Tuesday, May 29, 2007

And I'm Back!

I got back Thursday from the golf trip and spent the weekend with the family for Memorial Day, but I came back to make you ever so jealous of my trip, mwahahaha.

My dad picked me up Saturday to head out, and since we didn't have far to drive, we decided to play 18 holes here in Cookeville. We went to White Plains, but they had a tournament that weekend. So we headed to a course I had never played, Cookeville Golf Club. It was a nice, short par 70 that was less than 5800 yards from the white tees. We started on the back nine and I played pretty well for myself. Averaging about 220 with my Golden Bear Driver (It gets a LOT better (c: ) and my short game was good, but I could not get away from 3-putts. I shot a 45 on the first 9, then a 51 on the second nine thanks to a Quad-Bogey on a par 5. Ouch. I finished with a 96, so I was ok.

We drove to MB, and had Sunday away from the course. Monday morning though, we were at Blackmoor, a Scottish style links course. We were playing 18 and started on the back 9, After getting over my 7 on the #10 par 4, I shot a 45 on a par 36 9 holes, including 3 pars in a row. It helped a lot that I hit 4/7 fairways and 2 putted all but 2 holes. Then we started the back 9. I ended up with 4 triples, and ended the day at 99. So I wasn't quite in triple digits.

The next day was 18 at Wachesaw Plantation East. It was a tournament course and it showed. It was hard, and seemed like it would never give you a break. The edge of the fairways sloped down, kickin any slightly astray ball into the woods. Needless to say, I used MANY 4 iron punch outs, and having to wait 10 minutes on the group in front of you every hole (Even after playing a complete par 3 hole) was a bit stressing. I broke into the triple digits, and was NOT happy.

The last day was by far the best. The Witch was poised to be exactly that. The practice green was so sloped, that 2 feet of break was AVERAGE. Weary, we went onto the driving range to get warmed up. I have a standard warm up out there; 5, 7, and driver. 5 was ok, 7 was better, but I decided to get frisky today. Both days I had been killing my Golden Bear with precision, but it just seemed like it couldn't get the distance I wanted. I decided to try out my dad's Taylormade R5 460. I topped the first 2 at the range, and teed up the third. I pulled the trigger and a satisfying driver ping sent the ball dead center, and FLEW the 225 marker. I teed it up again, and again, over the 225 marker.

I was ready.

We started on the par 4 #10, and after a decent drive I put my second shot just off the green, and 2 putted for par. From then, even if all other aspects of my game were off, my driving was precise. Then came 2 of the best drives I will have ever hit in my life. First was at the par 4 #15. A 379 yard dogleg to the left. I was the last to shoot after my dad had hit his into the fairway and the other two in our group played them pretty well. I stepped up and took aim at cutting the dogleg. I swung and that powerful ping returned and my ball rocketed towards the inside corner of the turn. It went past the trees and hit on the downward side of the green. When we came to my ball, it had come to rest inside the 100 yard mark. A 280 YARD DRIVE!

I finished the day decently but rarely had to putt more than twice per hole. I was quite satisfied. We finished up and headed back to Tennessee. It was a great trip, and if you get the chance, do this package. You play The Witch, Man of War, and The Wizard. If we go again, it's what we'll do.