Friday, January 26, 2007

The Best And Worst Republican Contenders

Right Wing News is hosting a blog poll of who the blogosphere would like to run for the Presidential nod in 2008. Well, I'm going to do my top 5 as well. First, the ones that I would most like to see:

5) Rudy Giuliani - I don't want to rank Rudy higher because the main reason he is known is for the events of and following 9/11. Other than that he is not really a nationally known man. The good that he has done to NYC has been relatively unpublished.
4) Condoleza Rice - She is a guru at foreign affairs, and although she doesn't strike me as the most attractive woman, she can do the job, and that's what matters.
3) Marsha Blackburn - I love this woman. As my representative in congress here in TN and on Capitol Hill, she fights hard to prevent over-taxation of the people, and supports Government fiscal responsibility. she would make a DAMN good lady president.
2) Mitt Romney - I agree with Phil Valentine that he is the likely man to beat. I mean if he can win the gubernatorial race in a state that constantly elects the likes of John Kerry and Ted Kennedy, he's bound to reach across the table and grab some blue votes away from whoever runs on the other side of the ballot.
1) - Newt Gingrich - This man started the Republican Revolution that ended 40 years of Democrat domination. He gets my vote for top nod.

And now here's the ones I don't want to run:

5) John McCain - Falling asleep at the SOTU speech was not a good political move. Like when the Hill-dabeast was caught rolling her eyes, that will come back to bite him in the ass.
4) Tom Tancredo - Open Borders, nuff said. $340 Million in taxes spent in LA County alone to treat uninsured illegal immigrants. It HAS to stop. ***I just realized I completely misread the article about his immigration ideology. H/T: Abby***
3) Mike Huckabee - A vote for F on his spending and an overall D in fiscal responsibility is a no no for a fiscal conservative me.
2) Chuck Hagel - Opposition to the war would attract some lefties, but lose more righties. Not a good choice.
1) Jeb Bush - No offense to the family, but 2 Bush Presidents are enough for now. Liberals would paint a very nasty picture of Jeb, and he would go down in flames. Jeb may be able to run in later elections, but not in 2008.

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