Tuesday, December 06, 2005


I was sent this photo from the writer of bRight & Early this afternoon. The picture shows protesters with "masks" on and a giant megaphone. Although there is no doubt that there are people there or the megaphone, the masks however do raise an eye of suspicion. They are oddly cut out at the eyes, and allow no place for the protester to really look out. The only tell that there is a person behind them is the very small hint of an eye and an eyebrow in the left eye (mine/yours) of "Cheney."

Although I'm not certain about this with my photoshop catching eyes, I think I am going to go with this as a legit picture. The left side of "Chaney's" face appears to still have pools of undried Elmers glue under it, causing ridges in the "mask."

I'm going to look into this a bit later. As of now I'm putting the photoshop level at green (similar to the terror alert system (blue being clean, then green, yellow, orange, and red for BUSTED)