Friday, September 29, 2006

Even If It Is Michelle...

OK, so she went on vaccation in college with some friends and had drinks. Oh darn!

And as for the Bikini, if you look at the pictures, it's pretty clear that the trip was to A BEACH. Who would have ever thought that someone going to A BEACH would wear a bikini? The thought is outrageous! Who has gone to a beach and NOT gotten their picture taken in their swim wear?

If the girl in the picture is Michelle Malkin, I wouldn't hold it against her for one second. That just proves that she went on one vaccation to a beach with college friends when she was 21/22. Heck, my senior trip in High School was to Cancun, Mexico when I was 18 (legal age there is 18). I spent a week going to the beach, going to clubs, then sleeping in that order. Granted I didn't touch alcohol for the next 3 years because of it, but I had one trip.

Charlotte Church makes a CAREER out of living like that. She drinks heavily almost as much as she eats, swears as often as possible, and has turned a complete 180 from her former self.

And as a side note:
If that was Michelle 14 1/2 years ago, then she is a rare gem that got BETTER looking with age.