Monday, December 27, 2004

Awww Geez, He's At It Again

Well, Michael Moore's now trying to get his name back out there, but this time it's to attack the medical fields. The director of "documentaries" such as Roger & Me, Bowling for Columbine (Which got it's documentary title stripped away due to Moore's blatant biased and misleadings), and the now shredded Fahrenheit 9/11 is now going after Insurance companies, HMO's, and even going to tackle the FDA. Although the The Associated Press doesn't tell the basis of the new story , I would not be surprised if it's something that tries to sway the American people towards Kerry's idea of a socialized health care system.
If you want to know what I feel about Moore, I rank him at about the common sense of the people that believe the Earth is flat, and the conspiracy theorists like this that try to convince you that NASA is a fraud. Just to tell you how unreasonable some of these people are, here's a line fro the Flat Earth Society. "11. Does this fit in with the Hollow Earth theory?
Yes. Beneath the Earth, or hanging off the edges, is a land populated by either green-skinned women or Nazis. All those claiming to have seen this have misinterpreted it to fit in with the spurious and false Spherical Earth theory...

13. What about gravity?
Gravity is a lie invented by the purveyors of the inherently false spherical Earth theory. The theory of gravity has never been proven. There is no gravity, only inertia. The Earth moves through space like a giant elevator. We do not fall off because we are kept down by inertia. The Earth has inertia. There is a school of thought which states, however, that the Earth does not move through space, but rather that it rests on the back of a giant turtle, and that what we call gravity is, in fact, the turtle's animal magnetism.

And also, just for anyone who does believe that the moon landings were

Wednesday, December 22, 2004

Dow Jones Soars

The NYSE's Dow Jones Industrial average closed at 10,815.89. The first time the Dow has closed that high since June 13, 2001, and is the first time over 10,800 since before 9/11. And again...President Bush accomplished this before his first term was finished. If all goes well, the market should close over 11,000 before January, and the reinaugurate. The market was helped by a $1.42 drop in the price of a barrel of oil from the middle east, dropping the cost to $44.24, which is still higher than a few weeks ago and the teasing of a possible 30 something dollar a barrel of oil.
NASDAQ also closed up, at slightly higher than 2157.

Tuesday, December 21, 2004

Now What Kind Of Junk Is This?

Thanks to GOP and the City I learned of a recent event that occurred not even a mile from where I was wandering around in Nashville. There was a group of people protesting that the election results in Tennessee were tampered with. They claimed that although there was no doubt that Bush won TN, the margin of 16% seemed too much for them to handle. My GOODNESS PEOPLE! If you think about it, Tennessee's only Pro-Kerry areas are the larger cities like Memphis and Nashville. Is it really hard to believe that it could be a 58-42 victory for Bush?
Well anyways, I think it was funny that even though I was very close (less than a mile away) to the protesters, I couldn't hear them. Oh that's right because there were only a handful of people. There were only 75 people at the most (knowing the Tennesseean it was prolly more like 30) that were protesting the election results. And I agree that this is the 1% of people that regardless of what you show them, they will inevitably protest the election until Election day 2008, and if they don't get their way that time, they'll try desperately to find something else to gripe about. They're like the Al-Gore-we're-gonna-cry-all-night-and-day babies that could not let go of the fact that Gore lost. They are the people that campaigned the whole "re-defeat Bush" campaign but as the election showed...Bush won AGAIN!

Friday, December 17, 2004

Chevy Chase Can't Keep His Mouth Shut

Chevy Chase dropped a bombshell on Bush during an awards ceremony by People for an American Way, a leftist elite group of Hollywood no-brains that think being in movies and TV shows makes them political gurus. Chevy was on stage and said this, "President Bush is a dumb F---, and I'm no F'---ing clown but this guy, Bush, started a jihad...This guy in office is an uneducated, real lying schmuck. And we still couldn't beat him with a bore like Kerry." And you know this is another typical actor who takes time at an event to express their extreme political views, and guess what, it backfires horribly. Do the extreme left just not see that most of the country does not agree with them? No mind you this was a Leftist organization that threw this ceremony, and even the people there were upset at the comments he made. For crying out loud people, regardless of the fact that Bush won, the left need to respect that fact that he is the President.

Ok, and one other thing that I've noticed the News hasn't covered lately, but my dad pointed out to me. The stock market jump since Election day. Now mind you today, Pfizer is dragging down the market but in less than a month the market's gone up 6.5% since after the election. The average growth per YEAR is only about 13%. AND! The market has essentially reached Pre-9/11 heights, before Bush would have left office in Jan if he had lost, so suck that economic pessimists. Now mind you I think it'll be a pretty long time before the Tech stock boom that took NASDAQ to 5000 will be back, but it's holding steady a bit over 2100. All I can say about the market can be summed up by Chris Farley in a hula skirt dancing and saying....

"Thaaaaaaaa Bulls, tha Bulls, tha Bulls, tha Bulls!"

Thursday, December 16, 2004

Osama Releases Tape...and TTU Releases Grades

Well, Osama is back in the news with a possible new tape, and I got my grades for this semester and I will admit that I'm a bit upset at how I did.

An Audio tape was sent out that contained a familiar voice. The tape was recently released on an Islamic Militant website and although it is of poor quality, it has almost if not truly identical traits to the previous videos with the wanted terrorist. The tape praised the attacks on a US Consulate in Saudi Arabia, and condemning the Saudi Government. And you know, all of this coming from a man who is hiding in a hole some where in the mountains too scared to face the people he hates. You hear of all these people killing themselves in his name, and yet he sits there and hides from his own words. You know I hope there comes a day when the people who he tries to rally up realize, "Hey, you're a pansy. We're not fighting for you anymore. You can fight your own dang Jihad."

So yes, as of Tuesday at about 4:30PM I was done with class for the semester. I was hoping that I would do better than I did. I ended up with a 2.5 GPA for the semester. That equates to 3 B's and a D. And it's not like I got a D in my Engineering Mechanics class. No, it was American Lit. And that just hacks me off. That pulls my cumulative from a 2.86 to a 2.77. I mean granted it's decently high for being in Mechanical Engineering, but it makes me feel like I'm nothing. I mean I know all my friends that are in things like Accounting, or Art, or Sociology, and they're like "Yeah, I got a 3.8 this semester. That one B in my Math 1310 (My Calc 3 was Math 2110) dropped me down from a 4.0." I'm sure that I wouldn't be as upset if it weren't for the fact that it's guaranteed that I'm going to lose the Lottery scholarship that was just given out to the students who graduated in my class. I had the scholarship for 1 semester, but even though I'm taking a very difficult major, they don't look at that.

Oh well, semester's over and it's time to relax, sit down, and listen to Rush and Hannity to find out what the Loony Left will do next. Oh and Happy birthday to my mother, b/c it's tomorrow.

Monday, December 13, 2004

So Close I Can Taste It!

Well, the semester is less than 24 hours away from being over, but just becuase I'm on a break from school doesn't mean I'll be on a break from the blogs. If anything it will allow me to work more on the blog and get back into the news that I've been missing out on.

Saturday, December 04, 2004

Been A While

I've been busy with class work and tests lately, but GOP and College is still here.

And now for some more news that makes me wonder where the loony-left is going.
I was listening to Rush Limbaugh before Thanksgiving and I have learned that I am a victim of the secular public school system. Although Thanksgiving yes was originally done to give thanks t othe Native Americans for their help at Plymouth Colony, I also knew it was a day to give thanks to God for his blessings on this earth. What I didn't know is that George Washington himself ordained the day as a National Holiday just to give praise to God, and that it was a 3 day holiday, not one day. I was never taught that. I'm a sophomore in college and I had no clue of the real story. I had always heard the tales that the school had told me. The schools I went to actually taught the students the story of Passover, and Hanukkah, but they would not tell the story of why we celebrate Christmas, and they refuse to tell the Godly side of Thanksgiving. Thanks' liberal elites and ACLU. Merry Christmas with the coals you get in your stockings.

Another thing I heard of was kind of a 2 sided thing. I was listening to The Hannity Radio Show and they were discussing how ultra-liberals are basically going against the morals that parents are trying to teach their kids. There are kids in schools getting demonstrations (with say a cucumber or a banana) on how to put on a condom...and this is in something like 5th grade! People wonder why so many kids are fooling around at such a young age and yet you blame the parents, not the school for giving subtle encouragement? What the crap. I was always taught that the safest sex there was was no sex at all. It's the truth. There is no possibility of getting STD's or an unwanted pregnancy if you don't have sex. I feel that the parents should be the ones to give their kids the "birds and the bees" discussion.

I told that story to get here. The other thing I heard absolutely outraged me to the point of about calling into the show. If I hadn't been driving, I would have picked up and called. There are schools in CA that have banned teaching from the DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE! This is our countries FOUNDING article. If it weren't for that declaration, we would still be kissing the Queen's old tush, and they're wanting to not allow it to be taught? This is so bad that even Alan Colmes, the ULTRA LIBERAL host on Hannity and Colmes is even going out there to say "That's not right." These are the same people that in Maryland say you can give thanks t anyone on Thanksgiving, except to God. The same people that in schools if you say Merry Christmas, you get disciplined. And these are the same schools that won't allow a Christmas tree to be put up, but will have a giant Minorrah (sp?) sitting in the front entrance to the school.

"LA (Reuters) - A California teacher has been barred by his school from giving students documents from American history that refer to God -- including the Declaration of Independence. "
This is an excerpt from Wizbang, and there is a comment on there that I really agree with from -S- when he/she says
"It's alright for liberals to "push" liberalism and 'wear it on their sleeve" by explaining to students why, as a liberal, that religion 'should be" disallowed and removed from making any reference...
Point is is that everyone, even atheists, practice a religious freedom. And everyone, even and especially atheists, "push" THEIR "beliefs" on others...but the standard today seems to go, by liberals who populate school boards and media and entertainment, that, as long as you oppose mention of Christ, God (those two words, particularly), then YOUR "religious freedom" is acceptable."

Where is this country going if people think that this is acceptable? I just can't believe what's going on.

Hat tip - Flopping Aces