Thursday, November 15, 2007

As Conditions Continue To Improve...

Democrats continue to ride the (D)efeatist train. The number of coalition casualties has continued to remain low, and the civilian casualties are set to be a new 2 1/2 year low.

A note for the Paulbots - Ron Paul voted AGAINST the withdrawl, but more than likely he was a vote against the $50 Billion that came with the bill.

Also, 15 Dems crossed the line and voted against the measure, while only 4 Reps crossed to vote for withdrawal.

John Boehner’s office e-mailed this to Michelle Malkin following the vote:

“By Christmas, some 3,000 American troops will return home from Iraq after achieving remarkable success in our fight against al Qaeda. And how is Congress welcoming them back? By passing yet another politically-motivated measure that cuts off funding for those continuing to serve our nation in Iraq and hamstrings the commanders who are leading them to victory. This measure will never be signed into law, and it represents yet another failure for Democratic leaders intent on putting politics before accomplishment.

“Congress would be better served by sending the President the long-overdue veterans and troops funding bill, which enjoys broad, bipartisan support in both the House and Senate. But the Majority leadership has played politics with this critical legislation, stalling its completion to take up today’s cynical proposal to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory in Iraq. Consequently, returning troops and their families will face more hurdles and take more time to get the housing and health care benefits they deserve – all thanks to Congress.

“Under General Petraeus’ strategy, our troops are routing al Qaeda in Iraq, improving security for the Iraqi people, and laying the foundation for critical political reconciliation in that country. Congress should not undermine this success and risk having al Qaeda stand back up. Instead, Members of both parties should recognize that the Petraeus plan is working, continue to solidify our troops’ gains, and work to bring them home after victory, not defeat.”

H/T: Malkin