Friday, May 02, 2008

Make That Three Strait

For the third strait semester I've gotten over a 3.0 in my classes (4 total), and have now gotten my overall GPA up to a 3.03 with just 7 hours of classes remaining until I GRADUATE! Here's a rundown of the grades I got;

Energy Systems Lab (2 hrs) - B
Applied Machine Design (3 hrs) - B
Steam Power Plants (3 hrs) - B
Turbo-Machinery (3 hrs) - B
Noise Control (3 hrs) - A

And I had one easy class, Art Appreciation (3 hrs) which was an easy A.

All together it was 17 hours with 3 extra hours of labs, and at the end of the semester it got to be really hectic. In about 10 days I had 2 tests, 3 presentations and 3 reports due, then the next week was exams...Yuck.

But finally, this semester is over and after this summer I will graduate with my Bachelor's of Science in Mechanical Engineering. Also hopefully in a few weeks I will get my certificate stating that I passed the Fundamentals of Engineering Exam, which is step one in getting my Professional Engineer license.