Monday, June 23, 2008

Epic Fail



The Reddest of Meat

Serve this up to the dogs shall we? Pure oxygen pumped in a sealed package doesn't produce meat this red.

The line "We only want to hear your opinion if we agree with it," seems so lacking in this situation. Especially when the average temperature of the Earth last year dropped to the extent that scientists around the world are now warning of Global Cooling...again.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Scott Kalitta Dies In Funny Car Wreck

During the 4th round of qualifying this afternoon Scott Kalitta's engine exploded, and before the car could get slowed down, his car ran into a barricade at the top of the track going at what can only be described as a VERY high speed.
Scott's engine exploded shortly before the finish line and the speed trap measured his speed at 300 MPH, and from there until the impact with the barricade, no sign of braking could be seen.

Drag racing is a highly dangerous sport, and the NHRA has unfortunately had the loss of 2 drivers in as many years. Eric Medlen passed away last year during a test session, and now Scott Kalitta has passed away during an event.

Scott, the son of legendary NHRA driver Connie Kalitta, was 46 years old, and is survived by his wife Kathy and 2 sons, Corey and Colin.

ESPN2's coverage of the event included this clip of the accident, but I must warn you, as they do in the video; this video shows the wreck that ended his life, and if you are the kind of person who would scream "Oh my god," at a shocking video, you may not want to watch it.

How To Speak Democrat

Hot Air has a great video from the Congressional Floor from this week. It sucks though that they missed John Shimkus ripping into Democrats and more over Nancy Pelosi for not allowing a bill to open the Continental Shelf for oil drilling; one that 67% of Americans agree with, according to a recent poll.

Here's a bit of what he said.
So now we find ourselves in a dilemma. It's Economics 101. It's supply and demand. Limited supply, increased demand, higher prices.

Here's the problem. January 2001, the price of a barrel of crude oil was $23, just 7 years ago. When the new majority came in in January of 2006, the price of a barrel of crude oil was $58.31. This was not acceptable. I didn't like this. That's why we passed, in between this time, the 2005 Energy and Policy Act. And on this floor, that bill had the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge in it. Of course it went to the Senate and it went there to die. And they pulled ANWR out.

Today the problem has grown by exponential amounts. Today the price of a barrel of crude oil is $136.39. So I'd like to keep this debate simple. This is a problem. So what is a solution?

And we're going to hear a lot, we've heard a lot of solutions from the other side. None of their solutions talk about bringing on more supply.

And we've had some great victories this week. FISA, Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, funding of the troops, no restrictions, GI bill expansion, great victories that came about through bipartisan compromise on this floor, bills that will get signed by the President. And we're all pretty pleased with the work we did this week.

We can do that with this. There is a congressional majority that would vote for more supply. There's only one hang up. It's the Speaker of the House will not let these bills on the floor.

So you have done a great job, and I used my 1 minute, Congressman Westmoreland, to sign your petition. And I want to challenge and encourage all my colleagues, in a bipartisan manner, to come down and sign this petition, this pledge. And I hope the constituents from all over the country ask their congressmen have they signed this pledge.

The pledge is pretty simple. I will vote to increase U.S. oil production and lower gas prices for America. And there I am, right there, just signed it.

67% of Americans say drill here, drill now, but the Speaker of the House refuses to allow the bill on the floor. Maybe it is a time for change. Time to kick the jack-asses out of the House.

H/T: Hot Air

Friday, June 13, 2008

GOPAC Is For Smart Readres...

blog readability test

Woo Hoo!

Junior High!

H/T: Wyatt (Elementary School)

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Top Gear Reviews The Prius

And what is a Prius good for you might ask? Look and see.

H/T: Jawa Report v3.0

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Greatest Golf Grouping...Evah!

Tiger Woods, Phil Mickelson, and Adam Scott all tee off together on Thursday and Friday. The crowd will be HUGE. They tee off at 11:06 AM Eastern Time Thursday and 4:36 PM Eastern on Friday, and I'm sure the bandwidth usage of will be maxed out if they broadcast their whole round.

In fact, all of the top 12 are grouped together. Here are the other 3 groups;
(1) Ernie Els, Justin Rose, Geoff Ogilvy
(2) Stewart Cink, Sergio Garcia, and Vijay Singh
(3) KJ Choi, Jim Furyk, and Steve Stricker.

ESPN's coverage begins at 1 PM Eastern time on Thursday.

Thursday, June 05, 2008

Divided We Fail?

It's a novel concept; If Democrats and Republicans united to create good legislation that would benefit everyone in society, then government would be a success.

Then you start to scratch the surface only a little bit, and you find a VERY important bit of information. The "Independent" organization backing DWF is none other than AARP.

This is the same AARP that is hell-bent on keeping the government in charge of retirement finances, as opposed to giving the responsibility to the worker.

Let's put this into perspective. The maximum benefit you can withdraw from Social Security is currently $26,220 per year (Max income to add money to SS of $102,000 per year based on 2008 FICA limit). Assuming you use your Social Security benefits for 15 years (starting at 65 and ending at death at 80) you have used a total of $393,300. If you simply put money in a savings account (making no interest) from when you were 30 years old until you retired at 65, you would need to save $936.42 per month....out of the $8,500 per month that you were making. That is 11% of your gross income. Currently Social Security takes 12.4% of income, which is $1,054 per month (a loss of 117.58 per month)


You're paying in 12.4%...and only getting out 11%??!! THAT'S NEGATIVE INTEREST!!!!

Now, let's run the numbers on a "privatized" Social Security fund, and see how much you make at varying interest rates, from 0%, to the market average 12% when we add that $936.42 per month to a mutual fund/IRA, here is how much you retire with;

0% - $393,300
1% - $471,067
2% - $569,868
3% - $696,151
4% - $858,488
5% - $1,068,292
6% - $1,340,798
7% - $1,696,381
8% - $2,162,357
9% - $2,775,406
10% - $3,584,875
11% - $4,657,259
12% - $6,082,300

So, is Social Security really worth saving for future generations? The longer you wait, the more it costs you.

Even investing just $100 per month at 12% for 35 years nets you $649,527. That's 65% more than Social Security.

Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Hillary Jumping The Fence Again

First she was against running for president, then she was all for it.

Then she was against campaigning in Florida and Michigan (and even signed a pledge not to with the other nominees). Then after telling people she wouldn't break the pledge, she was all for breaking it just 5 days later.

Last week she was against accepting the Vice President offer from Barrack Obama in a bargain for her to bow out, now she's all for it.

What else does she claim to be "totally against," now only to change her mind?

Sunday, June 01, 2008

Troop Casualties Lowest In War

Nineteen for the month of May. Out of the over 150,000 troops currently stationed in Iraq. has been covering what has become the lack of truth in the liberal "Iraq in the new Vietnam" argument. I will admit that the similarity was there at the beginning of the war, but ever since about January of 2007, not only did Iraq start to look nothing like Vietnam, but ever since the peak in May of 2007, Iraq has followed a pretty steady downturn, and last month, the lowest casualty count for the entire campaign was recoded at just nineteen.

First, the view of each war through to September of 2007,

Then zoomed out to compare to the entire Vietnam War.