Monday, August 28, 2006

Liberals Vs. Fact

AP Headline: Ernesto hits Cuba, on track for Florida
HAVANA - Tropical Storm Ernesto hit Cuba west of the U.S. naval air base at Guantanamo on Monday after killing one person Haiti as it stayed on track toward Florida, where forecasters expect it to strengthen into a hurricane.

Think Progress Headline: Hurrican Ernesto heads towards New Orleans
“Ernesto became the first hurricane of the Atlantic season Sunday with winds of 75 mph, and forecasters said it would strengthen as it headed toward the Gulf of Mexico, where it could menace a wide swath of coastline including New Orleans.”

Who's fear mongering now? T.P. had the post up Sunday morning. Last I checked, the storm track was updated to hit Florida Saturday evening.

Liberal reactions:
BushCo. is hoping with one big swipe N.O. will be KO’d and then they will get the OK to build oil refineries.. - Kay

Maybe BushCO can turn New Orleans into a WHITE ONLY gated community free from the future POLICE STATE - Kay again

The southern regions would be far better off with Hugo Chavez’s oversight, a capable leader who has empathy for victims of natural disasters. His willingness to put $ into recovery, along with follow-up is commendable. Too bad that region has two more cycles of the Chimp-in-chief’s beaurocracatic fumbling, lying and stealing. They’re screwed. - beavercleaver

But I did find one smart comment:
I love your site, visti often. But, don’t you think the bold “headline” is a bit misleading, more worthy of cable news? The hurricane is heading into the Carribean. Yes, that “heads toward” New Orleans, but please. And the (very imprecise) modeling has it going into Florida. - Joel

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