contracts that Halliburton has gotten for its work in Iraq and I suppose elsewhere? What do you know about that?
JACKSON: Well, so far as anybody knows, Cheney has had nothing to do with those. They'd have gotten contracts, very lucrative contracts in Iraq. Whether they're making a profit on them or not is questionable. They are putting their subsidiary that has those contracts up for sale, last report.
But there just has been no solid evidence or even credible allegation at this point that Dick Cheney has had anything to do with those contract. He says he is totally recused from them. His chief of staff was informed that one of them was going to go to them. That is a far cry from influencing the award of contract.

And this is what a report from states.
"To start, the $2 million figure is wrong. It is true that Cheney has received just under $2 million from Halliburton since his election, but nearly $1.6 million of that total was paid before Cheney actually took office on Jan. 20, 2001. Saying Cheney got that much "as vice president" is simply false.
We asked Cheney's personal attorney to document that, and he did, supplying several documents never released publicly before:
A Halliburton pay statement dated Jan 2, 2001 shows just under $147,579 was paid that day as "elect defrl payou," meaning payout of salary from the company's Elective Deferral Plan. That was salary Cheney had earned in 1999, but which he had chosen previously to receive in five installments spread over five years.
Another pay statement dated Jan. 18 shows $1,451,398 was paid that day under the company's "Incentive Plan C" for senior executives. That was Cheney's incentive compensation -- bonus money -- paid on the basis of the company's performance in 2000. Cheney had formally resigned from the company the previous September to campaign full time, but the amount of his bonus couldn't be calculated until the full year's financial results were known."

Third and last: Liberals denounce anti-Kerry documentary
This is probably going to be shown in the news, but not the part I'm about to tell you about. How the Sundance Channel has shown 10.5 hours of the "Vote For Change" tour. Check this out from Fox News. (considering they're the only ones to report on these things)
"Democrats denounce Sinclair Broadcast Group's plans to run an anti-Kerry documentary on its stations as a "blatantly partisan attack," but Democrats have yet to even note the Sundance Channel, which has devoted a significant portion of its airtime in the coming weeks to anti-Bush programming.
The Sundance Channel, owned by CBS owner Viacom and actor Robert Redford has already shown 10.5 hours about the anti-Bush Vote for Change Concert tour, and has already begun airing Al Franken's radio show each weekday.
What's more, the channel plans to air a series of anti-Bush and anti-Republican movies on the eve of the election."

Fox News...You Rock

Bush 10, Kerry 6 - Bush Gets K.O. In The Last Round

Count him out Bush, 3...4...5...

Bush won this debate hands down, and if you believe the news agencies that say otherwise, read this quote from GOP and the City. “I could not help myself but to watch the spin machine one more time. Are the media insane? Do they really think that John Kerry did well last night? They keep citing these internet polls that had Kerry winning 71% to Bush's 29%. That is an improvement for Bush/Cheney after John Edwards' 99% - 1% win over Cheney, if you want to look at these polls.
Fox News called it a Bush win with correspondents saying this, “I think Bush knocked Kerry out tonight. He just slaughtered him. I was keeping track of the twenty questions. I don't have Kerry winning any question outright. I think maybe six or seven were tied. And I have Bush winning outright a majority of the questions." – Bill Kristol
“It was clearly President Bush's best debate. He seemed to marshal all the arguments that he wanted on all these domestic issues - many of which are traditional Democratic issues, including health care." – Fred Barnes

Some of my observations of the debate:
Catholic Kerry Watch (see also their post about Kerry’s “respect for life”) says that Kerry claims this about his catholic faith: A life-long Catholic, John Kerry attends Mass regularly. He is a former altar boy who describes himself as a "believing and practicing Catholic." And yet during the debate, leave it to the flip master to change his position when he thinks it best suits him saying, “"I am a Catholic. And I grew up learning how to respect those views. But I disagree with them, as do many." Congratulations Kerry! You just lost the Catholic vote.

This was a real KO blow, and it was at the beginning when everyone was watching intently. “Senator, no one's playing with your votes. You voted to increase taxes 98 times. When they voted — when they proposed reducing taxes, you voted against it 126 times. He voted to violate the budget cap 277 times. You know, there's a main stream in American politics and you sit right on the far left bank. As a matter of fact, your record is such that Ted Kennedy, your colleague, is the conservative senator from Massachusetts.”
Bush again semi hit on the subject of 9/11. He stated that the attacks cost the American economy 1 million jobs. What he should have done along with that was state how as Steve Gill stated here at Tech, that 9/11 cost the American economy $1 TRILLION in a matter of a few hours. That would be an incredible turn around on Kerry’s statement of Bush jacking the budget up.
Also Kerry made a good stand about his Medicare plan, hiding the fact that it would be similar if not identical to Canada’s health care which by the way is pretty much S.O.L. Bush made a come back to end all come backs here. “In all due respect, I'm not so sure it's credible to quote leading news organizations about — oh, never mind. Anyway, let me quote the Lewin report. The Lewin report is a group of folks who are not politically affiliated. They analyzed the senator's plan. It cost $1.2 trillion. The Lewin report accurately noted that there are going to be 20 million people, over 20 million people added to government-controlled health care. It would be the largest increase in government health care ever. If you raise the Medicaid to 300 percent, it provides an incentive for small businesses not to provide private insurance to their employees. Why should they insure somebody when the government's going to insure it for them? It's estimated that 8 million people will go from private insurance to government insurance. We have a fundamental difference of opinion. I think government- run health will lead to poor-quality health, will lead to rationing, will lead to less choice. Once a health-care program ends up in a line item in the federal government budget, it leads to more controls. And just look at other countries that have tried to have federally controlled health care. They have poor-quality health care. Our health-care system is the envy of the world because we believe in making sure that the decisions are made by doctors and patients, not by officials in the nation's capital.”
And on Tax Cuts, Bush finally threw out the figure I’ve been waiting on for all 3 presidential debates, “He talks about middle-class tax cuts. That's exactly where the tax cuts went. Most of the tax cuts went to low- and middle-income Americans. And now the tax code is more fair. Twenty percent of the upper-income people pay about 80 percent of the taxes in America today because of how we structured the tax cuts.” The decrease in the wealthy’s taxes that Kerry makes seem the root of all evil dropped the taxes from roughly 40% to 36%. That is a 4% decrease for the wealthy (basically 10% off the total of their taxes) and it amounted to $89 Billion. That means that before the bush cuts, the top 1% paid $890 Billion per year in taxes. But they should pay more shouldn’t they John…

Fact Checks: Fox News, George W.
Transcript: Courtesy of Fox News

Also: Lynn Cheney Upset At Kerry's Remarks

Wednesday, October 13, 2004

"Kerry Seeks Support IN Black Churches"

Reverend Al Sharpton invited John Kerry to speak DURING church service this past weekend at Friendship Missionary Baptist Church. Kerry was directly campaigning to black voters during religious services, a violation of the church and state clause in the 1st Amendment.
This is a direct quote from a news agency, IOL. "Kerry's mission was not to save souls but to woo voters, hoping to capture still palpable fury over President George Bush's disputed 2000 election win."
Reminder Al Sharpton said this in the Boston Globe, "The courts have not gone too far in maintaining the separation of church and state in public places. Our public places should not be used to put forth any particular religious viewpoint or message. Christian symbols and language have their place in many venues, homes and places of worship, but should not be placed in government buildings or public property any more than symbols of other faiths such as Islam or Judaism have any place in our courtrooms and public areas."
I wonder if he believes in keeping the state out of his church...
These are the same liberal democrats who want to keep the 10 Commandments out of Supreme Courts. That want it to be illegal to read a bible during free time at school. The same people that waned to change the LA County Seal because it had a small spanish missionary cross on it. This is a direct showing of how democrats are; They tell you one thing, then do another. Al Sharpton needs to have his license to preach taken away.

And of course...leave it to the Reverend Jackson to use slavery from 140 years ago, to benefit his cause. "The power is in your hands, hands that once picked cotton, on November 2 can pick a president."

Electoral Vote

Bush - 291, Kerry, 228

The electoral vote predictor shows Bush leading today 291 electoral Votes to Kerry's 228. Notice one thing about this map. Look at the size of the area that si for Bush, then look at the area for Kerry. This was the exact same as it was in 2000. New England and the West Coast were Democratic, and the heart of America was for Bush. Kerry has at least some vote in only 18 states, yet it amounts to 228 electoral votes. That's an average of 12 or 13 electoral votes per state. The average electorals per Bush state, 9. Also there are only 8 states that Kerry has a more than 10% lead, Bush has 17. Bush almost has as many states for sure voting for him, as Kerry has any size lead! This shows the classic Democrat philosophy. If we can coerce the high population areas, we don't need to worry about the little people. Gore used that philosophy, and didn't bother to campaign much here in Tennessee (his "home state") and because of that he lost the state by less than 4%. Had Gore actually cared about his own state, he would have won the election, and there would have been no senseless recounts.
The problem with that is that even though the high population people vote for democrats, they have done almost nothing to help them. They claim to lower taxes, but they don't. They claim that voting for Republican will take away your government check. That's yet to happen (although I admit there's times when I wish they would). One thing I don't understand is why the ultra wealthy will always vote Democrat. Republicans are for the idea that what you earned, you should keep. The Democrats believe that "Well, you made this much, it's your duty to support the people that refuse to work."
The best point made on the ideology of democrats was something I heard from a friend of mine here at Tech. He said, "The difference is that Democrats think in a philosophy of theory. 'Well, if we do this, this should happen.' (example: More UN Resolutions to get to Saddam) Then you have the Republicans who look at the past choices and the outcome of those choices." Like Bush said in the first debate, "Saddam Hussein had no intention of disarming. Why should he? He had 16 other resolutions and nothing took place. As a matter of fact, my opponent talks about inspectors. The facts are that he was systematically deceiving the inspectors. "

Side Note: Funny first debate transcript

Tuesday, October 12, 2004

It's October...

And you know what that means? MLB Playoffs and the World Series. Here's the teams that earned the honor of making it to the Playoffs:

National League
Atlanta Braves - Record: 96 - 66 (.593)
St. Louis Cardinals - Record: 105 - 57 (.648)
Los Angeles Dodgers - Record: 93 - 69 (.574)
Houston Astros - Record: 92 - 70 (.568)

American League

New York Yankees - Record: 101 - 61 (.623)
Minnesota Twins - Record: 92 - 70 (.568)
Anaheim Angels - Record: 92 - 70 (.568)
Wild Card:
Boston Red Sox - Record: 98 - 64 (.605)

NLDS Match Ups:
Defeat (Astros 3-2)
Defeat (Cardinals 3-1)

ALDS Match Ups:
Defeat (Yankees 3-1)
(Boston 3-0)

Well, I was almost right. Astros pulled it out and beat the Braves. After the first 2 games, I was hoping for a Cardinal sweep of the Dodgers, but it didn't happen. Yankees gave up a suprising win to the Twins. The Red Sox absolutely dominated the Angels in 3, but was that anything different than you expected?

NLCS: vs. Cardinals get home field advantage. Game one Wed. 8PM ET at St. Louis. Prediction: Houston has the Rocket, but not much more. Cardinals lead 2-0

ALCS: vs. Yankees get home field advantage. Game one Tues. 8PM ET at New York. Look for another incredible series from these two. Prediction: Boston is built to beat the Yankees in 7, but I feel the curse will hold fast. Yankees lead 2-0

: vs. Yankees get home field advantage, even though the Cardinals have the better record, due to the All Star Game. The Yankees demolished the Cards last season in interleague play, but they had Clemens pitching for them then. This year, there's no stopping the red freight train. Look for a series to remember. Prediction: Cardinals in 7

Uh oh...another Corrective Entry

This was a comment spam posted by Ghost Dansing, and I'm here to correct it. My comments are in bold

AND [Bush] TAUGHT them, saying:
1. Blessed are the rich, for they have more than they need and still they take with such joy. I would kiss the ass of the person/family making over $200k, b/c their taxes are probably more than you make. (40% of $200k is $80,000) Another suprising fact, the people that support higher taxes are the people who end up not having to pay taxes, because they are either exempt, or they get it back in their tax refund. The welathy have to grossly overpay their taxes to see any of it back.
2. Blessed are those who mourn, for their numbers shall multiply. Umm...?
3. Blessed are the meek, especially the liberals, for they will not stand up to me. Liberals are the reason that the country has changed towards what it is today.
4. Blessed are those who hunger for righteousness, for they may wish in one hand and spit in the other and see which one fills the fastest.
5. Blessed are those who are not merciful, for they shall laugh upon those without health insurance. OK, here's an idea, let's be merciful to the people that want to kill us...real smart. Did you ever see Saving Private Ryan? They let the german guy who was firing the machine gun go, and you know what he did? he ran strait back to his allies, picked up a gun and started killing Americans again. Mercy is good in some cases, but not in all. Mercy to the unwilling is pointless. Some one who is getting paid by the government will never willingly get a job beacuse why should they? They're making this money for nothing (and it's tax free).
6. Blessed are the pure in ideology, for they shall promote religious fascism. Fascism? Fanaticism maybe. Last I checked, Christianity is a set of morals, not a form of government.
7. Blessed are the warmongers, for they shall control the world’s resources. You call us warmongers, and refuse to look at the islamic militants who find any excuse to blow up a car and kill innocent people.
8. Blessed are those who persecute, for they shall trample upon the First Amendment. I only have to say one thing...ACLU's agenda.
9. Blessed are you when you are an abject failure, yet people still think you’re doing a fine job. Failure...hmm, Look at this than Jimbo... Oh, and after you read that...look here
10. Blessed are you when you base your policies upon a fundamentalist interpretation of scripture. You violate the consciences of millions of Americans. But they’re going to Hell anyway. Hello...Democracy, majority rules. Don't like it? Try China and Communism. You'll be back in less than a year. Oh and you want to talk about who's rights are being trampled? Look at the ACLU and how their liberal agenda has demonished the rights of the some 80% of Americans who believe in Christ, and made it impossible for the majority to express our rights.
11. Blessed are the undecided and those who don’t vote, for you allow me to get away with murder. Murder? Of whom? Rapists? Serial Killers? Terrorists?
12. Blessed are the Americans, for God loves us better than anyone else. God loves us all, but he is also unmerciful, and no one says that God loves America better.
13. Jesus said, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” But I tell you, do unto others before they do unto you. And be sure to use cluster bombs. Obviously you don't know anyone who was affected by 9/11. My brother's dad was on his way to work when the towers were hit and the train station he pulls into is right under the towers. My mom also used to work in the towers for a short time. If she'd still been there, I'd be attending a funeral after that day...if her body was ever found.
14. If you are offering your gift at the altar, and then remember that your brother has something against you, have your friends run as many untruthful TV ads as they can. And do not fear to lie, for if you do it often enough, you shall be believed. Hitler lied to get the Germans to follow him. Watch the movie The Wave. That's Fascism. Get your facts right, then talk to me.
15. And if anyone oppose you, yea even if they wear an insulting T-shirt, shake the dust of your shoes in their face, have them arrested, fire them from their job and confine them in a pen called a free speech zone where they may enjoy their freedom in security. Also make certain your friends in the TV media ignore their point of view. Hey that sounds familiar...DNC? The free speech zone was a cage. Also anyone who didn't agree with something Kerry did, they weren't allowed to all. RNC, protesters were allowed to roam the ENTIRE CITY, and people who disagreed with Bush were allowed to speak.
16. Jesus said, “But I tell you that anyone who looks at a woman lustfully has already committed adultery with her in his heart.” But I say that is ridiculous, for it means I’m as bad as those awful homosexuals. Jesus didn’t say anything about them. Perhaps that’s a gap in the record, like my National Guard service. If you had any sense or talked to a Christian you know that that means that Sins in the mind are the same as sins of the flesh. The fact that we can never be completely free of sin, even if we have never physically sinned because our mind has sinful thoughts.
17. Jesus said if anyone would sue you and take your coat, let him have your cloak as well. But I say to you, tell the lazy bum to get three minimum wage jobs. That’s why we have three shifts. I have a saying that my dad taught me. "In life, you have to face the consiquinces of the choices you make, good or bad." If you choose to g oto school, go to college, get a job, and make a good living, then that's the consequince of your actions. If you drop out of school, or get a girl pregnant out of wedlock, or refuse to get a job becuase the government is giving you a free hand out, you have to live with that consiquince. It was your choice, don't gripe about it.
18. Lay up your treasures on earth, for if you have a lot, you will be eligible for a big tax cut. And I shall let you keep your money for your own benefit, not give it to a bunch of stupid old people on Social Security. I may even figure out a way you can take your treasure to heaven with you, if Dick Cheney tells me what it is. Again...people/families making over $200k pay 40% of their salary to taxes. How would you like it if half the money you made was take away from you?
19. Jesus said, “Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you.” (Do you ever wonder if Jesus was smoking some of that stuff I got hold of back in the ’70s?) But I say, “Bring ’em on!” Bring on all the Arabs and the U.N. and the cowardly French and Germans and Russians and the Canadians and the wimpy liberals and even the New York Yankees! Who cares if they hate us as long as they fear us! Veni, vidi, vici! (Bet you didn’t think I know Latin.) No I don't speak Latin becuase I don't need it. If I had decided to be a doctor, then yes, I would have learned Latin, but again, the choices I've made in life make it so that I don't need to know a dead language. And about the scripture quote, Christians are called to love everyone. That's the fundamental law that Christians follow. And about the UN, France, Germany, and Russia, Food For Oil Scandal, look into it.
20. You, therefore, must be perfect, as I am perfect. As I said in a recent press conference, I can’t think of a single mistake I’ve made. And I thank my Father, who makes sure that no matter what I do, I get away with it. Since when has any person after Christ been perfect? And ok, here we go, let's take all the major choices (that have affected millions of people) you've had to make in the past 4 years, bring them up on a whim, analyze them, then tell about them. It was a loaded question. Let's ask Kerry teh same thing and see what he answers shall we?

Also if you have the nerve to Bush bash in your comment without a name and e-mail address, you're just as cowardly as the liberals you support.

Friday, October 08, 2004

Round 2, Bush 10, Kerry 8

And the winner is...

Bush wins this one on a T.K.O. Bush took this one from question 1 which was about if Kerry was wishy washy. Bush reminded people right off the bat about how he voted for the $87 Billion before he voted against it, as well as this: "You know, for a while he was a strong supporter of getting rid of Saddam Hussein. He saw the wisdom...until the Democrat primary came along and Howard Dean, the anti-war candidate, began to gain on him, and he changed positions."

Bush was asked a question about how he felt that he invaded Iraq when other countries had the ability to produce WMD's. Bush explained it, then dropped this bomb about Kerry's diplomacy in Iraq. "So I tried diplomacy, went to the United Nations. But as we learned in the same report I quoted, Saddam Hussein was gaming the oil-for-food program to get rid of sanctions. He was trying to get rid of sanctions for a reason: He wanted to restart his weapons programs."

One thing that Kerry kept doing was taking cheap shots at Bush when he had the last 30 second word, then got the next question. Examples? The comment about 90 Percent of Casualties, then again when he spoke about the deficit being the most from Washington to Reagan, then another time when he talked about how Bush gave 25 billion to the biggest companies. He planned those so that Bush couldn't come ack at them. It was a blatant cheap shot.

On Medicine, Bush made a powerful hit on Kerry saying, "Now, he talks about Medicare. He's been in the United States Senate 20 years. Show me one accomplishment toward Medicare that he accomplished."

Something I learned in a professional communications class this year is that when people lie, they do one or all of these, either not look you in the eye, look up and left, or tilt their head to the left, and that judges are trained to look for that. When Kerry was looking into the camera and saying that he wouldn't raise taxes into the camera, one of the first things he did was look away, and tilt his head left.

Another Knock to the floor, "You're right, what does matter is a plan. He said he's for — you're now for capping punitive damages?
That's odd. You should have shown up on the floor in the Senate and voted for it then.
Medical liability issues are a problem, a significant problem. He's been in the United States Senate for 20 years and he hasn't addressed it.

The last thing was something that's a twinge in my side, and that's abortion. I've got strict moral convictions about that and even more strict ones about partial birth. I can make exceptions for a normal abortion or a morning after pill, but partial birth just goes too far. The fact of halfway delivering a baby, then stabbing it's head and sucking it's brains out just seems unnecessary to me. Kerry set himself up twice saying that he's a Catholic, but is for abortion. Bush didn't miss the cue the second time though and nailed him for it. Kerry did strike back, but it wasn't as affective as Bush's original hit.
We passed it out of the House of Representatives. Guess where it's stuck? It's stuck in the Senate, because the trial lawyers won't act on it. And he put a trial lawyer on the ticket."

The biggest hit though that Bush made was this booming uppercut on Kerry's chin. When Kerry said things about intelligence, Bush replied with this; "That's an odd thing to say, since we've tripled the homeland security budget from $10 billion to $30 billion.
Listen, we'll do everything we can to protect the homeland.
My opponent's right, we need good intelligence. It's also a curious thing for him to say since right after [the trade center bombing in] 1993 he voted to cut the intelligence budget by $7.5 billion.
The best way to defend America in this world we live in is to stay on the offense. We got to be right 100 percent of the time here at home, and they got to be right once. And that's the reality."

Like I said, I give bush a 10-8 win on the card by a T.K.O. because Bush knocked Kerry to the mat so many times. He didn't have the obvious take down for the count like Cheney did vs. Edwards, but he did put him on the mat many times.

From Fox News:
Full Debate Transcripts
Fact Checks: Courtesy of Fox News, CNN, and
Bush Stances to come
Kerry Stances to come, when he finally finds one

Update: A look at MSNBC's "fact check" debunks many Bush statements, such as how the Child tax credit was meant to be stated as incresed to $1000 rather than increased by $1000, but refused to debunk many things Kerry stated. Also there are 2 paid advertisments for Kerry...none for Bush. In fact the only photo of Bush I saw was the picture of the two candidates standing beside each other after the debate. I wonder who's pocket they're resting in...hmmmm...
Also Fox News didn't report about how Kerry claimed that former governor Racicot disagreed with the Patriot act. Racicot was on Fox News not even 5 minutes after the debate ended and said he did't disagree with the Patriot act, and that Kerry skewed what he had said in the past about helping to improve the act.

News Flash!

In a remarkable turn of events, Senator John Edwards took his trial lawyer experience into court in Iraq. Edwards took to being the Defense Lawyer for Saddam in his trial. He made a defense that Saddam was under duress when he was manufacturing hordes of mustard gas, and slaughtering Kurds. The jury was taken back by the defense and sentenced Saddam to no jail, but a very hefty fine. In an interview after the trial Saddam said that he would use his new job at CBS replacing anchorman Dan Rather to pay off his debt. A CBS spokesman said of Saddam, "He was just the guy we were looking for. He's just the kind of fair and balanced reporter this company looks for."

Disclaimer: This is yet another fictional story...still funny though

Milestone For GOP and College

Thanks to the support of Kerry Haters, Kitty Litter, GOP and the City, and especially Blogs of War, GOP and College broke 1,000 hits. Roughly 640 separate people have visited this site and have seen the lies that lie behind the Kerry Campaign. Please spread the word around to everyone you know. Relatives, friends, anyone. "Ask not what your country can do for you. Ask what you can do for your country." John F. Kennedy