Tuesday, December 13, 2005

How Bout Them Apples Kanye

Remember the fuss about how Katrina was a targeted plan to kill black people. Well, Michelle Malkin has discovered the real numbers behind Katrina.

From Michelle Malkin:

"The surprisingly low death rate for black Katrina victims comes despite the fact that New Orleans itself was more than two-thirds black [67 percent] when the storm hit. White residents made up less than a third [28 percent] of the city's population, according to U.S. Census bureau numbers." -Newsmax

As you can see, the statistics are almost even. And as Newsmax points out, you have to realize that NO is 67% African American. So if this actually was aimed at blacks, then the numbers would be more along the lines of 80% or more black deaths. And for the whites, there were actually more deaths than if it had been an equal death rate among races. You would expect to see 67% black deaths, 28% white, and so on, but white deaths are actually 13% higher than they should be, while African American deaths are 19% below what they would be in a statistically even death rate.

Kind of reminds me about how people complain that there are so many African American arrests in places like Compton, and South Central LA, claiming it's racially motivated, even though the population is 80-90% black.