Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Planned Parenthood And Rapists

I got an e-mail warning from GOP Bloggers today describing how an 11 year old girl came to Planned Parenthood (In CA), and told the people there how her 17 year old boyfriend had raped her, but she didn't want her parents to know. So instead of reporting the rape to the authorities, what did they do? NOTHING! That's right, they just sat there, then had the nerve to BRAG about it on their webpage. Now granted, they did help the troubled girl through the rough times afterwards, but the 17 year old boy who raped her is still out on the streets, instead of in jail for the crime he committed.

There's a difference between an abortion clinic ridding a 17 year old girl of a pregnancy, without the parents knowing, because her and her boyfriend concentually fooled around without protection, and not telling authorities about an 11 year old girl who was raped by a boy who was less than a year away from being a full adult, just because she doesn't want her parents to know.

Of course liberals care about you, as long as you're not a parent, don't believe in Christ (all other religions are ok), hate Bush, believe everything they tell you, and have never associated with conservatives/Republicans.

In other news I picked up, Scrappleface has a great quote from Bush today, to shut the lefties up.
“I admit,” said Mr. Bush, “that I’m almost completely isolated from public opinion pollsters and journalists who start with answers and craft questions to elicit them. I’m virtually cut off from believing the non-stop barrage of negative news about an emerging democratic nation that will have three legitimate elections this year after decades of dictatorship. I’m aloof from the world in which bitter critics with no vision are treated as diplomats and sages.”
Mr. Bush added, “When you see a shimmering, transparent bubble wall, you gotta ask yourself: which side of it am I on?” Scrappleface

Hat Tips: GOP Bloggers, bRight & Early