Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Where Am I?

It's like a regular Where's Waldo here! My apologies for not blogging more often. I know the thousands...dozens?...OK, so the couple of people who read this blog have been without material to read for the past while.

Exams were 2 weeks ago, then after that I was in Atlanta to see the College-ette, and back home for Mother's Day with my mom. We have dial-up at the house so I wasn't on the computer much to begin with. I've been so backed up, I'm a week behind on the HWC Baseball Recaps. I'm just now finishing the Week 5 recap, and Week 6 ended Sunday!!

This week is one of leisure and golf, so if anything happens of interest, I'll look into it. I WAS planning on going to the Friday and Saturday qualifying rounds at Bristol for the NHRA Thunder Valley Nationals with my dad, but due to either an inept construction crew or something, they have been pushed back to the first of July. Shame. I was wanting to hang out with Bill, Max, Jane and the rest of the Jager crew again.

After the drags, we were planning on going to Myrtle Beach for 3 days of golfing and fun in the sun. That thankfully is still on, but the loss of the 7,000 horses will be sadly missed. We are playing at Blackmoor (a Scottish links course), Wachesaw Plantation, and The Witch. Should be fun.

Then it's back home and on Memorial Day Sunday the family and the College-ette and I are going to the Alabama Jubilee Hot Air Balloon Festival.

After that summer courses start. Oh joy!