Thursday, February 02, 2006

First Daily Kos...Now Xanga?

Check it out, John Kerry has expanded his internet spread to the online Journal site, Xanga, along with him is his running losing buddy John Edwards and Ted "That's not my kid" Kennedy. Here's some exerpts from the site.

From Kerry:
Oil prices have gotten so high I'll have to marry Bill Gates soon.

From Edwards:
Until then......

It's back to chasin' the ole am-bu-lance!

From Teddy:
Yeeeeeeeesh! It's tough being Teddy. I ate 4 bags of cheese doodles and had 6 bottles of cheap scotch yesterday. I'm sad.
Tommy D. called me the other day. Boy am I gonna miss him. Who will I throw my scotch at? Who will I beat up for lunch money? You should see Pelosi, she's so distraught that she came over and drank with my the other night. Then she slapped me because I told her she had a nice caboose.

Hat Tip: Political Humor's Xanga

*In case you can't tell, this is a HUGE joke*