Saturday, December 09, 2006

HWC Football Week 14 Preview

I...L-O-V-E playoff time in fantasy leagues. The playoffs are a week away, and I get to analyze who has dreams of grandure, and who might just be left with shattered dreams.

Every game matters right now to some point, but I'm going to save the middle games for last.

Hot Wing Chump-ions vs The Columbia CRUNCH
Safety man's team fell apart at the last minute in baseball, but it doesn't seem like that is the way it will be this time. Crunch are in a 3 game win streak averaging 75 points per game in that time. However, the Chumps have finally started to make a come back, losing only to Tony Romo against the wookies, and being 3-2 in their last 5 games. Crunch have a comfortable 52 point cushion over San Jose, but both Crunch and SJA are 10-3, and who wants to finish 2nd? Like Michigan going into their last game vs. Ohio State I've been dreading this game, knowing that if RFTR and Rose Hill had lost, I HAD to win this game. Now with the pressure off, at's time to play the role of Bracket Buster. This game is going to be good...For the Crunch. Crunch to win 70-65.

Tax Dodgers Vs Buck Turgidson
This game seems like it's a nothing game. A locked #3 vs the current #15. But with the tie, TD is only 1/2 a game over Wookies. And a loss by the Dodgers, and a win for the Wooks will change which side of the bracket each team is on. As of now, TD is on San Jose's side, where they won handidly last week, but will have to face Tomlinson and the webcats in round one. On the other side is the rolling Crunch, but the round one game is against the struggling bRight. Pick your poison Dad. It could be short and sweet or slow and disappointing. I think Dodgers will take this one home easily 65-40.

Gridiron Wookies vs I hate Hillary
This game is slated to be a steam rolling, but I am VERY reluctant to call it a blowout because the Wookies without Romo are a bunch of no ones. This game isn't too important because unless they win and the Dodgers lose, they will more than likely still be 4th place. I think that the Wookies will take this one, but not at the hands of Romo. Wookies Win, 45-40.

OK, time to get to the Big matchups. Anyone from 5th place to 10th have a chance to get in..And a chance to fall out. I'm going to go in depth with what needs to happen for each team to have a prayer.

bRight & Early vs Rose Hill Reddogs
The absolute only way that bRight can be booted is if they lose, then The Man, Wyatt, Vex and webcats all win. Rose hill is 14th, at 5-8, and I'm willing to bet 8th place will be a 7-7 team. They will not make it past this week. This threat though is something that is not to be taken lightly. Rose Hill has turned their season around and at about 55 points per game, and gone 3-1 in their last 4 games. bRight has been struggling of late, and are 1-4 in their last 5 games. They might actually give bRight a run for their money. After Thursday night's game, bRight has a 1 point lead at 9-8 with one player on each team done. This game will go to the wire, and I'm going to have to call it as a tie. The game breaker, Vince Young. Last time they played the Texans he racked up 13 points, Vegas has him at 7 for this week. I'm going with the upset. Rose Hill wins a nail biter, 62-59.

Gumbo vs webcats
Webcats sort of need to win this game in order to stay in the playoffs. Their chances of missing the playoffs are as slim as they get. The only way that cats can get bumped are ifthey lose, and The Man, Wyatt, Vex, and bright all win. Webcats will get 9th because of points, and miss the plaoyffs.Gumbo hasn't got a prayer to get in. The matchup is soldily the cats all the way. Gumbo again has 3 guys who are hurt in the starting line up. It's a shame to see Marion Barber wasting away on the bench. THIS will be the blowout game of the week. Webcats win 75-35.

Hector Vex O-Trons vs. RFTR
Vex is in a MUCH darker situation than everyone else who is 7-6. With only 625 points they are the lowest of all the playoff hopefulls. They must either win, or if they lose, REB must lose as well. Unfortunately for Vex, after the Steelers killed the Browns, RFTR and Big Ben racked up 16 points, but nothing from the ailing Hines Ward. On the other hand, Vex with Heath Miller came home empty handed. The skies are turning black for the Vex O-trons, and unless Robots Eat Babies loses, this may be the end of the line for them. I'm going to go with RFTR holding on. RFTR wins, 55-50.

Robots Eat Babies vs San Jose Arrowheads
This is a must win situation with The Man If he loses he goes 6-8, and since the other two 6-7 teams are playing each other, one of them will come out 7-7. This will bump the man out of the playoffs and send him packing for Spring Training. And from the looks of Thursday's game, the luggage may need to be pulled out of the closet. Willie Parker ran for 223 yards and a score for 17 points, and Santonio Holmes added 4 points to that with his 81 yards worth of receiving. The Man didn't have any starters in that game, but I know he's kicking himself for putting the only Browns player to reach the endzone, Braylon Edwards, on the bench. This one looks bleak, but I think the 21 points may be enough of a lead on Sunday to hold off the Robots. San Jose to win, 75-55.

fmragtop's spewers vs. The Ball Sackers
Talk about wishful thinking. fm ABSOLUTELY HAS to win this game, and if Wyatt's streak holds up, he will. But Wyatt also HAS to win this game. Fm's case is very dire. Even if he wins, he needs either The Man, or Hector Vex to lose, or webcats to lose badly, moving him up to the 8th position. If the sackers win, they only need one of either REB, Vex, webcats, bRight to lose to move up to 8th. The situation is not entirely (but almost is) bleak for Wyatt if he loses though. If the game ends in a tie and The Man loses, Wyatt jumps into 8th place. If he loses, REB must also lose, but Wyatt has to score 24 points more than the Robots, a very unlikely event. Vegas has Wyatt to win, but if histroy repeats itself, it may be fm going to the playoffs, and that's what I think they outcome will be. fmragtops wins 55-50.

My predicted Playoof rankings after this week:
1) The Columbia CRUNCH
2) San Jose Arrowheads
3) Tax Dodgers
4) Gridiron Wookies
5) webcats
6) bRight & Early
7) fmragtops spewers
8) Hector Vex O-Trons

Sorry folks, No Vegas this week.