Friday, August 05, 2005

The Truth About Hillary (and other news)

There's a new book that just came out called The Truth About Hillary: What She Knew, When She Knew It, and How Far She'll Go To Become President. In the book it describes how she knew about all the affairs that Slick Willy was getting into, and had people there watching him at all times. The author was on Fox News this morning on Fox and Friends stating how now he's at it more than ever. It's apparently a well known fact that his car constantly stays at another woman's house almost every night, then returns home the next day. And all the bad reviews of the book are saying, "Oh, this book is full of lies, but during the interview he himself stated that he is a liberal. He may not be the looney left that Hillary is, but certainly he's not right winger.

On a side note about Judge Roberts, the attacks on him have gone so far as to the Washington Post Fashion Editor giving his wife and kids a bad fashion critique. I mean seriously, are you THAT desperate to get at the president's decisions?

More adds:
The NARAL hosted a "Screw Abstinence Party" not too long ago. This was from the organization that is supposedly for school teachings of all forms of B.C. from condoms, to the pill/patch, to abstinence. Now they are deciding to try to tell people that there are no kids out there that are going to just say no and go without sex until they're married. That logic of thinking is just absurd. Where I attend school there's probably at least a 25% abstinence rate among unwed students, probably more. The reason is good old fashioned morals.

The ACLU is making every effort to allow possible terrorists into the country, and into our transit systems that they want to destroy. Want some proof? Here are some points from Talking Points from the O'Reilly Factor Thursday night.

  • Opposes floating wire taps (similar to the ones used on Narcotics criminals)
  • Opposed military tribunals for not suspected, but KNOWN, CAPTURED terrorists
  • Wants more Abu Ghraib pictures released even though it has been shown to increase Al Queda recruitment
  • Sued to stop NY state from joining MATRIX the Multistate Antiterrorism Information Exchange