Tuesday, October 12, 2004

It's October...

And you know what that means? MLB Playoffs and the World Series. Here's the teams that earned the honor of making it to the Playoffs:

National League
Atlanta Braves - Record: 96 - 66 (.593)
St. Louis Cardinals - Record: 105 - 57 (.648)
Los Angeles Dodgers - Record: 93 - 69 (.574)
Houston Astros - Record: 92 - 70 (.568)

American League

New York Yankees - Record: 101 - 61 (.623)
Minnesota Twins - Record: 92 - 70 (.568)
Anaheim Angels - Record: 92 - 70 (.568)
Wild Card:
Boston Red Sox - Record: 98 - 64 (.605)

NLDS Match Ups:
Defeat (Astros 3-2)
Defeat (Cardinals 3-1)

ALDS Match Ups:
Defeat (Yankees 3-1)
(Boston 3-0)

Well, I was almost right. Astros pulled it out and beat the Braves. After the first 2 games, I was hoping for a Cardinal sweep of the Dodgers, but it didn't happen. Yankees gave up a suprising win to the Twins. The Red Sox absolutely dominated the Angels in 3, but was that anything different than you expected?

NLCS: vs. Cardinals get home field advantage. Game one Wed. 8PM ET at St. Louis. Prediction: Houston has the Rocket, but not much more. Cardinals lead 2-0

ALCS: vs. Yankees get home field advantage. Game one Tues. 8PM ET at New York. Look for another incredible series from these two. Prediction: Boston is built to beat the Yankees in 7, but I feel the curse will hold fast. Yankees lead 2-0

: vs. Yankees get home field advantage, even though the Cardinals have the better record, due to the All Star Game. The Yankees demolished the Cards last season in interleague play, but they had Clemens pitching for them then. This year, there's no stopping the red freight train. Look for a series to remember. Prediction: Cardinals in 7