Tuesday, October 09, 2007

A Story Worth Noting

Wyatt has a hot report coming from Philly that is bound to hurl even more mud at the Philly PD.

Wyatt points out that when police were called the mother stated that the 15 year old was attacking her with a knife in one hand and a hammer in the other. Upon arriving at the scene, the Philly police department also reported visual confirmation of him carrying the weapons.

After that he ran back inside and swapped out the knife and hammer for the iron.

Also noted in the story was this juicy bit of info buried at the bottom;

Timbers was a ninth-grader at the CEP Miller Alternative School, a school for students with discipline problems, according to the Philadelphia School District. Neighbors on Brill Street told CBS 3 they have previously seen the teen carrying knives on several past occasions.

On several occasions. You are talking about a possibly violent teenager who charged at police officers with a very heavy iron. Imagine the force of being hit by a 5-7 lb chunk of plastic and steel (WHICH COMES TO A POINT AT THE TOP I MIGHT ADD) at say 25-30 mph.

That's going to hurt, and will certainly break almost any bone in the body. I believe that the Philly officers had every right to shoot, and that it was a mere stroke of bad luck that the lone wound to the shoulder was fatal.