Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Town Hall Meeting Pt. 2

Phil Valentine held a town hall meeting recently about illegal immigration that drew a very large crowd, and was a total success. Tomorrow there is another, and I call anyone in the Middle Tennessee Area to come to this one, entitled, "Demagnetize America: Criminal Face of Illegal Immigration"

"As reported in in March of 2006, The Federation for American Immigration Reform reported the following: "In March 2000, Congress made public Department of Justice statistics showing that, over the previous five years, the INS had released over 35,000 criminal aliens instead of deporting them. Over 11,000 of those released went on to commit serious crimes, over 1,800 of which were violent ones [including 98 homicides, 142 sexual assaults, and 44 kidnappings].
"In 2001, thanks to a decision by the Supreme Court, the INS was forced to release into our society over 3,000 criminal aliens [who collectively had been convicted of 125 homicides, 387 sex offenses, and 772 assault charges]."

The meeting is going to be in The Liberty Room of The Factory, in Franklin, TN, from 7 PM-9PM Central Time.

Directions: (map) Take I-65 (north from Huntsville, South from Nashville) to exit 65 (Hwy 96 Franklin/Murfreesboro)
Go towards Franklin (right from the north, left from the south).
Go to Mack Hatcher Parkway (first light past the fire station on the right) and take a right.
Take Mack Hatcher to Franklin Road (3rd light) and take a left.
Go about 1.5 to 2 miles, and The Factory is on the left.

See you there!

*UPDATE* I sent Phil an e-mail and I will be meeting him, and having a short interview with him! Check here over the weekend to see transcripts from the interview!

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