Wednesday, March 21, 2007

It's Hard To Create A Counter-Statement...

When you receive their testimony exactly one minute before the hearing.

Preferential treatment given to Al Gore:
1) He was given a 30 minute opening statement
2) He was allowed an extra 24 hours to submit his testimony, changed from48 hours prior to 24 hours prior.

Al Gore then snubbed his nose at Global Warming skeptics by not only refusing to hear the skeptics side of the story, but he also failed to submit his testimony 24 hours prior to the hearing. He also failed to submit his testimony 12 hours before the hearing, 6 hours before, or even 3 hours before hand.
In fact, Al Gore did not submit his testimony to the senate until 9:59 AM, 29 minutes AFTER Gore was supposed to be there, and only one minute before he began his opening statement. The Republican members of the committee received his testimony at 7AM this morning, a full 21 hours later than agreed to.

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