Wednesday, March 21, 2007

$5,000 To Expose Union Lies And Corruption

The Center For Union Facts is running a contest for conservative film makers to create, film, and edit a 30 second commercial to be aired on national TV exposing lies and deceptions within Union leadership. One commercial will be chosen as the winner. Submissions are due by April 29th, and the judging will be the following week. Voting will happen on You Tube through May, and in June the winner will be announced and played on television.

Guess which state is obviously the most unionized state in the union. Michigan? Home of the UAW and Motor City? Nope, New York at 26% of the total labor force. The majority of that number comes from government workers. 68.9% of the 1.18 million government workers are unionized, making an average of over $52,000 per year.

And who do they love? Democrats like Tim Bishop (who received over $300,000 in donations). The Unions in New York have given a whopping $3.58 Million to Democrats, compared to $894,000 to Republicans. Charles "I love taxes" Rangel received over $190,000 alone from New York Unions.

New York is also NOT a right to work state. Which means that people are forced to join the unions that they may not agree with. Unions in New York are allowed to take money away from fellow employees as dues even if they are not a part of the union. Most people join the unions on that fact since they are forced into paying the dues, they might as well join. This fact is costing employees in the state of New York as much as 30% of their state income taxes.

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