Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Blood May Be Thicker Than Water...

But it's sure thinner than a reduced prison sentence. Arthur March turned his back on his son, after defending his innocence for 9 years. Arthur was originally going to get 20 years in prison for a failed attempt to kill his son's former in-laws. Now as a part of this plea bargain he will be out in 18 months. Here is his story.

His son Perry beat his wife with a wrench to her death, then aafter 4 or 5 weeks, he then went to him for help in disposing the body. They drove to Bowling Green and put the body in a pile of brush that they thought was going to be burned. However he does not remember the hotel they checked into, or the farm where they dumped the body. Perry stayed at the hotel while Arthur, 70 years old at the time took the body to the farm and put it in the brush. After that he helped his son in trying to hire a man to kill the dead woman's parents.

If I were looking at that story. I would see it as very full of holes. Add up the fact that the body had been dead for over a month, that a "guilty conscienced father" could not remember where he dumped the body, that he took the body by himself to the place where it was "burned," and just the fact that it was burned in the first place don't seem to add up to me.

I think that he made up the story to get a lesser sentence.
"Arthur March has a strong incentive to please the prosecutors." - John Herbison, the attorney who is representing Perry March