Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Hold Out Your Hands, Get Handcuffs

That's what they may start doing in Atlanta now. A new bill is going into legislature that could make it illegal to beg for food or money outside museums and other important buildings in the downtown area. The punishments for getting caught are a warning the first time, a referral to a city resource center on the second, and a possible one month jail sentence on the third offense. The thing is that people are protesting this bill, saying that it bars free speech because of the fact that you are asking for it. Now tell me if I'm wrong but won't some smart homeless people try to get caught? I mean think about it, where would you rather live? On a street corner, poor, starving and cold, or would you rather get busted for this 3 times, and get a one month free stay at the local prison where you would have free food, a bed, and a toilet that flushes. Now granted it's not a free one month at the Marriott, but it's better than a city side walk, or a park bench.