Friday, July 25, 2008

Money Trail Points To Media Bias

The split between the words of comfort that large media companies give, claiming no bias, and what happens with their political donations are two completely different things.

Although the media continually claims neutrality, studies have repeatedly shown the opposite to be true, and this one adds more fuel to the fire.

A total of a little more than $315,500 of money goes to Democrats, while only a bit over $22,500 went to Republicans.

Of that statistic, 4 journalists donated directly to John McCain, 80 donated directly to Barack Obama. Among strictly Journalists, there were 235 donations by journalists to Democrats in general, and 20 who went to the Republican Party. In the media as a whole, including anchors, and such showed a similar pattern at 311 to Democrats, 30 to Republicans

Looking deeper, the majority of Republican donations went to Ron Paul, who is flaunted by many liberals, and to Rudy Giuliani, Mayor of New York City. No statistic was given about how many of the Democrat Donations were towards Hillary Clinton though.

Will Franklin has the same thoughts.