Friday, October 08, 2004

Steve Gill at TTU

Steve Gill was voted the number one conservative in Tennessee as well as the number 34 most powerful people in the state by Business Tennessee. He spoke tonight at Tennessee Tech, and you bet GOP and College was there to report on the event, as well as ask Mr. Gill a few questions.

The funniest thing about it was talking about Tereza, and how she's just the weirdest person ever...bless her heart. He added that as a southern tradition for horrible truths about some one. Oh he"s got 1 arm, half a leg, bless his heart. He also commented on how she spoke more about her first husband who made all the money, rather than "the currant husband who's spending it all."
He pointed out one of the biggest differences between Democrats/Liberals and Republicans/Conservatives. The Dems believe more in trust in the government, as he said a government who buys a $500 toilet seat, whereas the Republicans trust more in the individual's freedoms, Another good point was how the Democrats are just wanting to win the office to get power for power's sake, rather than the conservative view of get power and do something good for you (the people) with it.
He went on about things like that then spoke on the big issues. Especially about Bush's decision to go into Iraq. He said this and it was great. "If you're right you're right, if you're wrong you're wrong regardless of how many people follow you."

After the speech I actually got to interview him and here are the issues I asked him about:

First was how he felt that candidates should help college students. He replied that the government should set up a government that will allow people to follow their dreams, rather than giving more of instant gratification. He also mentioned that people should talk more about the future than they do about the present issues.

Second was how GOP and the City had mentioned that college kids don't care, and how he felt about that. He said that it's not just college, but it's all over. The government just doesn't connect with people. They give statistics rather than saying hey, here's how it applies to you, as well as dodging *cough* Kerry's senate record *cough* the important issues in the country.

Third was how Bloggers, like myself, have impacted the election this year. He said that we have had a huge impact and that we are the new media. Due to technology like the internet and blogs, we could watch live the statue of Saddam fall, and how Bloggers ripped apart the ABC Memogate before it even had time to make the 6 o'clock news on the west coast. It allows people to participate in the elections more than ever before. Like with the Tennessee tax vote, instead of people finding out about the vote 2 weeks after the vote, people were able to show the members of the Tennessee senate that we the people didn't't want it, and it got voted down.

Next was how he felt about Michael Moore saying that Bush was a liar, and if he felt it was a lie at all. He said it was nothing near a lie. The Iraqis themselves said that Saddam was working on WMD's and was going to continue to do so. And as to do with Moore's credibility, Bowling For Columbine had so many misleadings that it's documentary status was officially taken away. He also commented on how Moore was a good propagandist, but not good at documenting things correctly.

Next was if he felt Kerry has a plan for Iraq. He said yes, Kerry has a's just it changes every week. The latest one had a cornerstone of getting allies to help us out in Iraq, but he realized that the people at the UN wouldn't deal with it, so he had to drop it. He told me this and it's a great quote. "You can be a great architect, but that doesn't mean that you can build a building."

Next was what he thought about wealthy southern democrats and the Kerry tax hikes. He said that the wealthy democrats need to wake up and realize that the Democrats are playing Divide and Ignore. He also stated that they all need to read the book by Zel Miller, "National Party No More."

Last was a question some one else asked about how he felt about Kerry wanting to change the minimum wage to $7 per hour. He said that it's another instance of instant gratification. Raising the minimum wage like I said creates huge inflation. The democrat way of thinking is, oh, if we just change the wage, people will make more and it will go away. The economy is what will judge the outcome of the increase. You can't just pretend that it will all go away. That won't fix poverty.

Mr. Gill, again, thank you for speaking at TTU, and thank you for taking the time to answer my questions.