Tuesday, January 24, 2006

It Is Time

It's January 24th, and that means that it is time for the Democrats to quit hiding and reveal whether they believe that Sam Alito should be the next Supreme Court Justice. Most Democrats have chosen to not give a yes or no until today, as the Opinion Journal's page shows. My thoughts are that the vote will be similar to the voting on John Roberts. And just to see how things are going, let's see how those voting on Alito voted for Roberts:

No for Alito: Vote on Roberts
Dianne Feinstein: No
Ken Salazar: Yes
Dick Durbin: No
Tom Harkin: No
Barbra Mikulski: No
Ted "Daddy" Kennedy: No
John Kerry: No
Max Baucus: Yes
Rob Wyden: Yes
Pat Leahy: Yes

Predictions show that Alito will more than likely be accepted, but legislators are worried that the Democrats will stop the 60 votes needed to prevent a filibuster.