Friday, June 22, 2007

The Large Holes In SiCKO

Michelle blasts holes in SiCKO's logic with about a 8 Inch deck gun in her latest Vent.

Michael Moore believes that drug companies should be regulates so they reduce their profits, and followed one Insurance company that he claimed allowed a little girl to die after not being admitted into a hospital for a fever. The first point Michelle makes is that the Insurance company, Kaiser Permanente is a private health insurance company, but it's a NON-PROFIT HMO. On top of that Michelle asks a very important question that applies not only to insurance, but to socialism, government entitlements and other hand outs.

"If there's nothing for you to gain (profits in the case of insurers), then what are your incentives?"

Drug companies make a profit so they have a reason to create new drugs. If you're not going to benefit from research, then why bother?

That is the fundamental flaw in liberal ideology. Although the idea of helping the not as fortunate seems like a noble plan (The very unfortunate are exempt from this thought. I'm not a totally sadistic bastard), it very often backfires, and creates a giant mess.

  • If you have a socialist/communist society where everyone makes the same amount of money, then why strive to do more?
  • Why should I get a higher paying job if I'm only going to have to pay more taxes?
  • If the government will give you a free check for not working, then why go out and work?
  • If I won't make money for my invention then why invent it in the first place?
  • If I'm not going to make money for taking care of patients, then why should I try harder to care for them?

Case in point: Profits drive excellence. The better you do, the more you are rewarded.

H/T: Hot Air