Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Where's That "Horrible Hurricane Season?"

2006 was predicted to be the worst hurricane season on record by Global Warming alarmists. I can't disprove or prove global warming but I do feel that its reported impacts have been over played. This hurricane season is shaping up to be far below average, and is arguably the least active hurricane season in history. There have only been 2 storms to hit land in the carribean or the continental U.S. Those two storms hit land as barely category one hurricanes. Also, the only intense storms, Helene and Gordon, were pushed away from land and back into the ocean. There have only been a total of 9 named storms in the Atlantic, and 13 in the Pacific.

Hurricane season officially ends at the end of November, and October is predicted to only produce 2 named storms, neither of which would be hurricanes, and none for November.

The reason for such a lul in the atlantic?
"Blame -- or credit -- El Niño for predicted below-average hurricane activity in October.
...The whole Atlantic tropical season will turn out to be much less active than the CSU forecasters originally predicted. They say they and other forecasters didn't see this late-summer El Niño coming. "