Friday, August 11, 2006

Reactions From The Left On London

Kos finally posted a long article about the London arrests, and it has caught over 500 comments, and I will say, there are mixed reactions from the Left. Some blame Bush, like this one;

Fear tactics again...
Joe "Zel" Lieberman lost in Connecticut so the right wing needed a "terrorist" plot to put the fear back in their base.
If you believe all the news stories today, they got what they needed. The British arrested some Muslims who were plotting to do us harm.
I'm cynical about this administration. Cynical enough to believe they would cook something like this up for political effect. That said, the British authorities are light years ahead of our "Homeland Security" farce. So maybe these guys WERE actually planning something or talking about planning something.
If this is genuine, congratulations to the British intelligence folks. If it isn't genuine, shame on Bush and all the liars in his adminstration again.
The truth will come out eventually. All the truth about EVERYTHING that has happened. I may not live to see it but maybe my kids will know all the facts which led us to where we are today.
I do know this truth: George W. Bush is the worst president in American history. Whether or not a few Muslims in London were actually plotting or not. - Gold Key Realty

Others put a bit of common sense on the table. For example, Kos states that the British are better at getting intelligence about terror plots than the United States, and this commentor helps explain why that is.

Not that I'm ever one to defend Bush...
but I would like to point out that many of the intelligence techniques used by the British would be considered illegal here.
Big Brother is very much alive in the UK. The thousands of cameras located in London alone just monitoring people and their actions is pretty astounding. Imagine the mayor of New York proposing that every square foot of the streets be monitored 24/7 by the NYPD and the FBI via closed circuit cameras. Talk about outrage. That being stated...
Yes, its is quite impressive how efficient Scotland Yard is at thwarting terrorist attacks. Even after the attacks on the Underground, they apprehended those responsible within a matter of hours.
The obvious lesson here is that effective law enforcement and protection of national entry points is the key to preventing terrorism. Internal intelligence and spying on citizens/residents may be required to be that effective. But it is essential that any such monitoring be permanently checked by the Judiciary and the Congress to ensure abuses are not taking place. - Mark in CA