Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Pardon Me If I'm More Than *Slightly* Confused

So in September of 2005 after Katrina hit, scientists all over the world claimed that "Global warming is going to cause more hurricanes and much stronger hurricanes!" Predictions of the "one of the strongest hurricane season ever" were prominent in every prediction, and 17 named storms were predicted, including 9 hurricanes, and 5 over a Category 3. "The United States will be pounded," they said.

In actuality, there were only 10 storms, 5 hurricanes, which included 2 over a category 3 hurricanes. But only 2 tropical storms hit the United States. Everything else ran into a weather system which pushed them back out to sea.

Then came the 2007 hurricane season. Again, predictions were doom and gloom. Initially at 14 named storms, with 7 hurricanes and 3 majors, it was increased to the same as 2005.

Then when all was said and done, there were 15 named storms, only 6 'canes, and 2 major ones. One of which was Dean that plowed into the Mayan Riviera, and Felix who hit Nicaragua, but again, the season was weaker than had been predicted.

Now in 2007 and 2008, scientists have begun to claim that "Climate change" (aka Global Warming) is actually causing fewer hurricanes.

On top of that, a new study has shown that increased sun spot activity may actually cause Global Cooling.


Seriously though. With all the contradictions given about "Climate change" and "Global Warming" I just cannot bring myself to believe it one way or another. I do realize that the Earth's climate is dynamic. But how much change is attributed to human activity is where I'm still skeptical.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Reason #1 (And Only One) To Watch IRL

Sure they're fast, but with the IRL, after about 5 laps you have what NASCAR fans at Bristol call "the conveyor belt." Where all the cars are spaced pretty far apart, and nothing happens for about 50 laps.


But Sports Illustrated has given guys a good reason to watch IRL, Danica Patrick!!

I will also note that it's the only thing going that NASCAR doesn't have. A hot driver. Sure they've got hot TV Personalities, but no hot female drivers.

College Bloggers: Who Wants Free Money?

College is offering a $2000 scholarship to one lucky college blogger this year.

Here are the requirements;
  • Blog must be kept up to date, and contain current posts about events, politics, opinions, etc.
  • You must be a US Citizen.
  • Must have a 3.0 GPA.
  • You must be currently enrolled in post secondary education
  • And finally from the official post - "If you win, you must be willing to allow us to list your name and blog on this page. We want to be able to say we knew you before you became a well educated, rich, and famous blogging legend."

Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Huckabee Demotavator (STICKY)

The award goes to RFTR for creating this poster. It will remain up until after Super Tuesday!

Sneaky, Sneaky, Sir!

Mike Huckabee won West Virginia on the back of a strategy move from John McCain. John is very aware that delegates for Huckabee turn into non-votes for Mitt Romney.

Reports are coming in that delegates supporting McCain were ordered from their higher-ups to vote for Mike Huckabee in order to prevent Mitt Romney from winning the 18 delegates that come with the state.

There were 2 votes since no delegate got a true majority of the votes and after Ron Paul was eliminated for finishing last, McCain's supporters abandoned him in a move that epitomizes "The enemy of my enemy is my friend."

They, as well as many Paul supporters rallied behind Huckabee and gave him the win by 47 delegates, out of a total of 1,100.

Huckabee now holds 18 of the 30 delegates that will be going to the RNC, 9 more are decided in the primary, and 3 undecided ones will go as well. But unfortunately for Mitt supporters (like myself), and good for McCain Supporters, Romney doesn't have them.

Strategery indeed!

Friday, February 01, 2008

The Sick And Twisted Jihadi Mind

In an attack today in Baghdad, Jihadi's strapped dynamite and ball bearings to two women in separate markets, killing upwards of 100 people.

The sick part? The women had Down Syndrome and had been tricked by the extremists into putting on the vests, and were unaware that they were suicide vests.

From Hotair:
I also bring all of this up in the hope that liberal readers might finally extract their craniums from their backsides and realize that whatever you think of Bush, he’s not the problem. He didn’t start the war and he’s not the cause of the jihad. Animals of the type who would blow up innocent mentally disabled women to kill scores of other innocent people cannot be reasoned with. There’s nothing to talk over with people like that. They live in a state of violent depravity that puts them beyond reason barring some massive change in their own minds. We infidels aren’t going to make that chance by playing nice. We have to defeat them.