Tuesday, January 17, 2006

About Time It Was Reported

The AP as well as CBS News finally decided to report the fact that the Clinton Administration did searches on terrorists without warrants. And that's not all folks. The Clinton Administration actually went so far as to have physical searches.

"It's my understanding that during the Clinton administration there was activity regarding physical searches without warrants," Gonzales said. "I can also say it's my understanding that the deputy attorney general testified before Congress that the president does have the inherent authority under the Constitution to engage in physical searches without a warrant. And so, those would certainly seem to be inconsistent with what the former vice president was saying today."

But that didn't stop Algor (purposely spelled that way) from "forgetting" and claiming that Bush was threatening the very structure of government by doing so.

Also, Stop The ACLU has a report on the ACLU suing the NSA, claiming that, “Because of the nature of their calls and e-mails, they believe their communications are being intercepted by the NSA under the spying program.”

More GOP and College Here

*Update* From The American Thinker on Jan 12th, NY Times claims that Clinton Era eavesdroppingng is "a necessity."
"While few dispute the necessity of a system like Echelon to apprehend foreign spies, drug traffickers and terrorists, many are concerned that the system could be abused to collect economic and political information.

"The recent revelations about China's spying activities in the U.S. demonstrates that there is a clear need for electronic monitoring capabilities," said Patrick Poole, a lecturer in government and economics at Bannock Burn College in Franklin, Tenn., who compiled a report on Echelon for the Free Congress Foundation. "But those capabilities can be abused for political or economic purposes so we need to ensure that there is some sort of legislative control over these systems.""
*Note - I lived in Franklin since I was 2, and I've never heard of Bannock Burn College*