Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Harry Reid And Senate Dems Dooped By Frost Parents

Halsey Frost claims a combined income of for his family of $45,000 per year for his wife and 4 kids. I sympathize with his 2 young kids who were injured in a car accident.

What I don't sympathize with is the fact that they are drawing government assistance for their medical bills.

But they need it right?

Not so fast. The husband willingly declined getting medical coverage for his family and claims that health insurance would cost them over $1200 per month, which is higher than their mortgage payment.

However, insurance bloggers quickly countered that by stating that insurance plans could be found for roughly $425 per month to cover the whole family.

But that's not all. They live in a town home with over 3,000 square feet, and all 4 children are sent to private school at Park School for the price of $20,000 per year, EACH.

The address previously stated that the two children in the accident get a reduced tuition, but the math still doesn't add up.

You can't have $20,000 per year tuition for even just 2 kids, and pay a $1200 per month mortgage. That just don't add up.

In order to live at their standards of living, the Frosts need to earn at least $95,000 per year to live at the standard of living that they claim to have. Here's why I think that.

You have at least 2 kids attending the school where tuition is roughly $20,000 per year, plus I'll assume the other two's "discounted rate" is 1/2 of standard tuition. So for 4 kids, that's $60,000 in private school tuition alone. Plus you have a $1200 mortgage for each of the 12 months in a year.

So you have a total of I'd assume $74,400 in children's tuition and the house alone. That doesn't include the mortgage he is paying on the $160,000 warehouse he bought in 1999, or things like gas, groceries, and other yearly expenses. Has anyone found the tax returns for this family?

Everything about this family stinks of taking advantage of the government. What's even worse is that the SCHIPS program allows people to make up to $82,000 per year of combined income before losing eligibility for the program. Everything about this story just stinks to high heaven. I just wish the kids who genuinely were injured in the accident hadn't been brought into the spot light for all of this.