Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Air America Baits Conservative Candidates

Air America president Mark Green sent a letter informing several presidential hopefuls that if they accept, Air America will air a Republican debate, similar to how Fox News was going to do for the Democrats. Call me crazy, but I think the Republican candidates should accept ASAP, and add one stipulation to the agreeance.

The candidates should agree under the stipulation that Air America publicly announce the questions which will be asked at the debate in a reasonable amount of time before hand. This allows the candidates a chance to gather an answer, as well as show that Air America is serious about hosting a REAL debate, not just a chance to bash conservatives.

Then at the debate I can assure you that the trolls will be out in full force, and a VERY large crowd will be listening. As we've seen in the past, the audience will likely erupt in a classic liberal "Shut the conservatives up" frenzy. And all the world will be listening to it happen.

This can do nothing but help the conservative cause. Just imagine the liberals trying to explain themselves after the chaos, and the division within themselves caused by it.