Wednesday, July 26, 2006


*UPDATE* I was a *little* off on my number of rockets fired. I heard the number on the radio, but that number has been reported, as of yesterday, 1,402 rockets have been fired by Hezbollah since fighting began over 2 weeks ago. This led to only 19 civilian deaths, but 1,262 civilians wounded. These rockets are not meant to kill, they are strictly intended to inflict SEVERE injury. Read this:
The most severe blow of the day occurred in the Krayot area (northern suburbs of Haifa), where one man was severely injured after a rocket directly hit his vehicle; four additional individuals sustained light injuries from the event. Near Safed, one rocket hit a warehouse, lightly injuring one person.**

Yes, it's a famous rum, but it is also the number of rockets that Hezbollah has shot into Israel since fighting began a couple weeks ago. And yet there have only been 42 Israeli deaths, 24 of which were soldiers who have died in the most recent days of combat.

151 1,402 Rockets fired at Israeli citizens, killing at most 24 soldiers, and 18 civilians, wounding 1,262 civilians.
Like I said, Unguided Rockets.

One more thing;
Did the MSM tell you that Hezbollah is putting ball bearings in their rockets?

In addition, the warheads used suggest a desire to maximize harm to civilians. Some of the rockets launched against Haifa over the past two days contained hundreds of metal ball bearings that are of limited use against military targets but cause great harm to civilians and civilian property. The ball bearings lodge in the body and cause serious harm. - K.C. Info Zone

Did they also forget to tell you that that is a violation of the Laws of War, and are then considered acts of terrorism? Or that Hezbollah is in violation of those laws by deliberately placing military vehicles in civilian areas?

Article 51(7) of Protocol I states: "The presence or movements of the civilian population or individual civilians shall not be used to render certain points or areas immune from military operations, in particular attempts to shield military objectives from attacks or to shield, favour or impede military operations." And the Geneva Convention (IV) holds that "" (Geneva Convention Relative to the Protection of Civilian Persons in Time of War, 1949, Laws of Armed Conflicts, 495, 511.) Moreover, the Rome Statute is clear that "utilizing the presence of civilians or other protected persons to render certain points, areas or military forces immune from military operations is recognized as a war crime by Article 8 (2) (b) (xxiii)". (Dinstein, p. 130)

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