Thursday, December 14, 2006

HWC Football Week 14 Recap

I didn't do too bad on my predictions in the Preview. I went 4-4, with some MAJOR upsets. I'm going to go with the less impressive games, then work towards the biggest surprises.

Game 1:
Gumbo - 29
webcats - 62
LT all the way. No sense in even trying to say it any other way. Willis McGahee had an impressive game scoring 125 yards and a TD for 12 points, but that fact was overshadowed by Trent Green's abysmal performance against the rock solid Ravens. Green got one endzone pass, but threw 2 interceptions, was sacked 5 times, and coughed the ball up once for -7 points.
Game MVP: L "One Man Show" T - 103 yards, 3 TD's. Tomlinson set the record for most Rush TD's in one season...with 2 games left to play.
Game Goat:

Game 2:
Tax Dodgers - 105
Buck Turgidson - 69
It's a good thing that Drew Brees pulled a Tony Romo and passed for 5 TD's other wise, Buck would have schooled the Dodgers. An all around good game from both teams. Buck had a great game, but unfortunately played one of only 5 teams that out scored him. The dodgers were also helped by the Dolphin's, yeah the 6-7 Dolphins, defense with 21 points.
Game MVP: Drew Brees - 384 yards, 5 TD's and only one sack, 37 points.
Game Goat: Joeseph Addai - I feel bad for giving him this because it's really the Colts as a whole who did it, but 22 yards on the groun and a sack for -1 point. Suckage.

Time for the big games.

RFTR - 61
Hector Vex O-Trons - 60
This game was a bit of an upset. RFTR had been down in the dirt most of the season, but like the Chumps made a valiant last ditch climb. Vex has been a bit of an inconsistant win some, lose some, and this week he lost by one point. I had called this game to be a win for RFTR, but I hadn't expected Vex to put up such a fight. The stats were almost identical. Both teams had 3 goose eggs, but the key came down to the under performers. RFTR gained 51 points from 4 players, and Vex had 55 points from 4 players. However, RFTR pulled through with the little people scoring 10 points with the second rates, where Vex could only muster 5.
Game MVP: Tiki Barber - Sure, Big Ben got 16 points, but so did Scobee and Driver on Vex. If it weren't for Tiki's 112 yards, and 5 points Vex would have been 8-6 instead of 7-7.
Game Goat: - Anquan Boldin - Only 47 yards? Just 2 points cost Vex 7th place and a better seed.

I hate Hillary - 45
Gridiron Wookies - 42
I was very upset at Tony Romo. Not only for costing me a win in hte play-offs of my family league, but for giving IhH a weinie win. Romo and the Cowboys should have mauled the Saints, but instead N'awlens made the cow pokes look like a bunch of idiots. And once again, the Romo train failed just after I needed it to succeed. Fortunately for the Wookies, the loss didn't cost them any spots. IhH also did not benifit from the win since he has more points than the 5-8 teams.
Game MVP: Rudi Johnson - 117 yards and 2 TD's for 15 points.
Game Goat: Romo and the Cowboys - 2 sacks and 2 picks for Romo, and 42 points allowed for the Cow-Girls. 2 points and -3 points for Romo and the Cowboys respectively.

Rose Hill Reddogs - 36
bRight & Early - 91
bRight picked a good week to show their might. You always want to go into the post season giving your opponent a big scare like that. 5 players in the double digits, and a team average of 9 points per player is very good. Reddogs were the opposite, having 4 goose eggs, and a team average of under 4 points per player. If it weren't for Thomas Jones' 10 points, the Dogs would have struggled to get a quarter. bRight gets the award for Blowout of the week at a 55 point MOV.
Game MVP: Steven Jackson - Jackson made the Bears defense look almost like the Colts with 139 total yards and 2 scores.
Game Goat: - Reddogs - If there's ever a team that SHOULD be last...

The Columbia Crunch - 4
Hot Wing Chumpions - 57
I looked at this score Monday and thought, "THEY DID WHAT??!!" Unfortunately for Lawhawk, he's still got the record for lowest scoring week at 2 points. But Crunch took second in history at 4. And with the playoffs just one week away, this may be a sign of things to come this week. The #7 seed may have a better chance at going to round 2 than expected. I missed the blowout award by 2 points. Dang.
Game MVP: Travis Henry - 88 yards and 2 scores, 16 points
Game Goat: Tom Brady - 78 yards and 4 sacks for -9 points. It's sad when your RB has a mediocre game and still out performs you.

The Ball Sackers - 81
fmragtops' spewers - 71
WAY TO GO WYATT! The lawman got into the playoffs! Our second place finisher in baseball is no longer in the picture. Wyatt took the win and is headed to the post season for the second year in a row. With his history in the post season, I wouldn't be afraid to put some money on the gunslinger to pull a miracle.
Game MVP: Jeff Garcia - 164 yards and 2 TD's in a great win versus the Redskins
Game Goat: Fm's Spewers - Maurice Jones-Drew scores 28 points on 166 yards and 2 scores, and he can't pick up the win. Not good.

"Give Em The Boot"
Robots Eat Babies - 58
San Jose Arrowheads - 82
I feel so bad for my brother. He started off 5-3, then went 1-4 the last 5 weeks, and now at only 6-9 he is on the outside looking in. At least he has a preview of the post season up. There was nothing he could do. San Jose jumped out to a lead, and just played the right players. Regardless of who The Man played, he was going to get beat.
Game MVP: Willie Parker - 223 yards and a score for 17 points.
Game Goat: Shaun Alexander - 76 yards and a fumble for only 1 point from the former single season TD record holder.

The Playoff Round 1 Preview should be up tomorrow, but in case it's not, be sure to check out The Man's scope on the situation.