Sunday, November 12, 2006

K-Fed: Extorsionist

Britney, 24, fears the raunchy footage will destroy her wholesome image unless she caves in to his demands for a £16million payoff and custody of their children Sean Preston, one, and Jayden James, eight weeks.

He needs to be booked for extorsion charges for that. Britney may have been dumb enough to make the tape, but K-Fed was just as dumb enough to sign a bulletproof Pre-nup. Federline began the marriage with an anual income of only 39,000 pounds, and a total worth of 15,000 pounds. The diamond engagement ring (THAT SHE BOUGHT FOR HERSELF) alone was worth over 100,000 pounds more than the worthless guy she married. He had nothing, and he deserves nothing. Here are the details of the pre-nup:

The agreement BANS Federline from getting his hands on any money Britney had before their marriage when a large part of her fortune was earned.
It also BANS him from getting any cash from deals pre-dating the marriage.
Even gifts he has received from her valued at more than £5,263 require a legal document signed by both of them stating who owns it if they split.
In the first draft of the pre-nup, Federline was due to receive £18,947 a year in the event of a split. This was later increased to £157,894 ‘spousal support' for every two years of marriage. As they wed just over two years ago, this could be all he gets.

On top of that, K-Fed is reported to have done drugs such as weed, Ex, and Cocaine. He was also described as having multiple parties in Las Vegas with hookers and 29 year old porn star Kendra Jade, while also blowing thousands gambling. All of this WHILE they were married, and Britney was pregnant.

If I were Britney, I'd Sse Federline for every penny he had if the tape came out, then bring one of the hookers to court for the custody battle.