Friday, January 26, 2007

The Words Of The Enemy

There is nothing in the world like the fighting between Sunni and Shiite Muslims in Iraq. People are being kidnapped, tortured, maimed, killed and beheaded, all because of miniscule religious differences within the same religion. This hatred runs so deep, that to step in and try to stop the violence is almost signing a death wish. So what do you do? Do you put your own life at risk to try and stop the violence when you see it happen, or do you wait until after the fight is over to go and help clean up. The situation is similar to what instructors tell future life guards. "If you are trying to rescue some one underwater who is thrashing around and putting your life in danger, LEAVE THEM. There is no sense in losing 2 lives."

Take this example:
A British news agency went ape nuts when Iraqi police of one sect arrested 3 men who were of the opposing sect. The men were arrested because they were carrying mortar shells in an area which had recently been fired upon, more than likely injuring civilians. The Iraqi police then assaulted the arrested men "Rodney King style." The British news agency repeatedly stated that the American troops stood by and did nothing, even though it is very distinctly heard that one American troop radios to the squad "I'm trying to get them to stop beating the man but they just won't quit." Granted one troop replies that he is being too sensitive, but when two groups of Muslims are fighting over religious issues, are you going to put your life in jeopardy to stop the fight? No. There's no sense in risking 2 lives in the fight.

But what bothers me the most is the news anchor's lack of an effort to put any accountability to the Muslims creating the violence. The video then describes a Sunni man who married a Shiite woman, and he has now been given death threats by violent militia squads. In true "Religion of Peace" fashion, the death threat states this:
"Final Warning! Leave or we will cut your tongues out, behead you, and eradicate your whole family."
They then signed the letter, "In the name of Allah the compassionate and the merciful.

And yet, to the media, Americans are the evil ones in this war.

Final Question for CAIR, and other Militant sympathizers:

Does it not bother you that Muslims are threatening OTHER MUSLIMS with torture, violence, and death in the name of "Allah the compassionate, and the merciful?"