Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Page 16 News 4/11/06

Sorry for the long delay, but today, Page 16 News takes on some race-based issues that have recently been left to the back burner, when if the roles were reversed, the news would be all over the story.

First off is this story, via Michelle Malkin. I came across this story, and just went, "THEY DID WHAT???!!" Read for yourself.
"The NYPD hate-crimes unit is probing a report that a white NYU student killed by a car in Harlem was fleeing a gang of black teenagers screaming "Get whitey!" sources said yesterday. If the report proves true, the violence could turn out to be an eerie replay in reverse of the infamous 1986 Howard Beach murder, where a black man was chased into traffic and killed by a group of white bigots. The 20-year-old student, John Broderick Hehman, died yesterday, six days after the attack. The sources said Hehman might have been targeted as a soft mark for robbers after the teenage gang spotted the caring urban-studies major handing pocket change to a wheelchair- bound man near the corner of 125th Street and Park Avenue Saturday night. The gang of youths, some of them as young as 11, had been smoking pot inside a nearby Popeye's fast-food eatery at 8:30 p.m. when they spotted Hehman walking by and then stopping to help the handicapped man. An anonymous caller later tipped the CrimeStoppers hot line that a group of youths screamed, "Get Whitey!" and ran toward him. Witnesses said Hehman fled into traffic against the light and was hit by a Mercedes-Benz traveling east on 125th Street."
What have most major news companies said about the story?
Four and a half tiny paragraphs.

The other thing I ran into was in the local Middle Tennessee Newspaper, The Tennessean. I found this almost identical story in the pages of the North Jersey Media Group. Remember all of the hype about the black girl who got "raped" by white members of the Duke lacrosse team? And how the Duke season was cancelled, the coach resigned, and a whole mess of other consequences?
Turns out that there was NO DNA evidence ANYWHERE that was linked to any guy on the team. Nothing under her fingernails, her clothes, hair, and they even said that it seemed as though she hadn't even had sex of any sorts for a very long time.

The media is quick to jump on a story where the victim is a minority, but when the perp is a minority...no one seems to cover it.