Thursday, August 10, 2006

I'm so glad that my flight out of Newark was yesterday rather than today. Talk about dodging the bullet. And you know, times like these make you ask yourself...who do I stand with?

Well, dangit..I stand with JACK BAUER! Jack is the one man who not only has the balls to walk up to a terrorist with a car battery and clamps to get info, but he has the cajones to run in 2 states at the same time!

It's about time that the Northeast had a solid, anti-terrorist candidate. Since Lieberman got ousted in the primary by Lamont (pronounced Lay-mon since he's a Frenchy Cut-and-Run) New England has been left with the bottom of the barrel of left wing candidates.

If anyone is going to be tough on terror, and get Iraqi violence ended immidiately, then there is only one name you need to know when you walk up to the ballot, and that name is Bauer!